Saturday, July 30, 2011

Spence is better today - hopefully he'll be even better tomorrow.

We all chilled today - James and I headed off to Bow Cycle and Safeway in the afternoon to pick up knee pads for him and fries to go with supper. We stopped at Starbucks and got some iced coffees to bring to our deck and then spent a good 1/2 hour outside before getting too hot and going back in...gotta love the deck, lots of sun and no wind.

We made hot dogs and fries for supper with angel food cake as a sweet - watched Arthur (the new one) and plan to chill for the rest of tonight.

Friday, July 29, 2011

So I ended up heading off to Shoppers at 11:30 last night as Spence couldn't stop coughing and he was breathing badly - got him some different meds and then stayed up most of the night rubbing his back every time his breathing would become raspy and laboured - he'd cough and get some phlegm up and then got back to sleep - needless to say, we both had a short sleep.

I went back to bed after James left for work and got up at 9 with Spence and made him some more soup. He had decided he wanted bruschetta for supper, so I made bruschetta and flat bread and angel cake for dessert - his appetite is getting better and during the day, although he was coughing, he was much better - hoping tonight is easier than last night.

We did math quiz, spelling quiz, we read Keys to the Kingdom for a bit and then we chilled for a bit. I headed off to get some dog food and return something at Rona and then painted the last part of the big living room wall. Did the first coat on the green fireplace - even though it's only primed - it looks a lot better already. Can't wait until we do the floors next year (I figure I'll be painting until wintertime at this rate).

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Spence is definitely feeling better. We read, did some spelling and reviewed the new math program I got (they only had Gr 11 at the store, so I got that to see if he liked the format). He liked the program and so I ordered the Gr 10 stuff and then he relaxed on the floor for a bit before heading upstairs.

He did some chores later on in the afternoon and pretty much chilled - I think tomorrow we'll try for a regular Friday school day and clean the house up.

I got to do my 1st coat of paint today on another part of the wall and got some chores done and tried a new recipe - which both Spence and I loved (thanks again Kelly). The dog loved the crepes as he managed to get two off the counter before we could stop him - they were cooling and I have no idea how he managed it, but we saw him with one hanging out of his mouth and the other one was nowhere to be seen.

For supper, it was too warm to make warm food - so I opted for a Caesar style salad with lots of toppings and some fresh french bread made into croutons and garlic bread. Turned out pretty good and we only have half a loaf left after supper.

OK - spoke too soon. He started up with the coughing again at bedtime, hoping he'll be well for swim class next week.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Spence was still sick today - but better than yesterday!

We did a math quiz, spelling quiz and some reading and then he rested and played games the rest of the day. His voice is getting better (less phlemy) and his nose is better - but now his tummy hurts. I went out and got groceries and made sure I got lots of high calorie stuff for him to snack on, as I think he needs to eat, but when everything tastes funny - that's hard to do.

Hoping tomorrow he's even better and healthy for the weekend!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Spence was still sick, so he took another day to recover. I made some pizza pretzels with his favorite toppings so that he could have something soft that was not soup going down his throat. He also had pringles and some crackers downed with lots of liquids.

While he was watching TV and snuggling with the dog, I took off to the home school store - to try another math series out. Spence and I will look at the format tomorrow and see if it'll work for the two of us.

I stopped at Foreman's and picked up my slacks and jeans - changing into the jeans for the rest of the day (nice to have 2 pair that actually fit). I met up with James downtown for lunch - originally we were planning on just the food court, but the line ups at the healthy places were really long and so we went to West and they had room for two right away. We shared a salad, sour dough bread (piping hot with melted garlic butter) and I helped him with some potato things and broccoli and he had the tuna on the plate - very stuffed when we left.

We wandered on down to Harry's and Dallas was working - so we shopped for James. Dallas tried to sell us on a new fall blazer, but we ended up with a classic navy blazer and several pairs of slacks to match and a few very funky shirts (like the ones on Modern Family - love those shirts) and one normal shirt.

We left and I dropped off James at work on my way to the tofu truck and I got our two months supply of veggie meats - but forgot the chicken nuggets that Spence loves....oh well, September for those.

I got home and Spence was feeling better (the meds had started working) and so I did some chores around the house and I started on supper - tonight I made jalapeno corn chowder (it's the soup I had at Muse that tasted like liquid nacho's - very yummy) and because it's fat free - James could even have some. We made quesadilla's to go with the soup and I had a tomato salad with cilantro lime dressing.

Now, it's time to relax and for me to get a bit of work done. Hopefully, Spence will be better tomorrow and be ready to be back to school stuff by Thursday.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Spence was still sick today - so he pretty much chilled with cold medicine and I did a bit of work and ran a few errands.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Very relaxing day today for everyone, except Spence - who still has the flu. His throat was raw and tummy ached - so we cancelled his swim lesson this morning.

We all pretty much vegged - so ready for Monday.