Friday, November 18, 2011

So quick update....

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday I worked for a few hours each day.  We pretty much chilled, hung out with Todd, Michelle & Ethan and had park day, mall day and hang out day.

Today, I did a bit more work and we did some shopping.  Tonight we're off to Skyline Chili again and then tomorrow we're off to South Beach.

Spence had a bit of a cold over the past few days and is finally getting better, James also got some of the cold - but not as bad.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Monday - We pretty much hung out.  We went to Sawgrass to check out the mall for deals and Spence walked away with a bunch of great stuff.  I did some work and the boys watched TV - we were all still recovering from the boat.

Today (Tuesday) - I worked all morning, the boys went swimming and then we all went to Bass Pro to check out the store and then over to Todd, Michelle's & Ethan's for a few hours before heading home.  Tonight we're doing taco Tuesday :)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

We all got up early enough and headed to the boat - the instructor tells us 'it's a bit choppy' (he meant 4 - 6 ft waves....guess we need to define 'choppy' next time).

We get on the boat, get organized and off we go.  Before we get out too far, I'm fixated on the horizon and the boys are starting to look as bad as I feel.

We ended up at a different wreck than we planned - we ended up on the Ancient Mariner ( which was a boat, turned restaurant turned Hep A breakout and then sunk as an artificial reef.  It was in 50' - 70' of water and it was Spencer's last open water dive.  He only had one or two skills to do and then he got to dive the wreck - including going into the wreck and checking it out.  James and I did the same and once down under 15' it was calm and beautiful. 

We had a good 30 - 40' visibility and the number and variety of fish were amazing.  We went up after almost a half hour under the water and met up with Spence and Dave his instructor at the stop line.  Once the dive computer said we could head up - we went back to the boat.  It was the easiest boat re-entry I've ever had and all thanks to the great guys on board.

We waited and while waiting - got more sick.  We headed to the next dive site and Spence started spewing all over me - wet water - cold, then warm chunks .... I didn't want to turn to see who was spewing, so I patiently waited and then got rinsed off as much as possible from the spew.  Then it was the guy at the back of the boat and it went around - James had his turns and the front of the boat was cheering and spewing too.  I managed to keep it down - but only because I refused to take my eyes off the horizon.  James and I both skipped the reef dive - even though we knew that it would be better in the water.

We finished diving and came back in and they called the 2nd dive of the day due to the weather.  We dropped off our gear and Spence got his papers signed off and he's now a certified diver and has some extra college credits :)

By the time we got home, we were all feeling better and after some hot showers we felt normal again and were able to laugh about the whole boat trip.

The instructors Spence had in both Calgary (Aquasport) and here (Gold Coast Scuba) were terrific teachers and we would recommend both shops - the owners at both places were great in getting us what we needed for our dives.

We had a bit of a rest and then headed off to Todd, Michelle & Ethan's for a bit of computer time and then out to celebrate the dive certification at Skyline with them :)

Overall a pretty good day!