Saturday, July 09, 2011

Had a pretty relaxing day today - chilled all day, went to Kinjo's for supper and now - chilling all night

Friday, July 08, 2011

Thursday -
We started with swim lessons and then I skedaddled to my client's site. I didn't end up getting home until 3:30 or so and by then we were both too tired to do any more school and just chilled.

Friday -
James had the day off today, so we all went to swim lessons and by the time we were home, Spence was sooo wiped out that he said he'd rather nap than go to park day. So I figured he was too tired to go and emailed the other parents to apologies for not going to something we set up.

I also dropped off the Volvo off (the new one) at the dealership as the alarm kept going off and they replaced the sensor for the alarm.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

We started with swim lessons again and then had Spence quickly shower & change while I made him some lunch and he headed out to golf with grama. 9 holes and he got in the 'swing' of things :) (ok - bad joke - I know). He was hitting the ball over lake hazards and getting it on the green with one shot (apparently 140 odd yards is a breeze for the kid) - he said he really enjoyed the golf (thank you grama), but complained about not being able to drive the cart or stop at subway for a before dinner / after golf snack :) ... because he's always hungry!

By the time he got home, I had the pest guy over and he got a nest of ants, found a new hole in our garage wall - where the mice have been coming in ... now to move the freezer and patch the hole this summer (added to my 'honey do' list). Got groceries, finished the entry hall closet (put in a shoe rack), went to the library and grabbed my books and headed home.

Spence beat me home by about 20 minutes and then helped with groceries and walked the dog, while I finished with chores and cleaning the kitchen.

James is out at a Stampede thing and Spence and I are still figuring out what to have for supper - I had planned hot dogs, but he said soup, I don't feel like we'll see what we'll end up with.

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Busy day again - swim lessons, silent reading, Ranger, drums, math quiz & spelling quiz, a bit of music history, some video editing (art), finished the sauce for the chocolate lover's cake and a quick lunch before heading over to Jacob's for the afternoon.

While the boys played, Joanne & I headed off to the farmer's market - where we got sucked into buying more than we had initially thought we would buy. I got strawberries, raspberries & Rainer cherries as well as a new corn snack to try out and a few veggies. Joanne & I split some fruit on the way home - boy are the raspberries & strawberries juicy.

By the time Spence walked the dog, it was time to head over to grama & grampa's for supper with Uncle Lance & Auntie Fern - supper was great and we all overate a bit - but it was yummy.

Now it's chill time - James is playing his guitar, Spence is editing more video footage from today and I'm going to do a bit of work.

Monday, July 04, 2011

Happy 4th of July to all our US friends!

We decided as Spence is taking swim lessons for the next two weeks (they are just about an hour long), we'd take it easy for school.

After swim, Spence did drums, programming (he's trying out HTML), we read the Ranger, did a spelling quiz & math quiz, he watched a history DVD and then he chilled playing video games while I did some chores.

When I got home, we made the first step in the 'Chocolate Lover's Cake' and started working on supper - Butter Chicken - which we are having for supper tonight.