Friday, May 13, 2011

Today has been good so far - again Spence was up early and so he had breakfast and lounged for a bit. Then he did his checking account update and planned out his next week. It was time for spelling and math quiz and finally time to read the Ranger series. He then finished up his essay and we edited it together - he's getting better, but still forgets a few things. Next week, it's my turn to pick a topic.....he did his reading and now he's finishing up his drum practice and then we'll do some chores and chill until it's time to head out for soccer practice.

Once soccer is done, I'm off for a late lunch with my girlfriend and then it's time for more chores and making dinner - tonight - whatever is in the freezer night :)
So yesterday (Thursday) the blog site was down and so I couldn't post what we did here we go.

Spence was up early on his own and so we started school early. Ranger, writing his essay (see my prior post today), math, printing, reading, drums and lunch...then a snack before Sam came over for the afternoon. Sam & Kelly arrived just after lunch and they boys played out in the soccer field, behind our place, in our place, etc...we had home made ginger ale (which was our science / cooking yesterday) with home made hazelnut chocolate ice cream and cookies - all good - especially since it was around 20 degrees and sunny.

We had a new recipe for dinner last night - tried making vindaloo (indian spicy dish) with rice, naan, papadum and some salad. It was really a lot better than I thought it would be, but we all decided we liked the butter chicken better - so we'll spice up the butter chicken next week :)

History of Video Games

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Today was busy. Spence was taking the day off school and I was heading to a client site in the morning.

Spence got up before we left and then went back to sleep for a bit and James and I carpooled together downtown. I ended up leaving around lunch and Spence was ready to eat by the time I got home. We both had the last of the eggplant burgers and then I headed off to get part of my groceries done and a bank deposit and he continued to play and watch TV.

I got home and we packed up to head over to grama's house as he was doing his date with grama this afternoon. They decided not to go to a movie and rented stuff instead, while I finished up my grocery shopping (veggies and stuff from Safeway) and dropped off the dry cleaning.

By the time I got home, took the dog out and put most of the groceries away, James was telling me he wasn't climbing with me tonight, but I should go. I left and headed to the wall to do some climbing and managed 3 routes before falling off the wall. It was good, as they were tougher than I would normally try and I ended up cheating to get to the top :)

I picked James up from work and we came home, BBQ'd some veggie chicken to go with the mashed potatoes and gravy and had to go inside to eat as the wind was really bad on our deck (normally it's pretty sheltered).

The boy got home before we finished dinner and he headed straight to his lounge and we went for a long walk and then made some cappuccino's for our after dinner drinks.

Now it's time to chill for a bit and then maybe a bit of work.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

So, Spence was up and around just after James left this morning (just before 8am) - said he was well rested and ready to go....which was good as we were doing double school today (except for drums which will be on Thursday).

We decided yesterday to do double school day, so that tomorrow he has the whole day off (except maybe some DVD time).

He started with reading, then we did the Ranger, history (Genghis Khan today), science (Mars and other life forms), we did extra on spelling, we did a math quiz and math problems today - he has double sided equations down pat - yay! We move onto unequal double sided equations next :) They haven't done much for fractions / decimals - but I figure that's coming in the text down the line.

Then he watched a documentary on the Sphinx and then one on dinosaurs - we were both starved by then and decided it was time for lunch. Today we had left over stir fry with rice noodles.

He finished off school with printing practice - extra lines today. Italian and working on his essay. I did my Italian while he took a break and I'm at the point where I'm not understanding most of what the speaker is saying - except a word or two - but I see the picture and I know one or two words and can point to the right one most of the time. I've been having to have the program repeat the phrase because it won't slow down (pretty much talks at regular conversation speed, but I'm slow to pick out my words). I was pretty happy though that I did remember a bunch of words I had just started to learn before we dropped the languages during our holidays...hoping by next year to be fluent enough to ask for the bathroom, food and drinks at restaurants and help if needed :)

After a break, Spence and I moved his desktop computer upstairs as we found that last night when James and Greg played guitar we had to hide in the lounge in order to watch we won't be putting the TV downstairs anytime soon. We moved everything upstairs and discovered that we needed some extension cables - so we put that on our to do list for after drum lessons. We pretty much finished setting it up so we knew it worked and then took off for drum lessons.

Drums went well, with some homework for next week and then we went to the library to pick up a new TV show I wanted to check out before buying and Memory Express for the various bits / pieces we needed.

We got everything at Memory Express - plugged it all in (except the sound - which for the life of me I can't figure out how to do) and it works great. He's got his Sumo in the lounge and he's chillin on great grampa's coffee table (his new keyboard & mouse stand) we won't see him come up for air until it's time to eat :)

We were planning on heading to the climbing wall, but James is running late and so we decided to skip it today and I'll pop by there tomorrow after my client meeting.

Tonight of course is Taco Tuesday and so all is now ready for supper, including some hazelnut chocolate icecream that we made today and some banana muffins for snacks later tonight.

Monday, May 09, 2011

Yesterday - Mother's Day - was relaxing. We headed to the pool first thing after breakfast as it was snowing up a storm in Banff. We stayed out at the pool for a good half hour and then headed up and got ready to head home.

At home, it was raining and so nothing to shovel :) We chilled, watched some TV, made homemade pizza for supper and chatted with grama & grampa for a bit.

Today - Spence got up and after breakfast we read the Ranger, he did his spelling, worked on double sided math equations, practiced his printing, worked on his essay and read a bit before we headed out for soccer. He had a few goals today, lots of sliding in mud & grass, some misses with his kicks and even a few goals being let in - while he was goalie. Overall a good time - I was pretty cold, but came prepared with blankets and extra jackets/mits/hats.

When we were done soccer, we headed to the climbing wall for me to get my exercise and although I only lasted about 15 minutes - I had done 6 routes on the bouldering wall with Spencer's help (he was on the ground, giving me tips on hand placement). I managed one overhang (all the way to the top) and half way up a 2nd overhang today and I was working on a route, I've been having problems with and made it past my initial problems and started working on the next set of transition handholds that I'm having issues with.

I talked Spence into going to the Chinese market with me afterwards - stopped at the bakery and we each got a sesame red bean paste ball. Then it was off to the market next door to get some hot sauces, cooking sake for my sushi rolls, some rice vinegar and some noodles for stir fries. We also found some cool sesame seeds to try on our sushi (they are the black seeds) and we got sesame paste to use for our gomai (we'll see if its as good as my homemade paste).

We got home, Spence finished off with his drums and I'm off to do some chores before working on supper - which is stir fry with rice & noodles for tonight.