Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday March 25

We got up today and it was both cold and rainy - ick! By 12pm though, the sun had started to peek through and by the time we arrived at PE, it was hot and sunny.

Spence did his 3 hours (1-4) and I got gas and went kayaking for 2 hours. I tried to hunt down the manatee's for pictures - but they were elusive today.

I had made the taco meat last night and put it in the oven to warm up when we got home and it was nice and warm and ready to eat when we arrived. We topped the taco shells and ate quickly as we had to go get Ethan and head to Pump It Up.

We arrived just after 6pm at Pump It Up and met up with the other kids from the group and they had a good time playing for 2 hours. I went and got milk and soup noodles to carry us through till Tuesday and by the time I got back and read a bit, the other moms were arriving and we chatted until it was time to head home. Spence was limping by the time he was done - bruises from roller skating + 3 hrs PE and 2 hrs running around = limping.

Ethan seemed in good shape and so we headed to Weston - as the boys are sleeping over tonight at our place.

I did some chores and the boys chilled until it was time to head off to bed (note, I didn't say sleep) and hopefully by the time I'm done work, they'll be ready for lights out.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Activity Day

Kabooms - a bit of air hockey time

When you're tired and the only kids there - you can sit on the floor anytime you want

Why not let your kids tire themselves out in gerbil balls? It was such fun to watch the girls get used to the water pods and then actually run in them and get across the little pool.

My view of the river and mangrove trail in my kayak this afternoon - what could be better?
Well, I slept in a bit this morning (probably due to the late night last night) and got myself going, so that I was organized for my call with my client. Spence was over at Ethan's for his sleepover and I had no other things that needed to get done first.

I decided to skip the pool this morning as I was out kayaking later - so once my call was done, I got in the car and headed off to the park (West Lake Park). The park has a rental place and then a number of mangrove trails, a lake that heads to the nature preserve, the nature preserve and then the inter-coastal entry.

I was able to go for about 45 minutes and made it through three trails - paddling pretty hard in some areas due to wind and current. I was trying to keep an eye out for manatee or other fish - but didn't see any (the water is pretty murky - not sure what is under there....but it's salt water, so no gaters - I hope). I had a great time and when I got back and changed into dry clothes, I headed off to Kabooms, where the kids were doing a roller skating day instead of a park day. Spence - first time on skates had a great time (going from 3pm to just about 7:30pm). I rented skates too and went around for a bit with Michelle and some on my own - I decided I like my rollerblades much better than the old fashioned roller skates I was on. It was like riding a bike though - it started to come back (how to skate) and at least I didn't fall down and wreck something. Spence was priceless though - he's skating, falls and must have crawled from the centre of the rink to the see hands on the half wall and then he pops up and give a thumbs up sign and heads off again - poor E in the meantime got hit in the eye with Spencer's flying arms when he went down and was tearing up from the whack to the eye.

We left there and headed home and by then it was too late to eat (besides, lots of pizza and fries were eaten while at the place for several hours) and so I decided to make the taco's I had planned for tonight ahead for tomorrow as we'll only have a half hour between activities and we'll want to eat before we hit the last one.

We watched TV for a bit and then Spence went off to have a long hot bath and then headed to bed early....I'm not far behind him - wiped out by the days activities.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wednesday March 23

Started the day nicely - work, pool and then heading over to the skatepark with Michelle & Ethan (the local one by our place in Weston)....turns out it's closed for 3 days for maintenance (but nothing noted on their website...arg!). The boys decided to practice on the sidewalk and Michelle and I chilled under the cover of a tent.

We headed back after a while and they left to head back to their place - Spence in tow for the first sleepover. I hit the mall and walked around for a few hours (just about 3 hours) and found a great tank that matches my orange shoes - so I got two :)

I headed off to Tatu for supper after that and met Angie there - her recommendation - it was great food, everything was excellent. It was expensive though - as much as what we'd pay in Calgary, but it was delish. I brought home most of my noodles - the bowl could have fed two - so that I could have it for lunch tomorrow.
Spence getting tips on how to spear his opponent :)

Spence fencing with Ethan
Spence driving in the parking lot and parking

Successful first drive

Tuesday March 22nd

Tuesday was pretty busy for us. It was cool and breezy in the morning again with cloud cover, so I worked a bit and 10:30 it was nice, so I headed out until just about 11:30. We had a quick lunch and then headed off to Target for some groceries and stuff.

