Saturday, October 15, 2011

I got up around 9 and Spence got up around 10.  We chilled around the house until we had lunch - which was BBQ'd hot dogs, then Spence and I headed out to our scuba class.  Spence did really well and got 100% on one quiz and 90% on the second quiz of the day.

We then went to the pool and spent 4 and a bit hours in the water - we put together equipment, which was a great refresher for me.  We got into the pool and practiced a bunch of skills.  I finally feel a bit more comfortable getting water in my mask, Spence did really well with all the skills.  The instructor said he needs to slow down as he powers through everything and he breaths really fast.  I on the other hand, finally got the breathing to slow down.

We got done just after 8:30 and I realized my purse and Spencer's jacket were still in our classroom, which was locked.  I waited and the instructor had the keys, so we got in and grabbed our stuff and headed home.  Early night again, as tomorrow is another really long day.

James got some more rest at home in the meantime and is trying to get over an earache that he has.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Finally Friday!

Spence got up and was raring to go - he wanted to finish his scuba stuff and relax before swim class.  He finished his scuba stuff and then we reviewed all five chapters together and when he thought he was good to go, we had lunch and then he chilled for an hour or so before we left for swim class.

He did his swim class and once done, he hopped into the hot tub (which he never does) because he was cold.  We left Airdrie and headed to the scuba class and made it there by 4pm.  We got everything organized, then headed over to Mac's to get a frostie, the cookie shop to get cookies and then Subway to get supper.  Spence had a foot long pizza meatball sub - he ate the entire thing, plus a large frostie and a cookie.  I managed a 6" veggie sub with a veggie patty and was hungry enough to eat the entire thing and had a cookie to boot. 

We got to class just before 5pm and settled in.  There is a cute 13 year old girl in the class - but she's paired up with her brother and poor Spence is paired up with me.  The first part of the class was the water part with skills tonight and it was a good exercise for me as I hadn't been underwater since about 2005 or 2006..long time.  Spence did really well and on his quiz he got 10 out of 10 :) 

He's much more like his father than I am - seems to love being under the water - I'm more of the on top of the water type of person.  Glad he is enjoying it though and so glad we're doing his classes here rather than in FL where they charge touristy prices.

Interesting fact I found out tonight - Calgary is the #1 city in Canada for certifying divers (ie. they certify more divers annually than any other Canadian city) and it is #4 in North America.  Gotta be the Oil & Gas money - can't be the local diving :)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

So, Spence was tired this morning and we decided it was a jammy morning.  He did his scuba course studies and did both Chapters 3 & 4 today before we left for Parkour.

Today in Parkour, they were walking across very thin pipe - balancing about 12 feet in the air.  They had help - but it was still a bit scary watching them.  I have footage to post later on.

We stopped at the tri store on the way home as I needed a new swim suit and ended up buying two, so I could rotate between a wet & dry one this weekend.  We headed home and met up with James and then all went off to Salt & Pepper for supper.  James is finally feeling well enough to enjoy the food there and so we all had a great meal.

Once home, the boys relaxed and I headed off to my swim class just before 8pm - it has been a great class and I hope there is another swim class I can take with this instructor.  He's very good at explaining what we need to do and why :)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Spence finally got into the groove of the scuba course and got both Chapter 1 and most of Chapter 2 done on his own.  He has another 3 chapters by Friday - so lots of studying to complete.  He's really looking forward to Friday night - we start at 5pm and do pool time the entire class.

We also went to the orthodontist today to fix the spring that came loose on his braces.  I got groceries, got my blood work done and got James a game.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Well we have a busy week this week.  With the scuba certification going on this weekend, we have the entire dive book to read along with the quizzes and the videos. 

We decided to read all day today and try and tackle the book along with a few other things.  We did math quiz, spelling quiz, we read our story, went to drum lessons and Spence did some art while I read. 

I dropped off Spence at grama's after drums for their night together and I went off to run a few errands.  I got home just before James did and we went for a walk and then had supper.

Spence arrived home before 7 and headed upstairs to play video games with his buddies. 

Sam's BD Party - Oct 10 @ Bragg Creek Paintball

 the kids all arriving for the big game
 Dressed, now where are my guns?

Ready to go, now where do we play?
At the blind, making sure the pellets are all loaded

They really are organized :)

Heading who's going to win?


War is over, time to eat!

parents and siblings, all chowing down after the warriors have had their fill

Chili dog time!
Pumpkin Squares for BD Cake - Spence trying to get warm off the sparklers

"no thanks, Kelly - I'll just take the whip cream on the taco chip please" - only my kid would eat that

BD Boy Sam, loved the squares with whip cream though :)

Monday, October 10, 2011

I'll have to get the photo's on tomorrow - but today was a big day!

We all got up and after a late breakfast, chilled until it was time to head to Sam's BD party.  James went over to grampa's to drop off the bike and a few other things and then home for a rest and we (Spence and I) headed off to Bragg Creek Paintball for Sam's BD party.

Sam really wanted to do a paintball birthday party and so Kelly organized a great day at the paintball place.  We started at 1pm and the kids were out on the field by 1:45 and played till almost 4pm.  The place closed at 4:30, so we gathered the kids in and had chili dogs and ice tea before they closed with pumpkin squares for Sam's BD cake.

The kids all had such a great time, Spence was even willing to spend his own money to play again if we could get a crew together for a game.  Overall not a bad way to spend Thanksgiving.

We got home at 5pm and after I walked the dog, made supper - rice, stir fry and dumplings.  The boys played video games together and James and I watched some TV together.

Sunday, October 09, 2011

We all got up when we were ready and after breakfast, the boys chilled and I started on my long list of chores.  By 3, I was done - but too late to take a nap as we were leaving shortly to visit with grama & grampa.

We had a great visit with the folks and then headed off to Kinjo for our supper.  The fellow giving out the chocolates, remembered us and asked James where his cool hat was.  Dinner was very good and after dinner, we walked over to Starbucks for drinks.

We came home, got the trucks organized for tomorrow (bike rack on James' truck and chairs in mine) and now it's chill time for the rest of tonight.