Saturday, April 23, 2011

Had a pretty good day today - James went to work and while he worked, I prepped for supper. I got the bread baking (rye, 2 french, 1 baguette), the potatoes stuffed, the salad organized (tomato & buffalo cheese), the steaks/chicken out of the fridge and ready for BBQ'g, the puff pastry made and rolled for tomorrow's supper, the brussel sprouts & corn prepped and once the french loaf was done, made that into garlic bread for supper. The brownies were already done and James had to stop to get wine and beer.

I also got the laundry done and things tidied for when our company came over - Graeme & Christine were coming over tonight.

We had a great supper and watched some great sports films (climbing mostly) and now it's time to chill for the rest of the night.

Friday, April 22, 2011

I let Spence sleep in as today was Good Friday. We read the Ranger, while he had breakfast and then it was math quiz, spelling quiz, updated the plan for next week and his checking account. Then we finished editing his essay together and I posted it on the blog.

Spence took a break and I made some lunch for both of us - Split Pea soup for me and pasta for Spence.

We did some more decluttering in his closet (and even after that .... he has too many shirts, pants and shorts) and then I did my recycling run.

I baked the potatoes for tomorrow, baked the sourdough bread, made the baguette and rye dough, made fudge brownies, rice pudding, banana bread and then worked on supper - lettuce wrap with thai dipping sauce.

Tonight it's time to catch up on our weekly TV shows and chill.

Coast Wolf Essay

Thursday, April 21, 2011

So far, so good today :)

Spence got up and after breakfast and the new episode of Bleach, we read the Ranger, did spelling, he did his silent reading, we did math (yay - he get's algebra!), printing practice, editing his essay, practicing drums and working on supper - he was busy!

I had made sushi for lunch and I tried to make puff tofu (but low fat - no oil)...I discovered oil is what makes them puff...still tasty, but more like tofu squares.

I riced the potatoes and made the dough and worked on gnocchi this morning - we think we have it. Spence and I were both taste testing various batches until we got to one we liked. Some sites recommended starting with almost no flour and just add a bit at a time, roll a bit off and cook a few to taste. When you find the right amount, then go ahead and roll the rest out....well that worked really well for us. It took about 4 tries before we had enough flour. Then it was a production line to roll and tine the gnocchi. We froze them for an hour on flat cookie trays and then transferred them to a bag in the freezer, until tonight.

I had the oven going with my first new batch of bread as well (we have finally run out again) and today it was the whole grain bread (whole wheat, barley flour, 12 grains and a bit of white, oatmeal and rye) - it looks great! Today I'm prepping the sour dough for tomorrow's baking. I really like the big baking days and then I have bread for a month or two :) I'm thinking rye, challah and some baguettes to round it out for breads and I'll make some buns as well once the breads are done.

Spence in the meantime, was chopping onions and other veggies to start the sauce for tonight's dinner (roasted red pepper sauce). We roasted the peppers yesterday and let them cool and so today it was a matter of just chopping up all the ingredients and cooking them for a bit. He seasoned the whole thing and then put it on low and walked away. It was ready about an hour later and I threw it in the blender for him and now it needs to cook for another 1/2 hour before it's ready for dinner (we plan to do that once we get back from Jacob's place).

Now he's chillin a bit before we head over to Jacob's place to hang out for the afternoon and then we're back here, to finish the sauce and cook the gnocchi and we're planning on going through his closet to declutter (he has so many clothes that he can't close the drawers on his dresser) and take out the stuff he's grown out of and see what's left.

Then later tonight I head out for my homeschool mom's coffee night - we're meeting at a local restaurant after supper (well supper for the little ones at least) and we're having our quarterly coffee, chat and desserts :)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I got Spence up early so that we could make our climbing lesson. Sheena worked us hard, but it was great - we tried a 5.10 and Spence made it up half way.

We managed to get spelling done before I had to leave for my lunch. Spence did his printing, drums, reading and writing while I was out. I did my groceries before I got home and we finished off with math (still working on complex algebraic expressions) and he took a shower (he was smelling pretty ripe!).

Got dinner organized - baby potatoes, gravy and veggi meat and stuff ready for tomorrow. We're making sushi for lunch with puffed tofu - so tofu is marinating and sushi rice is cooking. We're doing pasta with red pepper sauce for supper - so the peppers have been roasted and I have roasted the potatoes for my next attempt at gnocchi (if it doesn't turn out, we'll do spaghetti). I also have the whole grain dough rising and the sour dough starter which I'm going to use tomorrow for some sourdough bread - it is bread making time again as we're down to our last loaf of rye bread.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

After breakfast, we started with the Ranger and spelling and then a break (school was going to be throughout the day today). We did math and Spence is finally getting the concepts for simplifying algebraic equations (we'll keep working on them though for a bit).

He did his printing practice, decided to skip working on his essay and we moved onto researching our current 'contempt of government' status in Canada. It is the first time in either Canada or anywhere in the Commonwealth where this has occurred - pretty cool piece of history.

He did his silent reading and by then we were both pretty hungry and had left overs for lunch. He chilled and I worked on supper (Taco Tuesday) and then it was time to do his drum lessons.

I managed to shovel the deck again before we left for drums and by the time we were heading home it was snowing again! It wasn't sticking, but it was coming I really do make it snow :(

Monday, April 18, 2011

The dog was going in for his dental appointment (he gets his teeth done every two years) and today was a clean checkup - no extractions or gum disease. His next dental visit will be in 2013 and I'm sure he won't be looking forward to it :)

Spence started with spelling, then we read the Ranger and he worked on his essay. We continued with math, printing practice, silent reading and drum practice.

We ate an early lunch and headed to the recycling station to drop off our paper stuff. We then continued to Jonathan's for a get together with them all afternoon.

The boys had a great time running around in the area behind Jonathan's house for almost 3 hours before I told Spence it was just about time to go.

We got home and I got the dog from the vet and after a walk with him, finished making dinner. Tonight I was making Moroccan with crepes and quinoa - James got home and decided it sounded good last night, but wasn't into it tonight and so he made hashbrowns for supper and Spence and I have left overs for lunch tomorrow.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Great day today - just chillin!

We made waffles for breakfast and watched the snow continue to fall. We hung out at home all day and didn't do too much other than sit around.

We headed to Teatro's for supper at 5pm and had a great meal as always (except the crunchy asparagus that James didn't appreciate in his risotto). We then headed over to Jack Singer for Video Games Live - which was a good show. Spence really enjoyed himself and was laughing at some of the adult humor they had going - which was funny to see. We watched people do the dance video game on Kinnet and man is that funny to watch - there is no way to be good or graceful at that game when there is only one of you dancing :)

James got a t-shirt and otherwise we killed almost three hours listening to the guys play and watching video game scenes go by on the big screen.

We got home, everyone tired and ready to go to bed .... then I remembered I had a few emails to send to clients and had to update the blog before heading to bed myself.