We got some of the Ice Tea we like, our groceries and birthday pressies for two buddies. Nerf Guns that you can't find in Canada - they'll fit in our suitcases, but we are pretty much done shopping :) Spence got a souvenir gun as well as extra bullets (they were a third of the cost at Target). Then because Spence had wanted to try 'driving' I let him 'drive' the Mustang in the empty parking lot - from one parking spot the the next. It was so funny - will post video - he took his foot off the break and coasted from one spot to the next and then panicked when I said you need to stop and slammed the brakes and the car came to a very quick stop. He's so proud of himself as he 'drove' his first car :) It'll probably be the only time he'll drive a convertible sports car and even though it was only coasting and only in the parking lot - it still counts he says.

We then went to Toys R Us where we found the baseball cards our friends were looking for, and a Snuggie with skull and cross bones for Spence for $7! He's wanted one ever since Ethan got his, but I wasn't going to pay $20 for that. I need to add a button or snap as there is no way to close up the snuggie while you walk - but he wrapped himself inside it last night for bedtime.

Then we headed back to the mall for a second lunch and for $10 got these huge plates full of food - if I had known they were going to pile on the food like that, we could have shared. We then left for the climbing wall - which turned out to be a huge disappointment. I think we're spoiled in Canada (ok Campbell River and Calgary). It was a warehouse bay - no problem there, it was wood construction - no problem there, the wood was so worn down it was slick and you couldn't get your foot to stay and no footholds at the bottom. The bouldering wall was literally two cave type places and that's it - the V0 and V1 (which I can do in Campbell River) were impossible - they all started by hanging upside I went to the owner and asked if I could boulder on the climbing walls - ok, not a problem because the place was empty - but I could only boulder on the first 3 feet of wall (all foot holds at the bottom for starting - when there were some) - so after watching me struggle, she said I could go up to 5 ft up where the handholds started. The place had mainly 5.9+ routes and only 1 - 5.6 route (beginner route) and so again - not impressed for $20 entry fee. The ice wall they had (in the picture it's an actual wall of ice inside a gym) was actually a few holds the colour of ice that they had designated for ice picks. I was expecting so much more from the reviews it sounded great, the pictures looked awesome and what I've experience in Campbell River at that climbing gym just led me to expect so much more than what I that was my one and only climb for the trip (which Spence very patiently went to with me). We got done about 4:15 and headed to the fencing place for the homeschool fencing club class.

So we are backed up on the I-95 heading towards Oakland (the TomTom says this is a 10 minute drive)....we get to our exit and there are police everywhere at the exit and a helicopter in the air. So we finally slowly pass and then we sit for a while until it's our turn - the cops are putting each car through individually and looking into your cars as you drive by slowly. There is a car under a bus in the right lane, doors flung open and so many police around that you'd think there was a convention. Now this area isn't a good area to begin with, but really hadn't expected this. Turns out from what we could find out - three guys were escaping from something and two got caught after the crash and one was running on foot. Not sure what they did, but they must have done something real bad to attract that much attention.

Then we finally got to the class - but it hadn't started yet, so we were good (we were only 10 minutes late - so all good). Spence tried some fencing and really enjoyed himself and the coach offered to put us in contact with the coach he knows in Calgary (so who knew that Calgary was such a hub?). The coach there is the coach to the Shaw family kids and he's also some kind of international federation guy (high up in the organization), so Spence would end up having a great coach if he wanted to do this....but after the class on the way home, he said he'd rather not give up his other sports in order to do this one - its a time commitment killer!

We (Michelle, Ethan, Spence & I) went to a little Italian pizza joint down the street for supper (in between Ethan's classes - he does 2 on Tuesdays) and for $20 - all of us had a huge pizza and a refillable jug of pop. The pizza was pretty good and we got a table - so life was good.

Michelle & E went back to fencing and Spence and I headed home - while he was fencing I got some crackers for his soup and a few other things (girl guide cookie imitations that are really quite good - yum!). I did some laundry and after watching a bit of TV we settled down to read for the night.

Monday, March 21, 2011

It was a cold morning for S. Florida (low 70's), cloudy & windy. I had to wait until 10:30 to head to the pool.

I worked a bit in the meantime and spent hours on the phone with the internet provider who couldn't keep their routers online this morning. At 11:30 we headed over to Michelle's for the boys play.

We made pasta for supper and had mint icecream sandwiches - the rest of the night will be watching TV as Spence is worn out and doesn't want to go shopping.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

We had a great day today - headed off to see Ethan fence (missed the first set) and so we headed off to the skatepark for a bit. Spence had a bit of a rough time, but kept at it and was working on his olies with help from some skaters who were in the same area. We then headed back to see Ethan fence and he did well, but missed the cut-off for the competition he was looking to do.

We headed home and I got a bit of pool time and then it was time for supper - greek style potatoes with veggie burgers and skinny cow.

Lots of TV and relax time until tomorrow morning.

Saints - PE