Saturday, October 08, 2011

Busy day today, got up at 8am and after breakfast headed out to the dive shop to get Spencer's dive course book.  I'm going to take the course with him as a refresher for my skills and a buddy for Spence - so got all signed up and paid up.

I headed off to Canmore next to help fix my mom's computer - I called Dave when I got there and we worked on it for a little over 2 hours and finally had it set up and ready to go again.  Before I headed over to her place, I stopped at O Bistro and picked up a sandwich to go - the chef there owns the place and he's awesome.  He made me a grilled veggie baguette that was very delicious.  I also stopped for our quarterly refill of Grizzly Paw pop.

Once I was done in Canmore, I headed home.  The boys had relaxed at home all day and once I got back, we got organized for supper.  I made mashed potatoes with some new potatoes I found at the market and we made maui ribs - which were great - James hasn't had any for a long time.  I also cut up the buffalo cheese I bought at the market and the various coloured heirloom tomatoes I picked up for a caprese salad for the guys.

Friday, October 07, 2011

Spence got up and we read Lord Sunday while he ate.  We then did his next week plan and budget - continued with a math quiz, spelling, deciding if he was going to do the scuba class and then what type of class.  He did some printing practice, reading and he did some bookkeeping (he worked on my month end - he's learning the basics of accounting).  He did his drums and worked on his essay and finally got ready for swimming.

I had popped out to see the doctor for some referrals and James was resting.  Once I got back we had lunch and got ready for swimming.

Spence had a good swim lesson today and we stopped for a slushie treat afterwards and headed home.  Tonight we're doing a bit of a scrounge - Spence is having wings & fries, James is having buffalo burgers and started with a green salad and I'm having eggplant burgers with tomato salad (I got all sorts of colours from the market - makes for a cool salad).

Thursday, October 06, 2011

James was getting better and then he hit a snag.  Last night after a bout of getting sick, he ended up back in emergency to see what was going on (around 4:30 am).  He was home by 8am with a prescription - he had a fairly normal setback and was told to go home, rest and take the meds.  I headed off to the pharmacy at 8 and got the prescription filled and let him catch up on some sleep.

While he slept, Spence got up and we read Lord Sunday while he had breakfast and then we did his spelling and while he was working on his penmanship, Sam arrived.

Sam, was coming over to do some homeschooling with us and then a play before Parkour.  Sam did his stuff and Spence worked on his math.  Today we were working on the math website and working on Pythagorean theorem (which is something we finished off with last year in math).  Spence did really well - we watched the video and he remembered the formula and went at it. 

He did his drums next and then the boys headed out for almost an hour to play with the new guns.  Spence got Sam a new set of water soluble paint ball type guns ( - they are pump action and use gel pellets and are pretty much paint ball style guns, but they don't hurt and they don't leave a paint mark...the perfect paintball gun for the city :)  Spence got himself a set too and they headed off to the park to try out the guns.

When they got back, they went upstairs for some video game time (I offered to take them to the pool - but that was turned down).  Near noon, they had lunch and then we headed off to our homeschool parkour class.  The kids were running up walls today and scaffolding and all sorts of other stuff - lots of flips and learning how to fall from heights.

While they did that, Kelly (Sam's mom) had come to the class and her and I headed off to our weekly jaunt to the market.  The folks there are so nice and the veggies are so fresh.  We had a great time shopping and grabbed some food for after parkour.  We stopped at Community on the way back to grab a few extra items and finally to Subway for Spencer's sub.

The kids ate a bit and then headed back to play for open gym.  The gym time ended at 4:30 and we were heading home by 4:45.  We finally hit Safeway in Dahlhousie by 5:30 and had the last of our grocery items bought by 6pm and headed home.

James had lots of rest during the day and was looking forward to eating a bit - so we made Chicken Noodle soup for him, pasta with tomato sauce for Spence and I had a fresh tomato salad (made from yellow & red tomatoes).  I finished up and headed off to swim class, while Spence headed upstairs and James went for another rest.

I had also decided that we shouldn't go to Banff this weekend as James was in no shape to vacation.  The hotel was great - even though we had a non-refundable deposit - the cancelled the reservation and gave us a credit to use at the hotel for the amount of the non-refundable deposit.  That was fantastic of them and as we already have a reservation for around xmas at the same hotel - we'll be using that credit up :)

Now for some story time with Spence and then off to bed.

Initial submersion at the discover scuba class


 Discover Scuba for Homeschoolers

 Helping each other get their gear on

 Learning what all the various scuba gear stuff does

In the water and testing out the gear before submersion

First submersion

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

During breakfast, we read Lord Sunday and the moved onto math (geometry again), printing, drum practice, spelling and finally Italian.

We took a break and then headed off to our Discovery Scuba class for Spence.  He LOVED it.  We stopped at Safeway for some OJ and then headed home.

James came home about the same time we did and while Spence walked the dog, I finished making supper and James got changed. 

Now it's chill time.

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

We started with Lord Sunday (our last book in this series) during breakfast and continued until Spencer's dentist appointment.  He has a molar growing in and it hasn't broken skin, but it's rubbing against the teeth & braces and so his mouth really hurts.  The doc prescribed a gel for his mouth and he should be good until it breaks through in a few weeks (we hope).

I got a call, just before leaving for the dentist from the pest control guy saying he could come over to check our traps today around noon or sometime in the middle of November.  So I said come over and we came home straight after the dentist and dropping off the prescription.

Spence watched his Tank show after lunch and we did math, spelling and he edited his essay some more. 

He finished school and relaxed until drum practice and I worked on our eggplant and quinoa burgers and tacos - tacos for tonight and the eggplant burgers for snacks / lunches for Spence and me.

Spence started working on triple drum beats today in drum practice and he sounded pretty good.  Once we got home, Spence walked the dog, while I finished supper and then he ate while we waited for James to come home from work (his first day back).

Monday, October 03, 2011

I let Spence sleep in today as he had gone to bed at 10:30....we got started late.  We read Superior Saturday, spelling, printing, math (geometry), silent reading, drums, editing his essay and then it was break time.

James and I took off to Safeway and Memory Express to get a few things we needed for the week and an HDMI expander for Spencer's TV.

While James went to see if he was cleared to go back to work with the doc, Spence and I took apart his amp + speakers as they don't work any longer and plugged everything directly into the TV.  We got everything working and then he played some more video games and I went back to work.

Tonight for supper we had perogies with fried onions and Spence had chicken breast wrap - which he made on his own.

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Everyone got to sleep in today.  We chilled until the cable guy showed up and did the install of all the new equipment.  Our internet is really good right now (hopefully it will stay good) and we broke down and got cable again.

We took a 2nd big walk after the cable guy left and then made BBQ hot dogs & fries for supper.