Saturday, July 02, 2011

Well - James was in really bad shape this morning - puffed up knee and barely able to hobble. He cancelled his fishing and chilled instead.

I got up early to make sure I didn't miss the guys from the store - they arrived at 8:30 and moved everything into place and made sure it was working before 9am. I then got around to making the pantry shelving I bought and moving stuff from the garage to the new pantry.

It looks great now that it's partially finished, the laundry machines work great and my garage is half organized - I think I have a big goodwill run coming up.

I'll have to take an after picture - looks great in the laundry room/pantry :)

Friday, July 01, 2011

Happy Canada Day!

The boys got ready to head to COP for their free day of biking by 9:30. Spence got caught in a tree (upside down - but James never took a picture) and had to wait for James to help him out of the tree.

In the meantime I headed to the home reno store to get some stuff exchanged and then off to safeway to get some stuff. I had gotten home and unloaded everything from the truck when the boys said they were ready to meet me at Salt & Pepper for lunch.

Spence was done by then, while James & Graeme were ready to go back. The extra ride proved to be too much for James - he came home very bruised up. He rested for the rest of the day, while Spence chilled and I did some more chores.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Why leave them in the middle of the room?

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Yay - they are coming out on Saturday morning to finish the install!
Spence was up before 8am again - must be done growing for a bit.

He did his planning for next week, updated his checking account, did his math quiz, spelling, printing and started in on some research for an RC copter with live video feed for some nerf games - turned out to be fairly the boys are trying to think of other ideas.

He did some programming, Italian, silent reading and then took a break and finally vacuumed and dusted.

In the meantime - I waited for the washing machine & dryer to be delivered and hooked up. They called saying they were going to be late - so I rescheduled my afternoon appointments. They did show up earlier than expected (yay) but then left without telling me and they left with the machines hooked up - but smack dab in the middle of the laundry room! What a dumb thing to do.

So I call the service department - 2 hours and still hadn't gotten anywhere - called the store and asked for a refund and they could pick up their machines. That's when they actually started to pay attention. They also stole my electrical tape! The service department said it was my fault because I was on the phone when they were ready to leave - I told them ... hm.... as they were slinking out the door, someone could have come into the living room and told me they were leaving. Instead, I go to check on them and find out no one is there and the machines are sitting fully hooked up - but not useable! ARG!!!!!

So now I'm really irate and not in a good mood.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

We had a busy day - I had a client meeting first thing in the morning, so I got Spence up before 8 to start on school.

We read the Ranger, did spelling and started on the new math book - which is set up a bit different from the last one - so I'll be spending some time with it tonight to figure out the best way to teach the material and then have Spence do the questions.

He then did some research on his new writing project, drums, printing, he watched the Cove for his science DVD and was really upset about the dolphin killings.

He finished off with getting ready for park day and then we left to get there in time for our picnic lunch and play.

We stayed until nearly 3pm and then left for home. I went grocery shopping, Spence chilled and once I got home he finished off his programming and we waited until James got home to BBQ some burgers and bake some fries.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Spence got up and after breakfast, we read the Ranger, picked a new writing topic, did spelling, read history - the Forbidden City today and then science - birth of a star. He continued with silent reading, printing practice and programming - today was a new 3D game creator that he downloaded. So far he likes the program - it's a drag & drop type program for creating video games.

He got organized for Jake & Chris' arrival and had lunch (left over gnocchi from my meal last night).

The boys arrived and everyone headed out to the field to play nerf. They went upstairs to continue playing and Amy and I had some homemade peach ice tea.

For supper tonight we were having taco stuff - so that got made and headed off to drum lessons. We arrived a few minutes late for our lesson, but the next folks arrived late as well and we found out it was the last lesson for drumming before summer. Kenny decided he needed summer vacation and so we're done until September. His homework for the summer - listen, listen, listen and play by ear :) Should be fun to hear him practice over the summer.

We then headed straight to the climbing wall - and Spence promptly hit his elbow as he was swinging from one perch to the next and that was that for his climbing - very painful elbow. We headed off to Peter's for Spence to try their milkshakes.

Spence had the rootbeer milkshake and said it was better than the one he had on 17th (and it was) - took him almost an hour to drink 3/4 of it - I got the rest :)

We got home, had our nacho's - taco chips, veggie beef, cheese, jalapeno peppers, green onions, lettuce, sour cream, fresh guac - all good.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Today was another stay at home day - which was nice. Spence slept till just after 10am and he went to be early last night (for a weekend night) and was still pretty tired once he got up.

We all pretty much chilled today - the boys played some more video games and I rolled the pasta out that I made yesterday and I finished making some Ciabatta buns.