Saturday, August 20, 2011


My new retro Munster shoes - 40th anniversary limited edition shoes. Very cute, love them!

The boys in their new hats - love it!!!

Spencer's first pair of dress shoes - and they are Fluevogs!

We all got up between 8:30 and 9am today and after breakfast, headed out to do our shopping for the week.

We started by walking to the little ferry and taking it across to Hornby and walking up to the bike shop to get James a shock pump for his bike. We continued to FlueVog where I finally found the Munster shoes I've been coveting in a size only one size too big - but still fit well enough for me to buy (yay!) and Spence ventured out of the skate shoe realm and got his first pair of dress shoes (a great pair of baroque style shoes) and they're FlueVogs - what more could a mom want?

We then headed to Quicksilver to use up a gift certificate we had and ended up with 2 pairs of jeans for Spence instead of one as he really liked the fit of the pants - so we paid more than what our gift certificate was worth - but the pants were 25% off, so overall a good deal.

We walked over to Cactus Club on Robson for lunch - it was our regular place to eat about 20 years ago and other than the decor changing, the place was the same :) Food was good, service was pretty good and it was a nice break in our walk.

After lunch, we walked to our favorite grooming store - yes, the West End has a men's grooming store (no surprise) and the boys each got some more shaving cream as they were out. We headed down to Yaletown and a hat shop that has been around since 1895 called Goorin Bros.

Spence got a cute new fedora, that changes colours (brown in low light, black in full daylight - very cool). James got a great hat - he wanted to buy one and all of them looked not quite right until he put on a cap that looks like those golf hats - called a flat cap and it has the greatest graphics on it - it looks fabulous on him. Although when he turned it backwards he looked like a large white rapper - and we told him not to do that again :)

I got two hats (both cadet style - modified baseball caps I like to wear) - one in a brown and one in a dark grey. They are both awesome. My current black one is fairly ratty looking as I tend to put it on for rain, snow and sun :) Very happy with our purchases.

It was almost 4 hours and we were getting tired, so we grabbed a little ferry back to Granville Island, and went back to the hotel.

I took a nap, the boys chilled and we got ready near 5pm for our dinner reservations downstairs at Dockside. James and I had dessert & coffee there last night and it wasn't bad, so we thought we'd try it for supper.

The fellow was a french guy and he was so cute - he recommended tuna for James, Spence had picked a smoked salmon penne - which he loved and I had the mushroom risotto which was good. We also ordered a basket of bread, which reminded me why we make bread at home rather than buy - it was sooo good and just out of the oven fresh. Dinner was good, our waiter was cute - he didn't know what a rusty nail was and was planning on trying one when James ordered it and told him what was in it.

We ended up going for a walk after supper - the dog is not appreciating the km's of walking we are doing and was ready to head home about 10 minutes after we started our walk.

Tonight we chilled and relaxed and headed off to the hot tub again for a quick soak and now the boys are watching Rambo before bed time.

Friday, August 19, 2011

I got up around 7am (8am Calgary time) and got dressed and took my laptop out to the truck to do a conference call with a client - while I did that, the boys took the dog for a walk, got dressed and packed and had breakfast.

When I was done, I grabbed some toast and coffee and we all headed out to Hope to try out a place we read about there called Hunter's Creek.

We followed directions (ok, so the guy who has time to write a climbing book, is not a type 'A' personality) and got lost. We finally found the road, headed up and got lost again. On one side was a cliff and on the other a wall of rocks, so turning around in a one lane space about as wide as our truck was challenging to say the least. We finally did find the 'path' which was not well marked and found the V0 rock....ok, so yesterday was easy peasy .... today - the same marked route was super hard.

Spence and I both made it after a few tries - James, never made it up. There was no real hand holds or foot holds - but it did slope inwards. You had to kinds of scramble up trying to stick to moss covered rock. It was a different type of rock, it was moss covered, it was hard! Definitely not as much fun as yesterday. I got some pics of Spence getting up the rock, will post later on.

