Saturday, September 17, 2011

James is feeling much better today, but still tired. Spence decided to make this a relaxing day for himself (except for the vacuuming he had to do) and I decided it was time to do laundry, make some bread and some muffins (ended up having to skip my nap due to baking).

I made some Low Fat Apple Cinnamon muffins with streusel topping that I found online. It turned out really good (especially since it has only 1 gram of fat per muffin and 130 calories in all) - I was trying to figure out how to make a healthy alternative to the Starbucks low fat version (which is healthy too - but expensive) and I am pretty happy with these. Overall - pretty yummy muffins.

I also decided to make some sourdough, but my starter seems to have died - so I am just making a plain rustic loaf and I got two new starters on the go (one is a cheaters variety - takes only 5 days to prepare, so sourdough will be made next week).

I was going to do appies for supper, but James suggested some macaroni & potatoes and that sounded really good - so the potatoes are done and the macaroni is getting cooked. Will finish off the dish closer to supper time.

Not a bad Saturday - other than my lack of nap time.

Friday, September 16, 2011

James stayed home today to rest up. Spence and I did our regular Friday school day and skipped house cleaning until tomorrow.

He did spelling quiz, math quiz, reading/research on tanks, drums, printing and we read Sir Thursday.

We headed off to swim lessons and after on the way home we stopped and dropped off our library stuff.

James and I then went off to do groceries and I convinced him to go to Superstore - where I could get a bunch of stuff I couldn't get elsewhere, a bulk buy on the veggie ground round and a microwave - I was aiming for a microwave that was 18" or smaller and ended up with one that is 18.5"....trying to decide if I want to take it back from a smaller one or have more power. I wanted it in a very tiny space, but so far, no luck...not sure if we'll keep it or not. Spence is loving having one again though and I gotta say, it was nice to have popcorn made in 2 minutes rather than 15.

We watched Thor tonight - great super hero flick - now its chill time for the rest of the night.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bouldering at Panorama Hills in Calgary

Beautiful 23 degrees today - we decided to head out to try the boulder at Panorama Hills in Calgary. Great little spot - easy climbing and some harder ones and very quiet.

Spence (spotting) and Sam (climbing) on an easy route

Spence starting an easier climb
Chillin at the top of the boulder

Must nap!

Scary and busy .... James had gotten up before 4am and was trying to see if he felt better, before 5 he got me up and we headed off to Emergency at Foothills. James was there until near 11 today and I left just before 10am.

I tried to get a nap in, as I had been in a chair waiting and hadn't slept for more than 4 hours - I was tired. Clients, child and dog all had a different idea - so after 2 - 15 minute naps, I got up and then James said he was being discharged and so I headed off to get him.

He was tired and thirsty and so after we came home - Spence and I had lunch and headed out the door to boulder. I gave Spence the day off school as I was in no shape to teach and the poor kid was worried about his dad all morning.

We stopped at Kelly's place and got Sam and went off to Panorama Hills in Calgary to check out the outdoor boulder there. It was about 10' x 20' and great! We had such a great time and after just over an hour, we left to go back to Sam's place for the boys to play.

The boys played until 4:30 and then we headed home. I picked up the old truck (which was in the shop), James and I walked the dog and I made some stir fry and rice for supper. Now it's off to swim class for me and then to bed early tonight.

Hopefully James can get an appointment to see the surgeon soon and get his gallbladder fixed (out).

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Spence got up and we read Sir Thursday in our series, he did his spelling, we did a math quiz, then he practiced his cursive and drums before heading upstairs to read and research tanks.

By the time he was done, James was home and we had lunch and then got ready to go golfing. We hit Lynx Ridge about 45 minutes before our tee time. We hit some balls on the range and then headed out. James was brave and walked the entire 9 holes, while Spence and I rode the cart we rented.

We got home and then after walking the dog, we went to Kinjo's for supper. Now it's time to chill and relax.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Spence got up a bit late, but as he had gone to bed at 10:30 and we didn't have any real plans today, I let him sleep a bit.

After breakfast we read our book, he did his spelling and math - review on circumferences and radius calculations in our Metric & Imperial unit. Then it was time to practice his cursive and reading and finally chill a bit before drum lessons.

I headed off to do a bunch of errands and got back home just before we had to leave. I had purchased a new fish tank light as ours finally blew out - can't really complain, it did last a few years. While I was getting the new light fixture for the tank, I got some new fish - black live breaders, some neon tetras and some very cool platy's that have glow in the dark eyes and tails - very creepy looking :)

We did drums and then headed home to finish supper and setting up the new lights. I was planning on making apple cinnamon muffins today, but ran out of time - so I'll have to make them in the morning. For supper we had chilli with rice and we made them into tacos for taco tuesday.

James had to head back out, shortly after supper to do the corporate challenge again and other than that, we are not doing much.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Starting to ease back into school today. Kiddo, got up and we started by reading for a few hours and then moved onto math. We still don't have our math text, so we opted to use the website we're signed up for ( We did the intro and lesson 1 of Measurements (Imperial & Metric), Spence did great and got all of the answers correct (equivalents for length measurements).

We then did our spelling, he's going to do silent reading later on tonight. We then watched War Games (the 1983 movie) and it was a great flick - Spence asked what 'floppy disks' were and he thought the movie was great with the simulations and the msg that in war, you cannot win.

He then did his drums, printing and then we headed off to Jacob's place for a play and then he went off to hit some balls with Jacob & his dad at Silver Springs golf course.

For supper, we had spaghetti and tomato sauce.
Yesterday we had planned on heading out to hit the balls on the range....but the wind was so bad, we opted to skip it.

We still did our mall walk - which included me finding a replacement bathing suit for one of my very old ones, golf slacks (2 pairs for me, so I can golf on Wed), a few pairs of socks for Spence.

We had lunch at the mall and then headed home to meet up with grampa. Grampa was coming to try out James' road bike and it fit so they did some trades and both are happy - in the meantime, I ended up with some great farmer's market stuff that grampa gave us.

Grampa and James sat on the deck for a bit and afterwards, we all chilled until suppertime. Tonight we had homemade pizza and we watched the Mask with Jim Carey.