Saturday, June 04, 2011

Wild yeast bread

So this is my first attempt at wild yeast bread - the loft isn't like commercial bread, but I did get impatient and I'll try again, but wait overnight to let it rise.

You start with yeast water and then do a pre-ferment and then do the bread....this is not a quick process, but really takes no effort.

Yeast water (grapes, water, sugar - mix and wait 3 to 5 days) and the pre-ferment was yeast water and whole wheat for 24 hours and then mix and let rise for a min of 5 - 7 hrs (first rise) then prep and let rise again (for another several hours - I skipped the last part and let it rise for only an hour).

The taste was really quite nice and once I finish this loaf, I'll try again but let it rise the second time for the min 3 - 5 hours.

Friday, June 03, 2011

So, Spence must be well again as he's getting up at 8am regularly on his own. We started with the Ranger, went onto spelling, math quiz, updated is checking account, planned out next week, finished drafting his essay and next week he'll edit and post it. He practiced his drums for the first time in a while (we finished mucking with the basement yesterday - so he could practice again finally).

By the time this was all done, we had just enough time to eat a quick lunch and head off to do a few errands before soccer.

He had a good game today and really enjoyed himself - while us mom's sat in our chairs wrapped up in blankets. The wind was really going today and it was a cold wind.

We headed to safeway after soccer to grab some meat for his pizza tonight and then went home. I did a quick client call and then went to work on my column. I wanted it finished today and I finished changing out the hall / stair light fixtures. So after almost 2 hours, I'm done and ready to work on supper - pizza with all the fixings tonight.

Also just tried a new hot chocolate recipe - which turned out awesome (but full of fat & sugar). Spence loves it and so it'll be a keeper.

I also have been experimenting with wild yeast and finally have a successful batch going (not through sourdough starter). The one that worked was the grape water (I tried tea leaves, rice and grapes) and it's in the pre-ferment stage and it's growing. Tomorrow I'm going to try baking with it to see what the results are...if it works, it'll be my first all natural yeast loaf :)

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Well, Spence got up just after 8am and announced he needed a day of reading, watching history shows and pretty much chilling.

The exchange was no video games and he was ok with we started with the Ranger, then he watched some history shows (gladiators, medici family, etc) and by the time he was done with that it was time to head to the orthodontist.

We got to the orthodontist and they did their thing with the stretching device and showed me how to do the turn each day - overall pretty easy for me and for Spence it's a bit of work to talk with and to eat with. After the orthodontist, we went to run some errands and get groceries and he wanted fries for a treat.

He got through about half the fries when he realized that there was a Starbucks in the grocery store and he missed out on a chocolate shake - so we made one when we got home.

When we got home, I finished changing the light switches out in the stairwell and I also put in a new light fixture - with Spencer's help. We put the groceries away and he walked the dog. The fireplace also got fixed today (the fan had died on it - rather it was squealing so much, we had to fix the fireplace in order to use it) and I got a new remote control for it (yay - I don't have to keep the bottom grill open anymore and the new fan is silent!).

For supper, I decided on baked potatoes with all the fixings, veggie burgers and gravy.

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

I got Spence up by 8am as we had a doctor's appointment at 10:30 today and I wanted as much school done as possible.

He was motivated right away as he figured out he could have free time if he finished as quickly as it was Ranger, spelling, silent reading, math (multiple variables: x+y+3=15), then he practiced his printing (which was sloppy today - almost made him do it again)...then he got into his essay and I had to force him out the door, as he was busy writing up some stuff and wanted to finish his train of thought.

We got out and I thought we'd be late, but we got there just at 10:30 and then promptly waited an hour until the doc actually saw us - so why make an appt? The appt took 5 minutes - it was a follow up on the acne meds Spence is on and everyone was happy, so the doc prescribed more of the stuff and that was that.

We then headed to Home Depot and found out they don't sell underlay or carpet cut to size - they only sell it by the entire we went to Rona and they do sell everything cut to size and so we got the underlay and then had trouble finding carpet. There were no sales and no end parts which were cheap enough - so I ended up with two area rugs - but they aren't big enough - so I'm thinking I'll have to take those back as soon as I hunt down some bigger rugs (I'm thinking wal-mart might have some big ones for cheap).

We got home, had a quick bite and Spence decided he was going to skip watching the Medici family today and opted to move history to tomorrow so that he could have free time as soon as I left for my client's place.

Spence and Hunter chilled and when I got back, they went for a walk and I put down the underlay and area rugs (which is when I found out the rugs were too small - we would have been pretty much ok - if I hadn't cut out the other area rug in the shape of the desk).

I made supper - which is Thai noodle salad for James and me and Spence got Udon stir fry.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Spence got up early as we had planned to go to Jonathan's BD party this afternoon - but Jonathan got sick overnight and the party ended up being cancelled. Spence said he was up, so we might as well do school all day and so we started with some breakfast and a bit of TV...I painted in between - there is a lot of trim in this house!

We read the Ranger, did some spelling and then took a break (more painting), then did some math, printing practice, reading, writing and then another break.

Kelly & Sam called, saying they could come over to our place as we weren't going to Jonathan's and so we decided that would be our afternoon activity. We had lunch and then Spence got organized for the rest of the day - I hadn't put his drums back together yet, so we did that before Sam came over.

The boys played, watched TV, went outside and played gladiator with pillows - when Sam & Kelly left, we took the dog for a walk and moved the piano out of the dining room and into our basement (with the other musical equipment, it looks like a music studio down there).

I finished making supper - tonight it's Taco Tuesday! I made some rice, guacamole, re-fried beans, veggie taco meat, side fixings got put out and the soft / hard shells got organized. All set for dinner!

I'm feeling better than yesterday - hoping to be all better by the weekend. Spence seems to be fully over it now, so at least 2 out of the 3 of us is now done with this nasty cold.

Monday, May 30, 2011

I got Spence up and we did the Ranger, spelling, math, printing and reading. He decided he wasn't going to write today.

We had a quick bite and then went off to soccer. Today Spence managed to hit a girl straight in the face, then got hit in the privates shortly after that..then the shins and then...and it went on. The kids all got smacked around today - lots of injuries.

We went straight to Jacob's house after that for a quick play. We left just before 3pm and headed home. I was going to go to the post office but was too tired and had the high windowsill to paint today.

I finished painting the windowsill and I did some touch-ups on the hallway. I had made some Ethiopian for dinner - but both Spence and James turned on me. I made spaghetti & sauce for Spence and James is out with a client - I had wonderful lentils for supper, more for me :)

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Today, we all slept in - I was feeling better than yesterday and the boys were feeling like they needed some time off.

James and Spence went rollerblading a bit, James and I cleaned out the basement in preparation for his desk being moved to his office, James had a nap on the deck and I headed out for some errands and that was pretty much it.

I made butter chicken, rice and some naan for supper and we watched some Raising Hope...pretty relaxed day.