Saturday, November 05, 2011

James was up way before either Spence or me.  I made crepes for breakfast, James had hashbrowns and once we were done we headed off for our chores.

We got our dry cleaning, a few grocery items to make it through to Tuesday, off to the liquor store to get Graeme his BD pressy and then home.

Graeme came over this afternoon and spent some time with James and then we all ordered Chinese for BD dinner.

We started packing and our dive bag is 33 lbs, Spencer/my bag is 40 lbs and we only have a few other things left to pack - almost done.

Got the bathrooms 3/4 cleaned up (need to still get the mats done) and Spence is going to vacuum and dust the house tomorrow.

Friday, November 04, 2011

Today, was back to normal (other than we're starting to run out of food).  James ended up having hashbrowns for breakfast, Spence had his regular soup and for lunch I pulled out some butter chicken sauce from the freezer and made the last of the rice.

For school we read Percy, Spence read another YES magazine - great facts today from it.  Didn't know being in the middle of a penguin pack could keep you toasty warm (it's 40 degrees Celsius inside the pack of penguins).

We watched Through the Wormhole (what is the difference between Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Physics...really interesting show).  We did a math quiz, spelling, drums and he played more Rome Total War.

He also did some more laundry and washed his tub (man did that tub look nasty) and we had Kelly & Sam over.  I had planned to pack while they were here - but ended up having tea and chatting instead - much nicer way to spend the afternoon.

James got home shortly after Kelly & Sam left and Spence went off to take a shower and I got ready to head off to Muse for two BD dinners.  Grama & James' birthday dinners - dinner was great.  The boys started off with Duck, grampa had a tuna appie, grama had a beet salad and I had roasted brussel sprouts...we continued with lobster lasagna, lamb shoulder and a garlic tofu and mashed potato donuts dish for me.  Dessert was a sampler plate and their chocolate mousse dish.  Then grampa and James had a small tug of war to see who would pay the bill - grampa won, so we'll have to win the next bill.

Now we're watching some shows (James is watching last nights shows with me - even though he's watched them before) before we're off to bed.
Yesterday, I had a big client day and so Spence was up just before 7:30 so that we could do our school together before I left. 

We did math, spelling, read Percy Jackson and printing.  While I was out he finished up with reading, drums, a history show, set up his mac for the trip, and played some Rome Total War - then he relaxed until James got home and they went out to Kinjo's for supper.

I got home around 11 and headed straight to bed - the boys were already in their beds all snuggled in.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Today was dog grooming day :)  So after I dropped Hunter off to get all pretty, we read Percy Jackson, did spelling and math and headed out quickly to the orthodontist for Spencer's 6 week checkup.  All was well with the teeth and now he has the spring removed (the one that kept popping off) and he's moved onto the elastics which he has to put in after supper every night and take off in the morning.  Spencer's tooth aches where they removed the spring and put in the wire, and he can feel the roof of his mouth again as they took out the spacer today.

We headed for Rogers & GNC when we were done and then home to finish school.  When we got home Spence was hungry, so we had lunch.  Spence finished off school - printing, reading, history (Ivan the Terrible today), drums, some more dog research and he worked on his story a bit. 

I went off to pick the dog up and he sync'd his ipad for the upcoming trip and chilled out for a bit.  After I got home, he did some accounting work for me (he's doing my month end transactions for my company) and then he decided he was done for the day and took the dog with him to his lounge to play. 

I finished making supper - Thai noodle salad for tonight and now am answering a few emails while I wait for James to come home for the night.

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

I let Spence sleep in, even though he didn't stay up late last night - it was tiring and he's still fighting off a bit of his cold.  We started with Percy Jackson, math - how to define a definition in geometry, printing practice, spelling quiz and drums. 

While he was doing school the fireplace guy came by to fix the fireplace again - they knew it was vibrating when the fan was on, so today it was working on how to stabilize the insert.  They think they have it now, tested on high and no massive grating noises - yay!  We also replaced the remote we purchased for the fireplace with one that turns the fireplace on/off based on the temperature in the room.  The new remote is pretty can also be turned on/off and set to work on a timer.

Spence did some reading and I left to go to the doc's for my test results, which were not very helpful and the allergist won't be able to see me for almost 12 months.  By the time I got home and was still feeling icky (got up this morning with James' cold) and decided food was not in order, so made some tea and wrapped up in a blanket.  James is still recovering too - hoping we all get better before our upcoming trip. 

Monday, October 31, 2011

This year's costume - some sort of military guy

Spence asked to get up early today, so that he could do his workout and get a shower in.  He got up at 8:15 and after breakfast, did his workout and shower and then we read the new Percy Jackson book, did spelling, did a math self test on unit 1 of the math program we're working on and after almost 2 weeks away from the text books, he got 16 out of 20 - which is pretty good retention.

He did drum practice next, then printing practice, did some silent reading and worked on his story a bit.  He took a break and then did some laundry and got ready for grama to come by and take him out for lunch and a movie.

Spence got home, did some more laundry and got ready to go out tonight.  We popped off to get pizza for the boys (Jake & Spence) and I dropped Spence off at Jacob's place and left them to head out for the night.

1st walk across scaffold at parkour


Pictures - various trying to catch up

Parkour class

Hurricane Simulator....I'm thinking wait 2 weeks and we'll be in FL where you can have the real deal :)
Battlefield Live - instruction time, before play time

Devo .... parents came dressed up too at Joanne, Jacob & Richie's Annual Halloween Party

Note to self - bring real camera next year.  Spence is at the end on the right

Sunday, October 30, 2011

We all relaxed today and napped - pretty much did nothing else.

We had mashed potatoes, gravy and veggie chicken/eggplant burgers for supper.  I also made a french boule, for our garlic bread.  I think I'll have less flour on it next time - it was really floury on top but otherwise a very nice rustic bread.

Tomorrow back to the regular work / school week.