Saturday, September 24, 2011

I got up at 8am today to help my mom move into her new apt at the lodge. I got there just before lunch and ended up eating before I headed to her place.

Dave, who had left at 4am from Vancouver, was stuck between construction and accidents the whole way over and ended up doing the trip in 13 hrs instead of his usual 9 - long day for him. In the meantime, I managed to get everything over to her new place except the big stuff and once Dave got there, we moved that together and were done setting her up by 9pm.

Now the cable guy has to come and turn everything on and then she is set to go (except her printer, which we found out is too old to run with Windows 7).

Dave and I headed out to find some late supper and ended up at Marietta's in Canmore as it was the only place open that served food past this town really knows how to party! :)

We had a very busy waiter, who initially said he could not math pasta with tomato sauce, but eventually gave in when I told him to find me something I could eat on the menu...he was really good and did get us something on the go right away (some hummus & pita - which was yummy) and then our dishes arrived and were very good (Dave had pasta with meat sauce, I had the pasta and they put the pizza sauce on it - so all good).

We're at the Bow Valley Motel - which I was a bit worried about, but it turned out to be clean, larger than I had expected and just as nice (or not nice) as the condo we stayed in last time when we moved my mom in April. The windows are all double glazed, so although the younguns are all partying outside (there is a volleyball tourney here and there are lots of college age kids drinking and walking up/down the street being loud), you can't hear anything inside - all good.

James and Spence relaxed at home all day.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Today we finished spelling, math quiz and our reading before I left to meet with a client. Spence finished his drums and reviewed his editing for his essay and then he chilled.

I finished with my client and headed over to get the chips in James' truck repaired before I headed home. I got home just before we had to head out to Spencer's swim lesson.

We got to Airdrie and picked up grama (who was getting her car tuned at the Airdrie car dealership) and watched Spence do his lesson. We dropped off grama and headed home.

We got home, Spence walked the dog and I made pizza for supper....Spence and I like to eat early, so we had finished our pizza before 5pm rolled around. We watched Bruce Almighty on Netflix, which was a cute movie - haven't seen it in ages.

James is out at a golf tournament today and hopefully he enjoyed himself.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

It's been a busy week and it's going to keep being busy for a while.

After breakfast, we read Lady Friday, did planning for next week and updated his checking account. We then did more imperial conversions for math, spelling, printing, drums and he started to edit his essay.

While he was doing all that, the fireplace repair guy came by to look at our noisy fan and told us they would be replacing it under warranty (yippee - its under warranty). I returned the microwave I purchased on the weekend and exchanged it for a different brand. Got groceries and ran a few other errands.

I got home and we headed out to the boulder at Panorama Hills and had a great time bouldering with Sam again. We've decided to go to Okotoks next week to boulder there before it gets too cold.

We got home and I got ready to paint - then discovered I was out of paint rollers - so tomorrow I'll pick those up and paint on the weekend or next week. I want to get the living room done before the end of September and the dining room by the end of October.

I made spaghetti for Spence with left over sauce and I had a salad for supper. I am making perogies for James when he gets home.

I finally also got our stuff from CHER - we ordered it back in July, then they lost our order, lost our credit at the store, lost my credit card number to pay for the difference - I kept calling for status updates and the stuff finally arrived 90+ days after I ordered it and when I had arranged for a courier to pick it up and they screwed up the payment - they didn't give the order to the courier or call me - instead they sent him away. So then I had 2 courier bills for the stuff. When I called to talk with them - I was told it was not their fault, they never got my msg this morning and its not their problem if the shipment takes 90 - 120 days to arrive, if they lose the store credit or my credit card and if they don't process the paperwork by the time the courier arrives. They specifically told me they have international customers that are waiting on them to deliver and I can just come by and get my stuff if I want it earlier than 3 - 6 weeks it'll take them to ship it to me for $20 - $40. So I will never purchase any home school stuff from them - now that I used up my credit, I don't have to ever enter their store again. I am happy they are flush with customers to the point where they turn away local business, but that sure didn't endear me to them in any way. It was a terrible customer experience and they were adamant it was not their fault. UG!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I got Spence up around 8:30 today and we read Lady Friday, did printing practice, spelling, math conversions (metric to imperial and back), drum practice, silent reading and finishing up the tank essay.

We chilled for a bit and then headed over to Jonathan's place for a play - they hadn't seen each other since the end of August and so it was good to get together again.

We headed home just before supper and when we got home, Spence walked the dog, while I heated up the sauce I had made before we left (tomato, garlic & basil) and cooked some spaghetti and got the salad fixings out.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My dad's watch - all restored and getting good use at James' work :)
Spence got up earlier today and was motivated to get done as quickly as possible as a new video game came out today that we pre-ordered.

We read a bit of Lady Friday, he did his printing, math, spelling, worked on his tank essay and did his laundry.

We finished and then headed off to the store to get the game and I went off to do my errands. I went to grab my slacks from the tailor, got a few groceries at Walmart as well as new blinds for Spencer's room (his broke a while back and they were on sale this week for $10 - great price). I stopped at the bank to switch my mom's account to a trustee status and then went off to the tofu truck to grab buffalo wings for Spence. Stopped off at the Tri-It store on the way home to grab James some swim caps and a pair of goggles that don't leak for me.

Stopped off at the dry cleaner on the way home and dropped all that off before heading out again to drum practice. We finished drums and headed home - while Spence walked the dog, I took out the recycling and made supper - it's Taco Tuesday :)

Monday, September 19, 2011

Spence slept in - but as we had decided to do school all day, I decided to let it slide today.

We started with Sir Thursday and finished the book today - we start on Lady Friday tonight. Good series by Garth Nix (Keys to the Kingdom, pre-teen hero). We then watched Bill Nye the Science Guy - Recycling Closet, it's a 15 minute video that we got turned onto by Risa ( through her blog and it was a hoot to watch.

We then did spelling, math - which today, Spence spent learning about double entry accounting. It is still way over his head, but he did his first accounting entry in Quickbooks. I had a cheque that needed to be entered and he did the entry without making any errors. We'll be working on double entry accounting throughout the next few years.

He practiced drums, did his tank research / reading and then chilled for a bit before watching Eureka. James and I had watched the pilot last night and Spence caught up this morning - now we can watch episode 2.

We made rice noodles, rice and stir fry for supper tonight with veggie ginger chicken and tofu for supper. Now it's time to watch some TV.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

So another day of nothing - James is finally feeling better, although still not back to 100%. He's finally eating more and he's not as tired.

Spence and I pretty much chilled with James and we didn't do much else. Very relaxing day.