Friday, October 21, 2011

Spence had a bad night - up every hour or so, so we were tired again.  Spence was up and around by 9:30 and we did our quizzes and reading and then it was chore time. 

Spence vacuumed and dusted, while I started on supper.  I popped out to grab some perogies for James (Spence wanted African - and I knew that James wouldn't be too keen on that), deposit some client money and grab a box of chocolates for the staff at the hospital - for taking such good care of James.  I also ended up going to the UPS store to pick up my food processor as they couldn't give me a delivery date - go figure, a courier company who can't actually make a delivery.

After I worked on supper (lentil and quinoa stew), I decided it was time for a warm cinnamon roll, so I popped that in the oven for dessert tonight.  All was ready by the time James and I came back from our dog walk.

Now the boys will play some video games, I'll chill and hopefully we'll all have a good nights rest.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Spence had his best sleep so far this week - he only got up twice :)  The meds are kicking in.

I of course woke up achy, sniffly, stuffed up and headachy - so I stayed in bed until 8:30 or so and then slowly got out of bed.

We did a bit of school today - silent reading, math quiz, spelling quiz and I read some of our Throne of Fire book.  Spence headed up to play video games and I went to nap - waiting for the cold meds to kick in. 

They kicked in and I had more tea - just about 2 litres, I'm waterlogged.  James is better, Spence is definitely better and hopefully I'll only have the cold and not the ear infection.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Another night of no sleep.  The pain was getting worse and so we called Spencer's doc - the doc suggested we got to a clinic, as he didn't have any time until December.  We headed to one clinic and it didn't have any docs available until 1pm.  We headed to another clinic and were in within a half hour and out again - quick really. 

Spence had a very inflamed right middle ear and a mildly inflamed left ear.  He also has a mild fever - not due to the diving at least - just what he got from his dad's cold.  Not sure how James has gotten through this if he has the same thing - the doc said it looked pretty bad.  Doc said 7 to 10 days rest in bed and recoup.

We got to the store and while they filled the prescription, I did most of my grocery shopping.  I hadn't planned on grocery shopping just then - but really had no choice.  I managed to remember most of my list though, so all good. 

We got home, Spence took his pill and settled in.  He still has almost no appetite, but he said his ear is a bit better.  Hopefully, the medication is starting to kick in and he'll start feeling better.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Spence was up every two hours last night trying to fight off his ear ache.  After almost no sleep, we both got up late.  His ears finally felt well enough to sleep on around 5am, so I let him sleep until almost 10:30 and I got up at 8:30.

I cancelled drums, grama day and school and he snuggled on the bean bag chair watching TV and having me read to him all day.  By supper time, he was actually hungry (yay!) and ate 3 tacos - which of course is about 1/3 his usual taco dinner amount. 

James is feeling better too and so hopefully Spence will be better in the next few days and we can get back into our routine.

Monday, October 17, 2011

James was still feeling unwell this morning, but went off to work.  I got up at 6 to get his stuff organized and then decided after 45 minutes, that I was exhausted and needed more sleep.  I had told Spence he could sleep until he was ready to get up and he slept for just over 12 hours and was still pretty grumpy once he got up - he had an earache and was generally feeling icky.

He had soup and then some noodles and pretty much watched TV and read with me all day.  We did some quizzes, but otherwise, I let him chill.

I decided while he was chilling, I would start on cleaning the house from the mess we'd made on the weekend.  Managed to get the rooms cleaned up, some laundry done and the kitchen partially cleaned - still have a load of dishes to do.

Tonight we're doing pasta with garlic bread for supper and off to bed early.