Saturday, June 18, 2011

I started off this morning by being woken up rudely by James :) He was telling me it was 8:30 and time to get up - he'd been up for a good 1 1/2 hours already and figured it was time I got up too - I wasn't so convinced...but got up anyways.

Got breakfast organized - didn't feel like making anything - so had cereal (bread was gone and I hadn't had a chance to make another loaf yet) and coffee and walked the dog. Spence had gotten up by 9am and had his breakfast and we all chilled until it was time to head downtown.

Today we stopped at MEC to pick up a few last minute things for James' Try-it-Tri and then headed to the Comic Book Expo - which was huge this year - but as neither Spence or James were too into comic books lately - we only stayed for less than an hour. We decided we probably won't go next year.

We were going to get the guild cast autographs - but the line up was huge - so we skipped that too.

We drove down to 17th after that, to try out the hot dog place the waitress at Notable's had told us about. We got there early - so we ended up at the Farm and got some dinner stuff there - a few different kind of cheeses, some spicy pickled peppers, crackers and some pepperoni. Then we headed back to the hot dog place - Tubby Dog - which was great. You get a hot dog (including veggie or turkey) and you can top it with whatever you want, or you can get a combo dog they have put together (like a chili dog, bacon wrap dog, etc). The hot dog is HUGE - you can eat them with a fork and knife - we of course got all messy and ate them without any help from forks or knives. We then walked over to a little coffee place (independent) and ordered some coffees for James and me and for Spence a root beer shake - so I thought - really? root beer shake? Man was it good! Vanilla ice cream and premium root beer..great combo.

We then headed to the tri store to get James and Graeme registered for tomorrow and for a few more items for the race and finally headed home. We got home by 1:30 and everyone chilled / took naps / played video games.

For supper we had the stuff we bought, along with some caprese salads, fresh baguettes that I had made in the afternoon and some flat breads and pizza. All very stuffed at the end of that. We watched 'Definitely, maybe' off iTunes and thought it was a cute film and now we'll chill for the rest of the night.

Tomorrow I take down the laundry cabinets (took down doors and emptied it today) and I am doing the trim for the entry way and the electrical.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Well - today was busy!

Spence did school - we rushed through it as he wanted to go play soccer today (I had hoped to skip soccer - but no go). We read the ranger, did his school planning for the following week, updated his checking account, did his math quiz, spelling, printing, drums and research into programming language compilers (this was his reading assignment today). We found what we thought was a good compiler for BASIC but turned out it wasn't. So we found a new one and I tested it on my machine and it works great - so Spence will be doing some BASIC programming next week. He plans to move onto C+ and possibly some 2D / 3D gaming software (it lets you create games by clicking and dragging).

We then headed off to soccer (a bit late) and made it in time to miss the drills and while he played - I got eaten by the mosquitoes that were out in full force in the cold wind - even with multiple layers and bug juice on - I got some good sized bites.

Then I dropped Spence and his golf clubs (ok - they are a mish mash of grampa's, James' and my clubs) to grama's for them to go hit some golf balls. He can apparently hit the ball a good 300 yds now - so he's pretty happy about that.

While they did that I went to home depot and dropped of grama's recycling and stopped in the store to get my electrical and the rest of the paint. I was looking for a light fixture and that took me almost an hour and a half - btu I found the one I liked at the end of it. I stopped at the library and Spring Bank Cheese company and then headed home to make my conference call with my client.

I finished with them, walked the dog, got changed for supper and grampa arrived to pick me up. We got Spence and Grama and headed off to Notable for supper, where grama & grampa gave us our Mother's Day / Father's Day gift - Fairmont Gift Certificate! After supper - time to chill for the rest of the night.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

I had to go to a client site early this morning and left Spence with a bit of schoolwork to do. He did his printing, reading, drums & writing before I got home. When I got home, I found out he made himself lunch.

We took a small break and then Spence continued with spelling, math & German. I did some more painting - the stucco keeps soaking paint and I keep having to continue to paint it. I'm going to move onto regular walls for a bit - getting tired of doing the stucco.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Spence was much better today, although he still had a few runs and his tummy still wasn't in top shape. We opted to skip Teen Tennis and I was going to take him climbing, but with the upset tummy and the bathroom thing - we opted for the hangboard instead.

