Friday, May 20, 2011

Today was an easy day - quizzes, drums, reading, printing and new writing assignment. Planning for next week and updating the chequing account.

We headed off to soccer at noon and Burger King for a treat afterwards. We did some errands and came home.

I started painting again and Jacob came over for a play - the boys played till 5pm and then we did scrounge for supper - Spence had spaghetti & red pepper sauce, James & Graeme had turkey burgers and fries and I had an arugula salad with buffalo cheese, tomatoes and a sweet vinaigrette.

Now - some season ending TV shows and some Netflix shows.

Soccer drills

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

So Spence got up at 7:30 to see if we were going to park day....well it was raining and so I said no. He went back to sleep - James promptly went up and sat on him :)

Spence couldn't sleep after that ... so he got up - poor guy. We read the Ranger, did spelling, he watched "Walking with the Dinosaurs" and then we headed off to the dentists office for his semi-annual checkup.

We got the good news and bad news .... good news, no cavities :) bad news, Spence has impacted molars and overcrowding...which of course means a trip to the orthodontist. He has to brush twice a day until his appointment as well - it'll be an interesting few weeks :)

We had lunch after the dentist and did math, printing, German, drums and reading. I got groceries and got the dry cleaning and then came home to paint the hallway again. I got the 1st coat on the stairwell (at least 1/2 the stairwell) and some trim on the doors....ran into a tricky bit - the ladder doesn't reach the top of the stairwell in places and I don't have a leveler .... so I had to research how to paint the tricky parts. I think I have a solution, we'll check it out tomorrow or the weekend.

Made perogies for supper and now it's time to chill with some TV

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Spence was up just after 8am and ready to go. While he ate breakfast I read the Ranger and then he watched some TV. Then it was spelling, math, printing, reading, drums and decluttering another shelf in his lounge.

He also got himself ready for the fieldtrip and we were rolling by 10:15. We stopped at the Blockbuster to return a game Spence had rented and then headed to Memorial, where we parked for the day.

We walked over to Chinatown and went through the stores and hung out until everyone showed up. We met at the Regency Palace and all had a pretty good buffet - we had 15 total for our fieldtrip today. We then went to the mall under the restaurant for some 'shopping' - which involved some candy from the candy store and some browsing in the anime store.

We all headed over to the museum after that and had a good visit throughout the place. Once done, the kids went to the store in the museum and then we headed to Princess Island Park for an impromptu park day.

At 3pm, I decided we better head out if we want to beat the traffic home and I hadn't even had time to climb today (I was hoping we'd be done early and I could get some climbing in), as it was we didn't get home until almost 3:30 and I'm hoping now to finish painting the hallway with the 2nd coat of paint and make some supper.

Park time

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I got Spence up early as I had a client meeting today. We decided to do just the basics today - Ranger, art, spelling, math and printing.

I got ready and headed off and Spence had some 'me' time. I got home and we headed off to drum lessons - I never got to paint the hall today. We finished with drums and stopped at home before heading to the climbing wall - which was very, very busy.

We left about 15 minutes later and went home to Taco Tuesday. Taco's were great and now it's time to watch some TV.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Spence got up and after breakfast we read the Ranger, he did his spelling, silent reading, math, printing, some art and had an early lunch.

We headed to the soccer field (it was about 12 degrees and very windy) for our Monday practice. Spence did well - other than the soccer ball to the face (which wasn't so bad, as all the girls came over to make sure he was ok, including the one he thought was cute). We headed to the skatepark afterwards and found out it wasn't open until 4pm (it's locked up behind an iron fence and padlocked doors), so we headed over to Jacob's place for a bit.

While Joanne and I had tea, the boys ran around outside and had a pretty good time. We left just after 2pm as I had to paint still, Spence had drum practice and Joanne had an appointment.

While Spence finished school with his drum practice, I started to paint the upstairs hallway and was done about 2 hours later with the first coat. I'm letting that dry overnight and then paint a second coat tomorrow and start on the stairwell and trim.

Once I finished with the paint, I made supper - tonight it's spicy butter chicken with rice, naan and papadum and ice cream to finish it all off.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

On Saturday we all slept in a bit and then chilled until the mall opened. We headed to Market Mall to do some mall walking and get Spence some new khaki slacks - his current ones are pretty washed out, but still they are now in his play pile :)

We also managed to get a refund on James' glasses from the store (the ones he bought fell apart a month after wearing them) after making a big stink about them.

Then we went home for more chill / nap time until it was time to head to Muse for supper. Grama & Grampa took us out for Mum's day and our upcoming anniversary. Dinner was great as usual and we got to catch up on their plans for the next few months.

Today it was more sleep in time, but I had lots of chores to catch up on as I napped for a while yesterday. I got ravioli made, fettuccine and spaghetti along with some sauces for upcoming meals. I took out the garlic bread to thaw for dinner tonight and I made vanilla chocolate chip ice cream for dessert.

I prepped the walls in the upstairs hall for painting this week and I fixed a hole in the wall from the intercom that I removed - I'm so excited to start reno's again :)

We took grama's mum's day pressie to her today (I forgot it at home last night), a pandora charm with 'mom' on it. We did some errands and then started on supper stuff - getting the sauces warmed up and water boiling for ravioli.