Saturday, May 28, 2011

Last night I ended up going to be really early as the cold the boys have had finally got to me. I got up at 8:30 because of the headache and went back to bed until 1pm. Finally feeling better - hope it doesn't come back.

Spence was feeling good and chilled all day - playing video games and took care of the dog and his food.

James went to work and by the time he got home, I was up and had tidied up the kitchen a bit.

Tonight, we have Graeme over and ordered Chinese and watched No Strings Attached.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Spence was up before 8 because his teeth hurt, so we decided we'd start school early. We read the Ranger, did his planning for next week, updated his checking account, worked on math, spelling, reading, writing (essay) and then he watched two history shows on the Medici family. He then did his Italian (I did mine after), he practiced drums and brushed his teeth (he forgot first thing this morning).

It was almost time for grama to come by then and so he got ready to go and grabbed a third bowl of soup (it was soup all day today).

When they left, I got to painting the hall and column...the hall is now down, I picked a colour for the bannister, started on the column (1st coat on top floor) and realized, I now have to finish the column before I can move onto our bedroom...which means I now have to finish the rest of the house ASAP - it looks weird with some walls painted and others having the old paint on them.

Spence is still at grama's, James came home earlier (before 6 tonight) and we're watching Raising Hope and having supper - hashbrown casserole, gravy & veggie patties with Grizzly Paw pop and Skinny Cow.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Spence got up on time without any complaints and we started with the Ranger (the last book in the series), continued with spelling, math, reading, printing, writing and drum practice. We then argued about climbing or hang board...hang board won. Then we decluttered another lounge shelf and got ready to head to the orthodontist.

Well, I knew it was going to cost a small fortune...and I was right. Spence got his spacers inserted today and next week we go for his jaw stretcher....yes it does sound like a torture device, but the doc says although I get to screw his mouth wider everyday for 21 days :) yes, that's right - I get to put a screw driver thing in his mouth and literally make his jaw wider...and once that's been in for a while, they will add top braces and then bottom braces (his overbite is so bad that they can't do them both at the same time) and then he's in braces for about 18 months and then he's done! Retainer at night for 2 yrs and then ever 2nd or 3rd night for the rest of his life...yes, retainer for the rest of his life or his teeth will shift over time. My genes won the teeth round obviously (I feel a bit bad for him). Overall though - 18 months and then it's done isn't bad.

I dropped him off at home and then went to get groceries and get supper ready - I had made some mashed potatoes and mashed sweet potatoes earlier and topped the regular mashed potatoes with cheese and baked them both, made some gravy and warmed up some veggie burgers to go with them. Now we'll just chill for the rest of the night and try and keep warm.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Well, Spence slept in till just after 9:30 this morning and was so tired when he got up I almost sent him back to bed. We decided that he'd do school, so that he could play video games once I left for my client in the afternoon.

We started in on school as soon as he was eating with the Ranger (we finished book 9) and then we did his spelling quiz, we did some math and printing practice and finally he did research on his new essay topic, reading to me all the things Canadians invented....our topic this time is Canadians (what have we invented, what are we known for, etc) - we actually invented a lot of things, he could have done an essay just on that.

We had decided it was our Friday school day and so after that it was lunch / laundry and relax for Spence and lunch / head out to client for me. I stopped off at the recycling centre and dropped off our stuff and dropped off the mail and then headed off.

Spence had walked the dog when I got home, so I could start supper - which is pasta with spicy tomato sauce. Then it's time to relax.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It felt like a Monday, even though it was Tuesday :(

Had a client meeting first thing this morning, so Spence got a break until I got home around 11am. We did school the rest of the day, as drums was cancelled (teacher was up in Edmonton for a funeral).

We started with the Ranger, then Spence watched a PBS show on the Medici Family, then he did some spelling, reading out loud, printing practice and math.

I got some banana bread muffins made, got some veggie burgers made for Spence and did some more trim painting.

We left for the climbing wall, even though we forgot our stuff in the old truck (I have spare shoes and Spence went to coach) - it was a good workout - started working on the back half of a bouldering problem. We then went to Salt & Pepper as James and I had promised Spence last week we would go on Tuesday.

Spence only managed 9 tacos :) we went home and I did some more trim painting and Spence played some video games.

James came home from a client meeting shortly after I finished all the trim I was going to do for the night and we all chilled for the rest of the night.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Originally we had planned to climb today...but we all felt tired and decided to stay home. I made my chore list and promptly hurt my knee to the point I had to be off it for the rest of the day. I'm now able to stand on it for a bit, but it's still very uncomfortable to stand for any long period of time.

James and Spence both played video games and all in all, we had a very relaxing day. We ended up having soup for supper - everyone had a different soup.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Yesterday - due mainly to grama's calendar and then James' reminder, I knew it was our anniversary :)

We had a quiet day and celebrated with lunch out at Kinjo's with James' friend from work - Christine. We had gone climbing first, which was great. I learned a lot watching Christine climb as she uses different stuff to try.

We chilled last night and watched "Whip It" - which was better than I thought it would be and James really enjoyed it.

Today, we went to Cross Iron Mills to get a new steamer (ours broke after 17 years of use...not confident I will get another 17 years out of the new one), get Spence & James roller blades and have lunch at Subway (Spence has been wanting to eat there for the past two weeks).

I got a rice cooker/steamer combo - cooked rice for tonight in it and it works great. The boys each got a pair of roller blades and took them out for a spin when we got home. I took mine out too (yes, I still have the ones I had from before we were married)...and they looked virtually the same as the brand new ones the boys bought...guess there isn't much new in roller blade technology. I was able to skate on mine just fine and even managed to brake...Spence was able to manage well enough to go down to the end of our complex and back with only a few falls.

Tonight we have a friend Mike over for dinner - so we're doing thai chicken shishkabobs with rice and pot stickers.

Tomorrow, hopefully we'll get out and climb and then chill for the rest of the day.