Saturday, July 23, 2011

Today has been pretty good, except for Spencer not feeling well.

James left before we got up (I think he was planning on going before 6am) to go fishing with his dad for their joint father's day pressies. They are on the bow and are still on the bow now - having a good time...not sure if they caught fish, but they are having a good time I think.

Spence said he was fine when I left to go shopping (well his throat still hurt, but it was no worse than last night). I was going to stop and get him some cough syrup on the way home - but he called half way through my shopping to tell me his tummy was achy now as well. No need for cough syrup, but I should come snuggle ASAP.

I had decided to go shopping even though my friends couldn't make it. I went to Foreman's first - found a great pair of jean on sale and even a pair of slacks, that are similar to my Armani ones in style - just love them! The girl took me across the street to their casual store and I found a whole group of jeans I can buy when I'm ready to look again - I am hoping I found my new store in Calgary. They don't carry Armani, but I can get that when I travel and if that's all I'm missing, I'm a happy camper. I was on my way to Fluvog, when Spence called - so I knew I couldn't window shop too much and headed straight to the store. I was looking for the Munster shoe, but they were sold out, so I wandered around and found another pair that was very cute - zaza - but they had to order in my size from another store and so it'll be about a week before I get them.

I headed home, snuggled up with Spence and we watched a few episodes of Being Erica and then he was feeling better, so he went upstairs to chat with his friends. I put up our old blinds at the sliding doors and worked on supper (stir fry & rice tonight) and once supper was done, Spence and I ate, while watching some more of Being Erica.

He's now done with me (says he's feeling better) and off to play with his friends. I'm going to chill for a bit and then get some work done, to pay for all my purchases today.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Spence got up earlier than I thought he would (he had a sore throat) - we decided to have a flex day with James. James ended up having to go into the office for a bit and Spence was up - so we did our Friday school (or at least part of it).

Math quiz, spelling quiz, planning for next week, checking update, Keys to the Kingdom, and he did his writing. James came home just as Spence was finishing his writing and we all had an early lunch.

We chilled for a while and then James and I went to the climbing wall. When we got home, I took the dog in for his bloodwork and then the dog and I took a nap :)

We went to Kinjo's for supper and now are watching some TV. James is ready for tomorrow's day of fishing and I'm ready to sleep in :)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Spence was up pretty early and we started with a new book - Keys to the Kingdom by Garth Nix. We continued with the new math text - Life of Fred, which Spence decided was not for I'll be taking that back and seeing if we can get something else. He likes the Pure 10 Math we found online, so we'll continue with that until we find a text that works for us.

He continued with reading, writing, drums, scripting, printing practice and then we hurried with lunch (left overs today) and left for Harry Potter.

Spence loved it, I liked it - didn't like the way they did the makeup for the end of the movie (they were supposed to be 20 yrs later, but they just dressed them in old people clothing and called it a day - still looked like 20 yr olds).

We ran Sam home (he had been dropped off to watch the movie with us) and then picked up our dry cleaning and came home. Walked the dog, got supper organized (hot dogs & buns out for BBQ and fries in oven) and chilled.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I had expected Spence to take advantage of the sleep in option this morning, but he was up by 8:30 and ready to go.

We did spelling, math review, printing, reading and then took a break until Sam came over. We both had full afternoons, so opted to visit in the morning. We had a great visit, shared some lunch - we made Ethiopian for lunch (teff, lentils, cabbage & potatoes) and after the visit, Spence finished his school with working on his essay.

I headed off to the school supply store to exchange the math texts I had purchased earlier and opted for a more mom friendly version :) I'm hoping this one will work for me and also for Spence. We got Advanced Algebra with Life of Fred texts.

I got our groceries and we opted not to go to Captain America, as Spence didn't want to stand in line for a few hours to see the preview for free, so instead we are planning on chilling at home tonight.

For supper we are having wild rice & mushrooms with veggie burgers - haven't decided if we'll have gravy or not.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Today, I had planned to get Spence up early - but some kid was screaming outside before 7am and woke him after James yelled out for the kid to quiet down....Spence went back to sleep. I woke him up at 8:30 and he was still tired.

We started off with the Ranger, continued with spelling, math (a review on basic algebraic expressions - tomorrow we move to review the distributed model). He took a break and then continued with drums, writing, printing, reading.

I left to head off to a client meeting and once I got home I took the dog for a walk as it looked like it was going to storm.

We got back, just as the rain started and after a bit of clean up, I headed back out to run a few errands.

I got supper ready (taco tuesday) and chilled for a bit.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Very relaxing weekend - we went to the Stampede both Saturday and Sunday and enjoyed ourselves (ok - except Spence who would rather be home playing video games).

Today we got back into it. Started with the Ranger, Spence then researched some jobs he was interested in - he wants to work part time at the Crowfoot Theatre (no openings right now), he was also thinking about where else he could look for work - he's decided he needs to make more money than what the bank of mom / dad offer. He's pretty young, so we'll see how this all pans out.

We then read some history - today it was the history of the Russians (cool factoid - they were Slavs who got conquered by some Vikings and from there they became the Russians (generations later). We continued with the Solar System today and did his spelling quiz (both English & Italian).

We started on our math - I have really been struggling with the format of the math book I bought. There was no teacher manual and the background on the topic was non-existant in the text. The actual text itself was pretty good, but I was lost after the first I called the store and they will take it back (less restocking fee, etc) and we went online and started on the math topics we needed to cover online. I found a Pure Math 10 website for Alberta, which had teacher instructions and then student parts and that worked great for us. I did my reading first and then we went through the examples and he did his problems. We started with Sequences & Data Tables (excel) and Spence had no problem figuring out the patterns and how to use Excel. We moved to Math 10 from Calvert 8 as it seems that Calvert 8 = Math 9 for Alberta.

He did his printing and reading and then we worked on lunch & supper. For lunch we made Jalapeno Corn Chowder (nacho soup), which was very yummy. We then headed off to the pool for him to work on his breast stroke and treading. As I can't do the breast stroke myself - even with the sheet the pool gave me, I knew he was doing something wrong - but had no idea how to help him fix it. The pool offers private lessons for $15/half hour and so I think I will arrange that for him or if James can, he'll work with him as well.

We stayed for a good hour after he was done his practice and after diving and swimming - we left for home. I had mashed the potatoes at lunch and let them cool in the fridge while we were out. When we got home, I pulled those out and added some veggies and made croquettes for supper. They turned out awesome! I also finished making some cinnamon buns for snacks / breakfast and was just finishing up when James texted me to let me know he was on his way to the climbing wall.

I took off and met up with him and we climbed for almost an hour and were exhausted by the time we were done. We walked the dog when we got home and then finished making supper - udon noodles, veggie burgers and Japanese croquettes - all topped off with some spicy soy dipping sauce.

Now it's time to chill (rather try and keep cool) and get some sleep once it cools down enough.