Saturday, October 29, 2011

We chilled today - James and I headed to Chinook to do some laps and for me to check out some sales (nothing worth buying, but a good walk) and Spence did some chores while we were out.

Tonight Spence and I head out to Jacob's annual Halloween Party and James is going to stay home and go to bed early.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Today was a busy day.  I left for an hour meeting first thing this morning and Spence did his silent reading and then chilled.  My meeting extended and he continued to chill.  I got home in time to take him to swim lessons and we did math quiz and spelling quiz in the car and then once home, we did printing practice and we looked at next week.  We both decided we would vacuum on the weekend and the while he unloaded the truck with the groceries I bought, I started on supper - tonight was nachos (at Spencer's request).  I got lots of snacks for the weekend and we both got hungry before James got home from his office party.

We watched some TV and now we're going to chill for the rest of tonight - Spence has an awesome costume for halloween, that he put together for next to nothing.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Well, I knew it was going to be a stay at home day today - but gave Spence the option of heading outside for some bouldering.  He looked at the trees blowing almost sideways and said - nope, I'm good.

We opted instead to take it easy and do school throughout the day.

We started with a new book - Troubletwisters (by Garth Nix) and moved onto spelling, printing, silent reading and dive tables for math.  He finally has the steps memorized and now we'll leave it for a week and then just review before his open water dive in Florida - so that he's comfortable figuring out the dive plans.

We had lunch and I started working on supper.  Tonight we're trying shredded brussel sprouts (for me), scalloped potatoes (in individual molds), which is topped with gravy and veggie chicken.  The gravy is a home made mushroom gravy.   I also made Spence some cream cheese cookies stuffed with Nutella - one of his favorite cookies.

Now, if only I could shake the cold that keeps coming back.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

After breakfast, we read Fire Throne and decided on a math quiz today and tomorrow we're back to dive tables.  Spelling, reading, printing and worked through the dog breed Spence decided on - miniature husky.  We found out there is an 18 month wait list on average, cost of between $1600 - $2500 US per not in our future we think. 

Jonathan came over and the boys played while I got lunch ready and then we went off to Cross Iron Mills for Battlefield Live.  The kids had a great time and we left just before 3pm and were home and walking the dog by 4.  It started to snow lightly on my walk with the dog (not happy) and it was cold and really windy - hoping it will stay snow free until we leave for our vacation.

Spence and I had a wild rice and soy bean salad while at scuba class and so I made it today from a recipe I found on the net - it was good, but the recipe needs tweeking.

James and I were supposed to head out for supper, but James wasn't feeling great so we skipped the supper out and scrounged, while Spence ended up with pizza from the pizza place next door :)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Got Spence up at 8:30 again and after breakfast we read Fire Throne, watched Bill Nye - Pet Recycling (no, not about recycling your pet - but about recycling pet waste), spelling quiz, reading, dive tables (he caught the big one I did for him today - a dive he had to replan because it was too long and too deep) and finally printing.

We had lunch and Spence went off to play with his buddies online.  I went off to semi-clean the house, make some frenchified popcorn & key lime cookies, along with taco stuff for supper.

I tried some of the popcorn and boy was it good, the cookies hit the spot too - but as I didn't have key limes, I used limes - a bit different, but not enough to make me run out to the store to get a bag of key limes (if I could even find them this time of year). 

I left to get the old truck from the shop - we put winter tires on this year and then I got a few groceries and James' dry cleaning and then headed off to the climbing wall to meet James.  We only climbed for about 15 - 20 minutes, but we both were pretty worn out after that. 

We got home, got supper out of the oven (I had the taco stuff in the oven, staying warm) and we watched some TV while we ate.  I made the mistake of eating a cup or so of the popcorn and immediately regretted it - forgot I put butter in there :(  Must head to the spice store and get some truffle salt - which I can use instead of the butter for the popcorn in the future.

Monday, October 24, 2011

I got Spence up at 8:30 and we got back into our routine (not that he wanted to, but we needed to get back into it).

After breakfast, we read the Fire Throne, then he did his math - today it was practicing the dive tables for multiple dives.  He missed one step and got them wrong, so tomorrow we'll work on all the steps together and then let him do some on his own again for practice.

Then he did his spelling quiz, silent reading and printing practice and then some play time.  Sam came over and they had a good time playing video games for a while.

Tonight James is off to a concert and Spence and I are home watching shows. 

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Another lazy day - Spence slept the whole night again, so on the mend :)

Made some hot dog buns for the hot dogs we made for supper and we're watching Sahara on Netflix :)