Saturday, August 06, 2011

Great day today - James had a great day at home today and Spence and I headed out to Ethan's BD party.

We went to Switchbox for the kids to play video games together. After 2 hours (which went by in a flash) and coffee for the moms, we headed to the lake for BBQ and some time at the beach. I hadn't thought to bring Spencer's board shorts or towel and Coreen had the forethought to ask her hubby to bring extras. Spence borrowed a pair of shorts and joined the kids at the water trampoline for the afternoon. They all enjoyed the BBQ hot dogs and angel food cake.

Overall a pretty good Saturday.

Friday, August 05, 2011

Today was day 4 of swim lessons and Spence was doing great. His teacher said he needed to work a bit on keeping his tummy up when doing the backstroke, but otherwise was doing well.

We got home just after James got home from work and proceeded to lounge. I had managed to finish painting the fireplace wall while he was at work (I have a few touchups, but the big part is done!) and I had done a few chores, so I didn't feel like I needed to do anything else today.

Both James and I were pretty tired, but we headed off to the climbing wall and only managed about a half hour before we headed out. We stopped for Starbucks on the way home and then took naps and chilled.

Tonight, we'll be heading to Kinjo's for supper and then resting some more before heading off to bed early.

Thursday, August 04, 2011

So today I was supposed to head off to clients after swimming and Spence getting picked up by grama - but Murphy had his way instead.

Swimming went well - Spence said he's finally starting to get the breast stroke (they worked on it the whole swim class, along with the elementary back stroke).

We came home and he noticed a skin patch - which was tan in colour and about an inch long and 1/4 inch wide and irregular in shape. It wasn't there when he went swimming this morning. So we called healthlink and and got an appt to see his doc this afternoon.

Poor grama on the other end - her flight got delayed, then delayed again and by the time she arrived home, it was late afternoon and she'd been up since some ungodly hour to come back to Calgary. Hopefully she didn't have to spend all that time waiting on an airplane.

I cancelled my meetings and we waited until the doc could see us and he declared the patch - benign but to keep an eye on it and if it changes (other than goes away), we're supposed to come back in. Whewf! Glad to hear he's ok and able to breath again. Grama had just come home when we were done and so I dropped Spence off at Grama's so they could play cards and have supper.

James and I will scrounge and chill until he comes home and then tomorrow we head out to Canmore for some climbing and Grizzly Paw.

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

We had a pretty big day today. After breakfast, we did our spelling and then headed off to swimming. We read the Keys to the Kingdom book when we got back, did a math quiz, silent reading, printing practice, drum practice (today it was listening to a piece he's been working on), then working on his essay and then break time while I fiddled with our Rosetta Stone.

Our Rosetta Stone has issues with the mac - even though it is supposed to work, it has a tendency to crash once in a while and today was one of those days. We finally got it working and we both did our Italian and noticed we're almost finished with level 1 - so we'll be looking to buy level 2 in the next little bit.

I hit the grocery store to get supplies for this coming week - just the basics as we're trying to finish what's in our fridge / freezer before we leave. I got a bit of stuff done around the house, but spent most of the afternoon with client calls.

James came home early, changed and headed off to COP for a bike ride and I finished making supper - which was our low fat butter chicken with rice and naan. I also made some poppadums and tomato salad. We're out of cinnamon buns, so I made a batch of those as well for breakfast.

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

First swim day today for level 9. Spence was feeling well enough to go, but when diving his sinuses and ears were giving him trouble - thank goodness, not much diving involved in the swim classes.

We had done our reading, spelling quiz and math quiz before we left for swimming, so Spence finished up with drums and working on his essay once we got back.

I quickly made some soup for his lunch and headed out. I went to Future Shop first to see if they still had the helmet cam and they had one left. They were selling them for $150 (just over half off) until today and so I got one for the boys to share. I popped down to Fluevog's as they called to say my shoes were in - but - even with inserts, they were just huge. My feet were still flopping all around, so I told them I couldn't take them. I have to wait until tomorrow to talk with the manager of the store as they want to charge me a 'shipping' fee of $16 because they had to bring the shoes in from another store - I am not happy about that - especially since I spend a lot at their stores for shoes - we'll see if we can come to some arrangement that works for both of us.

I headed to my clients after that and spent the afternoon there. I was planning on leaving at 3:30, but ran late and left at 4. I met James at the climbing wall and we ended up doing 3 routes each on the wall and 3 routes each on the bouldering wall.

When we got home, the chili I had put on this morning was done and I had home made tortillas ready to go. We chowed down and then the boys headed off to try out the new helmet cam while rollerblading outside.

Monday, August 01, 2011

Sunday - we continued to chill and ended up going out for supper to Joey Tomato. We all enjoyed our meals there and then headed home for more chilling.

Today, I got up earlier (for a long weekend) and prepared for my conference call - only to find out it was rescheduled for 2pm ET....well, since I was up.....I stayed up.

Chilled pretty much all day, painted the window trim a bit, made tortilla's for tomorrow night, making ciabatta & cinnamon buns, chicken is thawed and ready to be BBQ'd for dinner and potato salad is made. James is off at COP with Graeme, Spence is finally feeling better and has gotten his appetite back and we're all getting ready for a 4 day week - Spence starts his level 9 swimming tomorrow and James goes back to work.