Friday, June 10, 2011

We started with the Ranger, then math quiz & spelling quiz and a bit of tidying up and then we ran off to get our hair cuts. Spence got a great cut from a fellow today - as our regular girl was booked up completely...I got mine trimmed - as it was getting unruly.

We got home, finished cleaning, did printing, reading & drums and packed Spencer's clothes for Saturday.

Had lunch and a little time to spare before leaving for John's funeral.

We plan on going to Cavalia tonight, which should be a good show and if we have time, we'll also grab a bite between the funeral and the show.

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Busy day today - Spence wanted to watch the Q&A for Star Wars today, so we added that to school. We did the Ranger, spelling, printing, reading, writing and he did some more 3D animation stuff - and we found out that Autodesk provides free access to their software to homeschool students! Spence got the 3D motion capture software to work through some of the anime he is working on.

He also cleaned his room, so that auntie could sleep in a clean space :) he cleaned the house (vacuumed and dusted) and did his laundry.

I got groceries, finished painting the column and did the first coat in the entry...the indoor stucco soaks up paint - went through almost a gallon. I was going to hit Home Depot, but got side tracked with a washer that gave up the ghost...then the dryer did as well.

James was off to a charity golf game this afternoon and so Spence and I went over the grama & grampa's for supper with them and auntie. It was a yummy supper and Spence played some games with everyone before we headed home. I was going to try and see if the machines came back to life...and they did! Yay - I need another 2 years out of them - I'm not ready to redo the kitchen area yet.

I ironed Spencer's and my clothing for tomorrow's funeral and then we chilled with some anime until James got home from golf.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Today went by fast!

We started a bit late - but we ran through everything quickly. We read the Ranger, did spelling, printing, math, drums and had lunch. Spence cleaned his lounge and got the Kinect ready for playing (that means moving the furniture so that two can play).

Sam & Kelly came over and while the boys played, Kelly and I hung out in the kitchen and did some colour picking for the entry hall - we painted and got paint on us and Sam. I made some spaetzle for supper - turned out pretty good. Made some whole wheat cheese buns (made from wild yeast) - we pretty much noshed on those while we chatted and painted. Kelly took my apron measurements to see if she could make me one - I love the one I have and can't find another like it - so she's going to see about making one for me :)

She also brought us some fresh spinach from her garden - we're making spinach gomai and cucumber sushi tomorrow.

Once Sam & Kelly left, I headed to the climbing wall to meet up with James and Spence stayed home - he started working on some 3D animation with Kwamena (not sure I spelled that correctly) - so far their guy looks like big foot :) Pretty cool though that they can do that together.

I got home and we had supper and chilled, James went off to a client meeting and to pick up his bike from the shop.

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

I had to get Spence up this morning - we had lots to do. While he ate breakfast, I read the Ranger, then we did spelling, he practiced his printing, we reviewed non-linear and linear functions in math, he did some editing of his essay and some reading and in between we popped out for a half hour to drop in at the orthodontists office (I couldn't get the key in his they showed me how to fix it for next time).

We had lunch and Jacob came over and the boys played Kinect on the 360 for a while and then getting bored, they first went upstairs and then outside to play.

We had drums this afternoon and so Jacob and Joanne left around 3pm and we made it to drum lessons about 5 minutes late - but that wasn't a problem this week as the lesson behind us was cancelled.

Spence did some awesome drumming today - some multiple rapid beats that sounded like the big drum rolls - very cool.

I dropped off Spence and headed over to Leanna's for coffee and after a great time over at her place came home to finish making supper (Taco Tuesday).

We watched the Nintendo presentation at E3 tonight and I came away with saying 'I want one' and I don't even play video games - but I love their controller - it's an iPad with buttons!!! you can play on the control pad and switch it to your TV and vice versa and it has the whole camera and sketch thing included - very cool.

Monday, June 06, 2011

Well today - everyone got up and felt woogy. Never felt better during the day either - so we all pretty much sat around all day....not exciting, but hopefully better by tomorrow...this cold is a sneaky one!

Sunday, June 05, 2011

We all just chilled today and relaxed - not much else on.

We had fresh spaghetti with garlic and olive oil for supper.