Saturday, September 10, 2011

James got up and headed off to the corporate challenge for BBLP this morning, while Spence and I whiled away our morning.

When James got back, we chilled for a bit and then headed off for groceries and got the guy in 'training' at Safeway - which meant we spent more time at the till than shopping :( We stopped at Starbucks and got everyone a treat and then headed home and to the patio for some deck time. It was near 30 today on our deck and so we tried to make the most of it.

James headed off with Jeremy to check out some new fins and then the two of them chilled on the deck with some beer.

Dinner was scrounge again - as I had forgotten to plan for tonight. Spence had soup, I had gyoza and James still hasn't decided.

Friday, September 09, 2011

Nerf Wars - Midnapore Lake

Great day today - it was hot and sunny and we managed to finish our quizzes and update Spencer's checking account.

We left for the hairdresser - it was my turn to get a cut and then it was off to the post office as I had decided to send our friend in Virginia a package via Canada Post (last time I use them). The rudest clerk (she was the postie manager) we ever met - Spence who was polite and asked his question very nicely, was told very rudely to pretty much to shove it. I then went to tell her how disrespectful she was and she told me that if she wanted to hear from me she would ask me to talk to her and to get to the back of the line until she was ready to see us.

I've sent in a complaint to both Shopper's and Canada Post about her behavior.

We then went to Harvey's to get lunch for the beach and headed down to Lake Midnapore for our teen Nerf Wars day. We arrived early and met up with Coreen, who was hosting. The kids had a great time playing nerf wars and then went to the lake to swim and play on the trampoline. We stayed until 6pm and then headed home. James arrived at the same time as we did and so James and I walked the dog and then we figured out what to scrounge for supper.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

It was a busy day today. Spence got up and after breakfast and brushing teeth, we quickly ran through math & spelling quizzes before heading off to the orthodontist so that we could get his bottom braces in.

We picked up Sam on the way home and the boys had a quick lunch and then played for a bit before the play was over.

I headed off to my client's place and Spence finished school - printing, drums, silent reading and a bit of science. He then headed off to Jacob's place for a play.

I picked up Spence on the way home and shortly after, James came home from work and we had supper. Supper was veggie burgers, gravy & potato croquettes - all good.

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Good day - James went off at 6am to do a swim and I did a bit of work and organized my day before getting Spence up early. I gave him breakfast, did a bit of school and left him with a bit of school work to do while I was out at a clients.

I got back and we finished up a little bit more of school and relaxing before I headed back out to another client meeting.

For school today, we did math quiz, spelling quiz, printing/cursive, history & some more research for some stuff he's doing with his video games (his group is trying to make some modifications for a game they all play - which is a great experience with the graphic arts, scripting, testing, etc) and he finished off with drum practice...slowly getting back into it.

I met James after my client meeting (I had taken the bus/train to downtown) and we walked to his car and then once we got home, we had supper and changed. We headed off to Lynx Ridge to hit some balls at the range and had a pretty good run - Spence can hit the ball a mile, James was doing well as well - however - I sucked the big one...ah well, had fun despite my lack of being able to hit the ball.

Now it's time to chill and relax.

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Back to school, back to work :(

James went off to work this morning and I did some easy school with Spence - we eased back into it today with quizzes (math & spelling) [we're still waiting on our math book, should be hear early next week], we read together and he watched a history show on the Hope Diamond - very interesting show.

I went off to Costco to do my quarterly run for stuff. I stopped off to get my new clothing hemmed and my old pants taken in. I dropped off the dry cleaning and went to pick Spence up to go to EB to see about trading in our old PSP Go...well they're worth $20 with all accessories, so we decided to sell it via kijiji or craigslist.

We got home and read a bit more and then I started working on supper - refried beans, taco fixings and guacamole.

Fishing in Campbell River

Climbing in Campbell River

Monday, September 05, 2011

Very relaxing today - made cinnamon loaf, ciabatta buns, finished putting the snacks and the laundry away.

James & Spence both chilled all day and I managed some more time with my new book. Tomorrow we start our slow trek back into school and work....if only someone would pay me to do nothing :)

Sunday, September 04, 2011

More unpacking, groceries and chillin on the deck - not much else today. Glad to be home and eating in again :)

Got around to making bruschetta for tomorrow's dinner and some baguettes as well as a whole grain loaf with cranberries and sunflower seeds (turned out pretty good).

We had chicken burgers with fries for the boys tonight and had a salad with the a big chunk of the whole grain loaf while watching Mission Impossible I.