Friday, April 29, 2011

I told Spence last night that I would be waking him up by 8:30 as we had lots to do today.... well 8:30 rolled around and he said "can't, need another half hour".... so at 9am I got him up and he was pale and sickly looking. He had soup and crawled back into bed until 10:30.

We decided to skip his last Parkour class - so that he wouldn't get any more sick or pass on whatever he has to the other kids. We also canceled the play we had scheduled for afterwards.

He had some more soup and we read, watched movies and updated next weeks schedule. He also said he was up to a math quiz and spelling quiz and so we did those as well. He's been eating plain popcorn and soup and hopefully he'll be better soon.

We still have to get his shin guards - but that will have to wait until tomorrow...unless he's still sick.

I managed to do chores, made salsa for tomorrow and got the meat organized for the quesadilla's.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

We picked a good day to have a stay at home day.

I let Spence sleep in at his request and we planned to do school all that all worked out well.

We started with reading, ranger, then it was time to reset every password that Spence had on every system and game, because the PS3 network was hacked.

Then it was time for spelling, lunch, printing, math and drum practice. It was then time for a break while I finished up my chores and baking (today was tortilla shells, hamburger buns and sandwich bread for baking...tomorrow it's salsa time and then Saturday will be fresh guacamole for our Saturday night Mexican BBQ).

At 3, we cleaned his lounge to the point where we could figure out what needed to stay and what needed to go. We still need to do his shelving next week and his TV stand, but it's ready to be vacuumed tomorrow.

We got supper finished up - tonight is chili and jalapeno & cheese cornbread...very yummy. Spence isn't in the mood for chili, so he had another burger.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

OK - so Spence has asked me to pass this along - no clothing for presents for the next while. He's still not able to close his drawers after we went through his clothing :)

I went off to get groceries before Spence got up and he had finished breakfast by the time I got home and had watched some TV and played some games. We got rolling at 9 and we were done just before Jonathan arrived for their get together.

We did the Ranger, spelling, math review of algebraic complex equations we've been working on, he practiced some more printing, did his drum practice and was eating lunch as Jonathan arrived.

The boys played from about noon till 4:30 and by then they had gone outside and hit each other with light sabres, played inside, talked with friends online, played video games and ate the cookies I made for them.

In the meantime, I made supper (Thai noodle salad for James and me and burgers with ciabatta buns for Spence) and did some chores.

Tonight is our AGM and I'll be heading there to see what's coming up, it's so much less stressful not being on the board :)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Busy day today. Spence got up just after 8am and had a leisurely breakfast. We then got going - Ranger, spelling, silent reading, printing practice, math and looking at what's important to see and do when we go to the time we were done, lunch was ready and it was time to chill before heading out.

We went climbing, the bottle depot, the bank, the pet food store, got banana's for James' breakfast smoothie, post office and finally drum lessons.

We got home and Spence took the dog for a walk, while I finished up with making dinner (taco night).

Easter Monday

Spence got up by 8:15 to get school over with before we headed out for bowling. It was Easter Monday and the schools were out, so we decided to do a light school day - just the basics. Reading, writing, math, drums.

He ended up having a bit of time to play on his computer before we left. We went to the Chinook Bowladrome (which is underneath the mall and very low-tech - which was pretty cool). The folks there gave us the school rate, which turned out to be about $5/kid for an hour bowling.

They had a good time and by the end of it wanted to do another game...but we decided no one wanted to stay an extra hour when given the option to get together and play.

We opted for our place and we had Kelly & Sam over as well as Jonathan - they had a great time and at one point were so noisy, I told them it was time to head outside. They stayed out and played swords for a good hour before they all came back in.

Everyone left around supper and we made grilled cheese and tomato soup for supper.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

So this morning after everyone got up and Spence found most of the candy I put out last night (because he's not to big to get candy on Easter). The boys went for a bike ride at Nose Hill with Graeme and I stayed home to tidy the garage and get the deck ready for some outdoor living this afternoon.

Grama & Grampa called while I was cleaning and while we were chatting the boys said they were done biking and so I got off the phone and rode my bike from home to the Starbucks by Safeway at Dalhousie.

After a drink, we all headed back - me on bike and them back by truck. We got back, had lunch and then James and I headed outside for an afternoon nap on the deck and Spence went downstairs to play with his friends.

Our deck is shielded from wind and so it was about 20 on our deck in the sun - very nice nap weather. We're gonna chill for a bit and then time to get supper ready - tonight it's chicken pot pie type dinner, but with puff pastry which I made last night. Should be good. Along with left over stuff from last night - potatoes, corn and bread.