He got up just after James left, watched TV while breakfast got organized and then we read the Ranger, did spelling, then he took another break (decided today was an all day school day) and then some math (adding/subtracting polynomials) & printing. Break again, then we read some history (Genghis Khan) and science (telescopes) then another break and then hangboard and while he finished up with silent reading and continuing to make changes to his essay (I wanted more stuff in the essay), I went out to get my new washer / dryer.

I had originally planned to head out to Lowes at Cross Irons, but thought I'd check the sale items at Sears (which is 5 minutes instead of 20 minutes from my house). I had read reviews, talked to people who own new machines, talked to my appliance guy, talked to a friend who's hubby is an appliance guy and came to the following brand choices - front loading options - full size stackers. Basic models - top options were for Frigidaire & Whirlpool and for high end LG, Samsung or Bosch. I was going to get the basic models (fully loaded about $1600 for the pair), but Sears had the Kenmore set for the same you say Kenmore? Well I also did some research before I left for Sears and found that Kenmore was being made by Samsung for the past two years (Kenmore no longer actually makes their machines - they contract out each year to a major mfg) and so you get a Samsung for a fraction of the cost.

So I ended up with a fully loaded Kenmore set (in red, to match my blender - because laundry machines should match other kitchen appliances :] ) - which was sitting next to the fully loaded Samsung set and got it for the $1600 instead of almost $3,000. I'm ok with a house brand name in that case. They'll install them and take away our old machines too - so I'm all happy, happy. I didn't want the old washer / dryer set to sit in our garage forever.

I then went for groceries - and it was Superstore day (hate the lineups there) - and waited for an hour in line for my 20 minutes shopping in the store...finally made it home and started to paint the trim in the entry. Got the first coat on and patched up some more holes in the wall.

Made supper - potato casserole and now chillin until James comes home.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

So Spence got up this morning and all was good for about 15 minutes and then he began running to the bathroom and didn't stop until after lunch. No fever though - just cramps, upset tummy, and lots of trips to the bathroom.

He had lots of gatorade, soup broth and crackers to keep him going and by lunch he was feeling well enough to continue with school. Then it was more bathroom time and then finally he was saying 'I'm bored!' - which of course in kid language means 'I'm well enough to do school' :)

So we finished up our school stuff - Ranger, math, spelling, printing, editing his writing, some silent reading and drum practice (we skipped going to lessons today as I didn't want to give whatever Spence had to the drum teacher). Then I let him get on the video games - but told him he had to keep tabs on how his tummy was doing and to take it easy.

I got a bit of trim painted while he was sick and got a bit of client work done. Now off to make dinner and do a bit more work.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Today, before Spence got up the electrician came by to look at our washer. It is definitely not the's the washer :( Now to continue my washing machine research - he said the walls wouldn't catch on fire, but the washer might.

Spence came down and after breakfast, he did his reading (he was practicing his driver's exam - he's been getting between 80 - 87%) and then we read the Ranger, did spelling, math, printing and drums.

We had a quick bite and headed to soccer. Once soccer was done, we grabbed a slice of pizza for Spence and headed to Jonathan for his belated birthday party. Sam did not end up coming over as he was sick, so the two boys chilled and played and chilled some more....the adults went for a good long walk and then after some great home made pizza & cake and more play we went home.

Tonight we made salad for supper and for Spence some subs.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Saturday was a day of eating and more eating :)

James and Leora went swimming early and by the time they got back, Spence and I had gotten up and started making breakfast. We had pancakes for breakfast, then a short time later - Spence went to Jonathan's for a sleepover and Leora, James and I went to Kinjo's to meet up with Grama & Grampa for lunch.

We ordered so much food, we actually took stuff home. Leora left with Grama & Grampa to spend a few hours with them before heading home and James and I went to Safeway to grab some OJ and then to Starbucks for a coffee.

James and I watched 'Just Go With It' and that was cute and fun to watch.

Today, James and I woke up (he at like 7am and me like 9am) and had breakfast. We were still pretty full from yesterday and had a late breakfast. Spence came home after lunch and I continued to clean out the garage.

For dinner, I made some stir fry for supper - tried some new buckwheat noodles - which I thought was a little thin, but still tasty.