After an hour, we left and headed into Vancouver - man the traffic! Miami, Toronto - have nothing on Vancouver. It was 2 lanes of 10km/hr and you just sat there. We did make it and after a very long ride we got out at our hotel for the next few days (Granville Island Hotel). Our room was ready, so we dropped the dog off and headed out for lunch.

Our favorite place has closed and was replaced by a new restaurant. The food was really quite good, but the service just sucked. The concept of refilling a drink or actually asking how your meal was - seemed to never have dawned on the guy serving us.

We then went to the kayak store and checked out the new stuff, the bakery for buns & a breakfast croissant for me. We continued by watching a street performer, who was very entertaining and then we headed into the market.

We got bagels, sandwich meats, fruits, milk for Spencer's cereal, truffle butter for our sandwiches and then got coffee for the walk back to the hotel.

We're chilling now and cooling off - it's a balmy 21 degrees without a breeze and so nice. Our room has a balcony, so we plan to have a sit outside later on tonight.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Takakkawa Falls - Yoho National Park

the falls

The view from the pathway.

Made it to the top without falling!

Spence, Hunter and I along the walk

James on route #5 on the boulder (V0)
V0 is the easiest route available when bouldering.

Me doing route 4 or 5 (bot V0) on the boulder.

The boys, along the walk

Getting ready and walking over to the falls from the parking lot.

Spence doing route #5 at the falls - V0 problem

We left this morning and headed for Takakkawa Falls in the Yoho National Park. We headed off the highway and to the falls - 13 km of windy roads to a very full parking lot. We couldn't believe how full the parking lots were. We grabbed our crash pad, shoes & chalk and headed to the falls. It was a paved path and easy to walk along, which was great. We went off path and headed to a set of boulders, but found the going too tough for the dog and us...we went back to the path and tried out the one boulder that we overlooked that was right by the falls.

It turned out to be a great, we all managed to climb route #5 (V0) without much trouble and Spence and I even tried climbing it in a sitting down position. Spence and I also tried route #4 (V0) and it was harder, but it was doable - next time we'll be trying more routes on that boulder. It was great and it was sooo different from the gym and so much fun.

We headed to the car and stopped in Golden for subs at Subway and then continued onto Kamloops for supper at Milestone's. We ate and continued to our regular hotel in Merritt (now a Ramada) and went for a few waterslides (Spence and James did) and I sat in the hot tub relaxing.

Now it's coming to be bed time and then more bouldering tomorrow in Hope on our way to Granville Island.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

We finished packing today, got the recycling out, the bottle depot done, returned stuff to Rona, popped off to get the dry cleaning, the bank and Safeway.

Spence went off with Grama for the afternoon - lunch, movie, cards and supper....he offered to stay for supper, when he heard we were having whatever was left in the fridge.

I cleaned Spencer's room & lounge enough to see the floor and not step on anything and found extra socks (which was an issue today as he said he only had 4 pairs of socks ..... I found 10 and then found a total of another 4 pairs in his lounge).

Now to pack the car and get ready for our trip tomorrow - YAY!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Great day today - we got a lot done before our trip this week. Spence has a bit more to do tomorrow before grama comes, but otherwise we're pretty much done (ok - I started painting a wall, but decided to stop part way through and I'm not sure I'll have enough time to finish it before we leave).

After lunch Kelly & Sam came over and the boys had fun playing a variety of video games and Kelly and I had a good time chatting while doing some craft work / house work / clean up.

It was great to see them before we leave and now it's time to chill for the rest of the night.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Spence got up and had his breakfast and we quickly did a math & spelling quiz and then headed off to get his haircut. We dropped off our recycling on the way home and then did some printing, reading and he did some music study for his drums.

We had lunch and I headed off to my doc appt and Spence chilled. When I got home, we did our chores - vacuum, dust, clean out the garage some more, touch up painting, put on the new light switches, etc.

We're having chili for supper and it's been smelling so good today as it was cooking - still need to tweak the recipe a bit - our rice cooker works different than our old slow cooker, but it's getting there.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

We were planning on going to the mall today to browse and check out what is on sale, but James was wiped from the swimming / climbing this past week. We relaxed on the deck instead and got organized for supper....which is grilled breast of chicken and home made pasta with red pepper sauce.