Saturday, April 09, 2011

I am out in Canmore with Dave this weekend and we're helping move my mom into her new digs. She was actually a lot better about the move than we had anticipated, which was great. We got the majority of the stuff moved, the TV, Internet & Phone hooked up and we went out to the Grizzly Paw to celebrate the move.

The place looks great - even though it's not finished - very homey and comfy and even room for a few friends to come and visit. She was complaining about being so far from the dining room - but it's very private (bonus), has a great view, is very bright and sunny and bigger than the other rooms as it used to be a TV room.

We hooked up the fridge as well, so she could have a few snacks around if she wants to eat in between.

So now we're tired (Dave & me) and headed back to the hotel for the night to chill.

James and Spence had a good day too - they ended up getting the new desktop ordered for Spence as his laptop is not doing well with the whole gaming for hours at a time.

Friday, April 08, 2011

Spence got up and after breakfast and a bit of TV we started with the Ranger, then drums, spelling, math, updating his checking account and planning out next week.

We finished that and he got organized for Parkour and we left to pick up Kelly & Sam (our turn to drive) and we got there a few minutes before class started.

We left just after three, popped over to Community Foods to grab a few items / 7-11 for slurpees and headed home.

We got home and I took Hunter in for his vet appointment (he's been vomiting for the last few days) and the doc couldn't figure out what was going on - he didn't whimper when she was working on his tummy and he had only a few parasites in his stool. She gave him some meds for his tummy (like an antacid for dogs) and she gave him a cold/flu type shot in case it was a virus and then sent us home. If he's still vomiting next week, we have to take him back for blood work.

I then grabbed my stuff and headed out to Canmore to meet up with Dave. I popped over to the lodge and dropped off the fridge I bought for mom's new apt and then headed to the grocery store to get snacks and breakfast food for the weekend and then headed to the hotel to get checked in.

Thursday April 7, 2011

I got Spence up early as we had to go to see his doc. We did that really fast as we were his first appointment and were home before 10am. We did about 45 minutes of school - Ranger, reading, writing, drums and headed to the Apple store to drop off his computer for the overheating issue it's having.

We did a half hour mall walk then and headed home for lunch and school. We finished off with math and spelling and chilled for a little bit until it was time to head to the salon for his hair trim.

He had his hair done (it looks great) and we headed to the climbing wall, found a new route in the cave area and worked on that until I couldn't climb anymore (about 10 minutes was all I could take of hanging off the side of a wall today). We left for home and after I dropped him off I went to do some errands and pick the dog up from the groomer (his semi-annual trim).

Got home, finished making supper (potato casserole, gravy and veggie chicken with french bread) and chilled for the rest of the night.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

I let Spence sleep in today as our plans were to hang out and climb after school. I took our old truck into the shop to see about the door. The rear passenger door won't open from the inside, so I figured it was time to fix it. They took it apart and ordered the part, but it won't be in until Friday - so we'll have to wait until then to get it fixed.

We did school - the basics today and we were done by 1 and headed to the climbing wall for a bit of a climb. We climbed for about 20 minutes before we felt we were done and plan to head back tomorrow and see about doing a half hour climb.

We got home and I did a bit of work before we started working on supper. It's Spencer's night to cook and he's into making Italian and so we made David Rocco's Nonna Marla's Spaghettti Alla Puttanesca (minus the anchovies). He didn't have help this time around (other than me standing reminding him to read the ingredients list, prep the food, and that sort of thing) - he prepped it all and made a terrific dinner. The sauce is tomato based, but has walnuts (we substituted pecans), olives (we left those in there, even though we're not fans) and capers. It turned out great and we were starved by 5 when it was ready and so we had an early supper and left a bit for James when he gets home.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

It was an early morning for Spence as our facilitator Joe was coming out to do our year end review. It has been 51 weeks and so it was time, although neither of us could believe a whole year had gone by already.

We spent quite a bit of time going through our past few months (we do two reviews a year) and plans and ideas for Gr 9 - 12 and then college. Spence officially finished Gr 8 today and will start Gr 9 tomorrow. Our plan is to do the basics for the rest of the week, while we plan out a path for Gr 9 goals and then start on Gr 9 work next week.

We decided to celebrate by going out to Pulcinella's for supper - which was pretty good. James got himself a new Pokemon game and other than that, we plan to chill for the rest of the night.

Monday, April 04, 2011

Today, Spence got up and while he had breakfast - I did a conference call. We read the Ranger and did spelling, then read history (King Richard) and science and picked his writing topic (West Coast Wolves).

We then did math (word problems to math equations), which we will have to continue working on as he's having a bit of trouble converting the problem to an equation. He then did his silent reading and we decided to skip drums for today.

I got ready to head off to a client's and Spence got some 'me' time. I had put on chili last night and so by the time I got home after the client meeting and errands - the chili was done.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

James was off to Sunshine this morning before either Spence or I got up. James had a great time - great powder and lots of good skiing.

Spence had a good day off and I got most of the rest of my chores finished - house vacuumed, sheets changed, laundry - continuing to be done, kitchen - still working on, surfaces are all dusted (although the fans & light fixtures still need a wipe down).

I started working on supper - I made veggie soup for me, tomato soup for James and big square noodle soup for Spence. I also made salad and garlic toast to go with that. Watching Top Gear now for the rest of the night.