Saturday, April 16, 2011

James went off to work this morning and Spence chilled with his new computer. I got some decluttering done and other than that not is snowing, so I'm trying to avoid it by staying inside.

Tonight, James and I went out to Salt & Pepper with some of his co-workers and Spence got a dinner of Nacho Chips with all the trimmings (his choice).

Now time to relax for the rest of the night.

Friday, April 15, 2011

After breakfast, we did the ranger, spelling quiz, math quiz. We then planned our next week, updated his checking account, he did his silent reading and writing and finally he finished up with drum practice.

I worked on dinner - farmhouse burgers (they are a veggie burger from a restaurant in Oregon) for dinner tonight and Sam arrived in time for the boys to play a bit before we had to leave for Parkour.

After Parkour, we went to Chinook mall to return a coffee filter and then we headed home. We got home and the boys played for a bit before Paul picked Sam up and I went off for groceries.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spence got up and had breakfast and then I left for a meeting with the bank. He did his drums, printing practice, reading and writing while I was out and then we did math and spelling together.

We had lunch and then he chilled and later we went to the climbing wall for a quick climb. We were both still very clumsy on the wall and plan to go twice a week for the next few weeks to get back into it.

We got organized once we got home and I helped prep the food for cooking and he cooked. He had decided on Butter Chicken - which is a really easy dish to make. I got the rice in the cooker and made the naan bread and he made the sauce and the did the veggie chicken. I also made papudam to go with the meal and it was a spicy pepper one - delicious.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

After breakfast, Spence wanted to see if we could do school all day - it was one of those days. We started with the Ranger and then moved onto history. Spence took a break and then he watched Ancient Discoveries (Masada) and then another break.

We did spelling, he did drums, printing and math. Spence took another break and did some silent reading - despite the fact he was grumpy.

I left to do errands and Spence chilled. Tonight we're doing pizza - Spence was supposed to do a stealth class tonight, but alas, it was cancelled due to snow....but there is a silver lining....the new desktop is ready and we're off to get that shortly.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

After breakfast, we did the Ranger, a math quiz, spelling quiz and reading. We had planned to do drums at drum lessons and ended up having to skip it as the truck was still in the shop.

Kelly & Sam came over for some spring time fun and the boys had more than a few hours of running around with nerf guns and play time. Kelly and I had a great visit and I made taco's for supper.

Dave finished moving mom out of her place (the thrift store guys were there today) and he set up her computer so she could be virus free and then headed back to our place for supper.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Today we started our Grade 9 school work :)

Ranger, math, writing, silent reading (we got the new Naruto books in the mail) and drums. We chilled for a bit and then had a quick lunch before Amy and the boys got here.

The boys got their presents and were pretty happy :) We headed to Hop & Montana's for the birthday party - it was great.

We got home and Spence reminded me that he was waiting for his computer, which reminded me that it was ready and we headed over to pick it up. They pretty much replaced all the internal parts (except the motherboard and hard drive) and so far it seems to be working.

Dave is out on service calls all day - down south a bit and off to Red Deer today. For supper I made red pepper sauce and pasta baked with cheese.

Sunday April 10

I got up before 7am and headed over to my mom's place and started sorting through almost 70 years of stuff. The apartment she moved into was a 12x12 space with a bathroom taking up a portion of that - so most of the stuff couldn't move with her.

I ended up spending a lot of time clearing out receipts from 15 years ago (so note to self - time to do spring cleaning, I think I have some of those too!) and then it was time to sort through what was a must move, what was a maybe, what was for the thrift store and what could not be used by others.

Thankfully we didn't have to clean the apartment (we have hired someone), but we did clear up the big stuff. I think she had almost a 3 bedroom house in that apartment. We filled to commercial grade dumpsters, the living room is so full you cannot walk through it and her new apartment is really full as well (but it does look like she's comfortable).

Dave and I kept at it with a short lunch break until 9pm last night - but we were mostly done at that point. We left for Calgary and made it back by 10:30 (had to stop for supper on the way out of Canmore) and went straight to sleep.

Dave will be here for the week as he is working in town and then head back to Vancouver near the end of it. He'll also head back to Canmore on Tuesday to deal with the thrift store folks and redo mom's computer as the fellow she paid, left it wide open to virus' and now it's really infected and needs to be cleaned.

James and Spence headed out over the weekend and got a gaming machine, relaxed at home a bit and it seems were doing pretty well managing on their own.