Saturday, October 01, 2011

Got up at 7:30 to make sure I was dressed in case the fireplace guy got here early.  He didn't, but he got here on time at 9am and replaced our fan again - turned on the fireplace and said to leave it running for a bit.  Well it started the horrible noise again after a half hour of being on...unfortunately, I couldn't get a hold of the guy again and left a msg to see about him coming out again.  Not sure what is going on.

James managed another 3 walks today and was up and about for most of the day - which is great as it wears him out for sleep at night. 

Spence and I headed off to Aquasport to get him new fins (they had a one day sale) and we got fins and booties for Spence and a new dive computer for James - wicked deals.  We got stuck in traffic on the way home - 45 minutes for a 15 minute trip...but we did make it back.

Once home, it was time to get stuff going - baked a loaf of sourdough, some pizza dough, some pita bread, banana bread, brownies (which did not turn out good), marinated maui ribs for James, made pizza sauce for Spence and got supper going - roasted baby potatoes, veggie patties and gravy.

Grama & Grampa came over for a visit and we had some appies.  Once they left, we had supper and then walked the dog for the last time tonight and then wrapped up in blankies and chilled watching some shows.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Big day for James - he did three big walks around the block today.  Spence was totally exhausted even after 12 hrs sleep (I think it was the cat herding, James thinks it was the 9 hrs of activity yesterday). 

Spence got some reading in and then chilled until swim time.  We headed to Airdrie and his only feedback today, was that he needed endurance - which wasn't surprising as he was tired.  He figured he needed to still work on his breast stroke, so that's what we'll work on next week.

We decided to order chinese for supper and chilled watching TV shows all night.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

We had decided that today was an off day.  We went over to Kelly / Sam's to get them for a day out.  We went bouldering at Panorama Hills - we had planned to go to Okotoks, but after reading up on the place we planned to go, we found out it was deemed a heritage site. 

After almost 2 hrs of climbing, we headed to Lina's for lunch.  We had a quick lunch and a bit of shopping for noodle supplies and a case of fresh figs.

We headed off to Parkour and once the boys were settled, Kelly & I went off to the farmer's market & Community Health Foods to grab some veggies & fruits.  We got back just in time to see one of the boys break his big toe :( 

The boys stayed until 4 (the class ended at 3) and then we headed back to Sam's.  The boys were trying to herd Sam's kittens in the backyard and we left their place just before 6pm.

James and I took another walk around the block, he had also received a bouquet of fruit from his office, which was very nice.

I made pasta for supper and then headed off to my swim lesson - which I totally sucked at, which means I should put in more time at the pool....

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

James is on the mend!  He was walking a bit, eating nice solid food - all good!  He was up at 5am and told me I should head to bed (I slept on the couch to allow him to sleep comfortably last night) and so I did.  He came to bed sometime before 7am and I slept in until 7:30 and he got up before 9am.

Dave left for home this morning and after grabbing him some toast & a bit of coffee he was on his way.  He stopped at mom's to install her new printer and talk to Microsoft to make sure she could use the copy she had (they ended up giving him a new key).  He left her place in the afternoon and was in Salmon Arm by supper time - he should be in Abbotsford by closing time at Cactus Club, where he has to put in a few hours to fix some stuff.

Spence slept until 9, when I woke him up and he was not in a pleasant mood.  We decided we'd skip swimming today as he forgot to ask for homework from his teacher last Friday and we went climbing at Panorama Hills again today.  We had arranged to go with Kelly & Sam again (Sam got new shoes - and now he climbs like a cat) and so we did a bit of school and then toddled off to the boulder.  Spence had his sandwich on the top of the boulder and by the time he was done, Sam & his mom arrived.  The boys and I climbed for almost 1.5 hrs - although I think the boys got a lot more climbing in than I did, but I was trying to solve a problem that runs horizontal instead of vertical and I think I have the feet down, now I'm just working the hands part. 

We got home and Spence was going to do his Rosetta Stone (Italian) but again, it didn't work.  An hour later, I got off the support call and it works now - but you can't use a headset (no idea why, will have to play with it later).  He started his Italian and I went off to get groceries and then we looked at his two first sentences in his essay and I gave him homework to fix the sentences.  Then we did math - today it was more conversions and we were working on him remembering what coverts to what as these were now two step conversions (feet to kilometers type questions) and we worked on estimating the answer.  Then it was spelling, he did his silent reading (his driver's test) today and we read Superior Saturday (our latest book in our series).  

We were going to move his drum set today, but I was too tired and decided dinner needed making more.  I walked the dog and then made ramen for Spence, udon for James and onion soup for me.  While I was making supper, the UPS guy came and my shoes :)  Finally they arrived and they fit and are very cute and will be my new favorite boots for winter (of course, next to my already favorite winter boots I own from fluevog that are black).  I was so excited to get them :)

Overall a good day.

My new winter boots :)