Saturday, June 25, 2011

We had planned to meet James downtown today after he was done work for lunch and some window shopping - but - he decided to run this morning and overdid it. He could barely walk all day - so instead we all chilled at home.

The boys played some video games and chilled and I ran out to Superstore to get some potted herbs and found they were just about out as well (I had tried Walmart earlier in the week). I will have to try Sunnyside on Monday. Then I headed to Planet Organic for my monthly lookie loo and shop - got myself a bunch of flours and grains I can't get anywhere else and headed home.

I did some chores, decided it was nap time, then after I got up finished my baking - today was Angel Food cake, banana bread & chocolate chip cookie dough (as well as some baked ones for Spence to have right away). I had a dozen yolks left over from the cake - so I made some pasta dough, I'll roll it out tomorrow. I made myself some gluten cutlets to BBQ and bake this week - they turned out well. We also had Thai Noodle Salad for supper - Spence just had Thai noodles - which we tried with warm noodles and decided it was better with cold noodles.

Overall - not a bad Saturday. I didn't get around to finishing my trim painting in the hallway, or the garage culling - but I'll get to that tomorrow.

Friday, June 24, 2011

We had planned to attend the last Friday soccer day - but....Spence was still wiped from yesterday and he likes the Monday soccer better...and he wanted to go try Peter's Drive-In...and he wanted to head out to hit some balls with grama. All those plans were set aside though when it rained and auntie's flight was late :)

Instead - we finished school (he got up at 7:45 today!) by 10 - he finally got multiplying polynomials (yay!) and he did his chores and waited for the call to go to Peter's. I told him that auntie's flight was delayed and we probably wouldn't go today - so he opted for pasta instead (for lunch) and chilled with his buddies playing computer games.

I went and ran some errands, painted some more trim in the entry hall (another coat), put the last banister back up, painted another two banisters that were still on the railing, did my chores and made bread for tonight's dinner at grama & grampa's.

Now a bit of time to relax, before heading over to grama's house for supper with grama, grampa & auntie.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

End of Day - Group Picture

Start of Nerf Wars

Spence was up at 7:30 today - we did the Ranger, spelling quiz, math quiz, printing, reading & drums all before 9:30.

At 9, we got ourselves organized for the day and by 9:30 we were organized, Kelly & Sam was here and we were off to Walmart.

We got 80 extra bullets and Spence used his cash to get one more essential Nerf gun. Kelly and I both pitched in for some snacks and we headed to Donna & Jonathan's place for the Nerf Wars.

We got there early - but John & Jonathan had everything set up already and so the boys started playing early.

We got lunch organized, had the boys eat and then they went off to play some more. They had a great time and after about 4 or 5 hours - we finally packed up. Donna, John & Jonathan were very gracious hosts and we all had a great time visiting, walking along the path, chatting on the patio and indoors (when it rained).

When we got home, we made some fries & hot dogs for supper and James came home shortly after from his golf tournament.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Busy day today!

We started with Spence getting himself up by 8am and starting on school right away. Jacob came over at 8:30 (I was proctoring a Science final for him) and they both finished around the same time and that gave them about 2 hrs before we had to leave for Jonathan's place.

We got to Jonathan's place just after 1:30 and the boys picked the area for tomorrow's nerf game and got organized.

We left there at 4:30, in time for me to head to the grocery store and Spence to walk the dog. When I got back, we made pasta for supper.

Soccer Group

Monday soccer group pictures - next Monday is the last day for soccer :(

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Today - Spence had his breakfast early again, as I had to go to a client site in the morning. When he was done breakfast, he did his programming - he made a box :) had a great time programming and then went on to do his reading, printing and writing.

When I got home, we had lunch and then read the Ranger, did spelling and math - continued to review multiplying polynomials.

He took a break and then we headed to drum lessons - we got there, walked in and waited...and waited...after 10 minutes, we went upstairs and went out and rung the doorbell - no answer. We left a voice mail.

We went home, did a few chores and then made taco's for dinner.

Now it's time to chill

Monday June 20

Forgot to post yesterday .... so, here it is.

I got Spence up early because it was soccer Monday. We read the Ranger, did spelling, started on Math - but he just wasn't getting it today - so we thought we'd review again tomorrow (multiplying polynomials), he did his printing practice and drums and headed off to soccer after a quick snack.

He was hoping to see the girl he likes there, but she didn't come - he had a great game though and scored two of four goals for his team and shut out all the shots on goal while he was goalie. Most of that was due to the fact, none of these kids are really good - but they were having fun and running around enough to get some exercise.

We got home and he did his reading and started programming. We had downloaded QBasic a free basic compiler and there is an instruction book online - he struggled getting everything going - but once we got him going - he had a blast. He made an 'if' program - with the computer asking me if I could make him a milkshake - he's planning on doing some loop programs and some 'or' programs. All very simple 2 - 5 line programs, but he's having a hoot. When he was younger and tried programming, I think he found it more frustrating - glad he's enjoying it more now.

He spent the rest of his time between doing more cute programs and playing video games with his buddies.

I in the meantime, did the 2nd coat of paint in the entry hall - the rolling was like 1/2 hour work - the trimming and edging another hour. Now another coat or two of the white for the trim, change out the door nobs and registers and that's done. Also got another coat on the 2 banisters I have been painting and hope to finish with them today or tomorrow and put them back up.

I had a funky light switch in the hall and so when our electrician came by to see about my dryer plug - I had him look at it - he said it won't burn down the house, but he'll fix it up to make sure it's code. (the box was being held in place with the stucco - he screwed it into the wall, but left the rest for next week).

For supper I made Mac & Potatoes for James and me and a meatball sub for Spence - today I'll have to make more bread as Spence finished off the last of it.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

So James left before either Spence or I got up. He did well at his first tri :)

I got up before 8, so that I could start painting by 9. Spence got up and chilled after his breakfast and I started to work on the trim in the entry, I painted two bannisters and I changed out the electrical and light fixture.

Once of the electrical switches - isn't sitting quite right and so I'll be calling Mario (our electrician to look at that at the same time he's moving our dryer plug).

We ordered Chinese for supper from Wings - which hit the spot after James did his tri and for Spence and I - having Chinese is always a good thing.