Friday, July 15, 2011

A very relaxing day at our house today. Spence slept in and we did a few quizzes and he vacuumed and dusted and then chilled - he still looks pretty wiped though and his teeth hurt when he eats - so he's been eating less than normal.

James went to work but decided to take a half flex day and come home early as he is getting my flu and not feeling too great.

I painted the section of the wall I wanted to paint this morning, but didn't get a second coat on as I was tired and James encouraged me to rest. I made some black forest cake and pretty much chilled.

We headed out to Salt & Pepper for supper in celebration of Spencer's swim class being finished and him passing - I tried a new salad for supper and James had enchilada's with mole sauce which he said was his new favorite. Spence had his tacos and those went down well as they were soft shelled.

Now to chill and go to bed early - so that Stampeding tomorrow will be fun.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

We found out today was actually the last day of swimming and boy did they have fun! They did diving (Spence managed a 2.5 rotation flip and landed on his back - but managed to grin anyhow), they had races, they did some actual swim lesson stuff and then it was time to go. I really liked the teachers at this pool - they all spent lots of time with each kid.

Spence passed - he needs to keep working on his breast stroke and decided as his next class is in 2 weeks - we better go a few times a week so he could practice his breast stroke and treading water without his hands (that's a Level 9 requirement and he can't do it).

We came home and while Spence changed, I loaded up the truck with the bottles for the bottle depot and we got a whopping $30 today from the bottles. Spence thought we should have gotten more for the 5 bags we brought in :)

We got home, had a quick lunch and read the Ranger, did his spelling quiz and math quiz and headed off to the Orthodontist for the first set of braces.

The doc said he was doing great and said we could go ahead with the top braces and in fact he was doing so well that in 2 months when we come back - he can get his bottom braces on too. They spent some time after that going through how he has to clean his teeth with the braces on, what to do if one pops off, what he can and cannot eat (surprisingly he can eat more now than when he had just the expander in), he got a new toothbrush and some cool floss stuff and then we headed off to Market Mall - next door.

The doc said he needed some ice cream or a smoothy to help his teeth - the cold helps the gums and teeth out somehow - so we got that first - but the DQ ice milk (no hard ice cream yet) thing didn't go down too well and although his teeth were good, his tummy - not so much.

We stopped in at EB Games, then off to Zeller's to get some pop - then forgot the OJ that I had wanted to get, then we headed to GNC to get some more protein powder for James and I had a mini-cini bun (they are sooo good).

Then it was off to deposit some cash in the bank and go to the dry cleaner and then home to walk the dog and make supper.

I tried working on the garage shelves again tonight - but they simply won't come off the wall - the guy nailed them in with nails for concrete walls (so they twist a bit) and into studs - they are in there forever! I got a neighbour to try and help me out - but he had no luck either - so I'm thinking it's time to get myself a saw and just deal with it by cutting it off the wall....unless someone can think of a better solution - I would love to be able to freecycle the shelves once they are off the wall - but at this point, I don't think that will happen.

For supper - Spence and I had some home made pasta (fettuccine noodles) with a spicy tomato sauce - the pasta was made with durum this time and boy were they good - best noodles I've made so far (probably helped I had a dozen yolks in there as well - left over from the Angel food cake). I also managed to get my banana bread made and now it's chill time until James comes home.

James is at the Chucks tonight with BBLP and Spence and I had no interest - so he went with the crew at the office.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Today was another swim class - in the rain :) I went there with umbrella, rain pants & jacket and sat comfortably while they did their class.

They were working on breast stroke today as all the kids were still having problems with it. While in the pool - the instructor says something to the effect that it's cold and they all should have worn rash guards...Spence pipes up with something to the effect that the girls couldn't see his muscles if he had on a rash guard :) both her and I laughed pretty hard at that one.

Once they were done, we spoke to the instructor and she thought Spence was doing well and wouldn't have an issue passing Level 8 - so we'll see tomorrow (it might be his last class - we're not sure). We are hoping he'll pass, we asked if he needed more time in the pool and she said he was about the middle of the pack and so he didn't need extra practice on anything in particular at this point.

We went home and stayed for a bit - so that I could see if I was feeling up to driving out to Cochrane to visit with Jonathan. I was feeling pretty good after lunch and so we took off. We managed a few hours there, plus groceries and got home before 4:30 - all good!

Tonight we are trying a Vegan Ginger Chicken from a place out in Richmond - it was yummy - but it was also 50% fat :( We made a stir fry, steamed rice and mushroom fried rice for supper and we have a bit of left over angel food cake left for snacks tonight.

Harry Potter - Movie #1 is on for tonight's watching pleasure - we're trying to see the first four or five - whatever they were before we head off to the theatre to see the last one next week.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Today we went swimming - it was nice outside and Spence did well. His teacher said he needs to work on his breast stroke timing if he's going to pass the class - so tomorrow is all about the breast stroke (he's not the only one) and we may have to stay longer to work on the stroke so he can pass the class - he doesn't want to do the class again, just because of the breast stroke.

We got home and did a bit of school - math quiz, spelling quiz, Ranger and then chilled until Grama came to get Spence for their date. Burger King & Zoo Keeper at the theatre.

In the meantime, I painted the first coat on the trim in the living room, spoke to a client, cleaned up, made Angel Food Cake, got supper organized and then realized I'm still not feeling too well and sat down.

Spence came home after that and he told me I looked green - even for me - and so I laid down on the couch for a half hour nap after getting tucked in by the kid (isn't that sweet?). I felt better afterwards and had some supper - waiting to see how I continue to feel as I'm really iffy on my tummy right now.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Had a great day today - swimming was cold, but the pool was warm - so Spence was pretty happy with being in the water today. He got dressed quickly and we headed off to Cochrane to get Jonathan.

We went straight to Tubby Dog for lunch (but it was we waited) opened a half hour late, but it was well worth it. The boys each had chili dogs and managed to get filled up before we left. We then stopped at 7-11 for our free slurpees - which took care of the boys' thirst until we got inside the gates.

We got our wrist bands, tickets and some mini-donuts (for Jonathan) and some drinks and started towards the rides. It started to pour - but we were prepared and the boys got in just about 10 rides in 20 minutes - no one was riding in the rain. They even got on the Mouse ride - which always has an hour line up.

By the time they were done the first round of rides, Ethan and his friends showed up and the five of them headed off to do a 2nd round + eat their way through the midway. Between eating, doing midway games and rides - we spent the entire afternoon at the Stampede.

It was nice for most of the rest of the afternoon and so we were ready to leave by 4pm and headed to the Mac's on the grounds to get a last slurpee and do some final shooting at the target practice game.

We left and made it back to Cochrane by 5:30 and home before 6pm. Overall a great day with some great friends :)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Another very relaxing day - chilled, the boys played video games and I got some more garage cleaning done.

I also baked some bread and managed another nap today.