Saturday, March 19, 2011

Today, I actually got a chair in the morning and stayed about an hour in the cool weather (it was breezy and about 75 - 76). Got home, had a quick lunch and then headed out to see Paul with Michelle, Todd & Ethan - it was funny.

We headed over to MT&E's place afterwards for the kids to play. We stayed until after supper - went to CiCi's and then the boys continued to played until around 8pm.

Originally the boys were going to make cardboard guns - but that was too much work, so instead it was nerf wars time, trampoline time and watch videos time.

We went home and chilled for the rest of the night.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday March 18

Fun day :)

We started with me working until 11 and then heading to the find out that 11am the pool is full and there are no chairs available :(

We hung out and headed to the park for PE around 12:30 and got there in time to sign in and get organized. I left as soon as that was done and headed to Bass Pro to check out the store (see if they had sales), which they didn't...then headed to the place TomTom sent me for kayaking (a new place today). TomTom was wrong and it took me almost a good half hour to find someone who knew where the rental shop was and how to get there. I now have it all organized for next week.

In the meantime, it was almost time to head back and take pictures of Spence at PE and so I did that and stopped for gas on the way to wittle the time down a bit.

Got back in plenty of time to see him goalie for the soccer game (pictures coming) and when we were done, we headed home for him to shower and then head off to Skyline Chili for supper with Michelle, Todd & Ethan (I forgot to snap a photo .... so we'll just have to go back to eat there again).

We headed over to their place, where the boys played and we watched a movie until 9:30 when we headed home and I ended up doing laundry because Spence had already gone through his 6 days worth of clothing in 4 days....probably me saying - take that off, it smells! - after park day or PE (I hadn't counted on 2 outfits a day).

Thursday, March 17, 2011

I did some work in the morning while Spence slept and just before 10am, I woke him up. We got ready and left for park day....driving with the top down on the car.

I was looking for a tur-duck to post on facebook - but they were avoiding me today.

We stayed until 5 and then headed home - the boys all had a great time, except for the weird old lady driving on the grass feeding the birds and chasing the kids with her car.

We made penne with tomato & basil for supper and after some TV watching we headed to the pool and hot tub. Now it's more TV time.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Today was fun :)

I let Spence sleep and he slept till nearly 11am ET (9am home time)....I woke him up by taking a client call.

I was starving, but we had an hour to get ready and out of the hotel, so opted to get the car rental first. That took a good 45 minutes as they didn't have the car we booked and had to get it from another location. They offered a small SUV, but we don't normally get to drive convertibles and so we opted to wait. We got the car (red mustang) and then went upstairs to pack our stuff up. I had hoped to get pool time, food time, etc...not to be. I got a snack from yesterday's airplane cookies and that was about it.

We checked out and headed to the Walmart, but stopped at Walgreen's instead to pick up batteries for the Sunpass I brought along for the toll roads. Got that and we were about to turn around, when we spotted a CiCi's and decided that was a good lunch spot.

Got lunch organized and then headed off next door to do some mini-golf. We had a blast - Spence got 2 hole in ones and I got 1. We decided to take the long way to Ft. Lauderdale, until we hit traffic just past Ron Jon' off we went back to the 95 and then Turnpike and ended up in Weston around 6:30pm (we left Orlando around 1pm and meandered through the state for 5 and a bit hours and almost a full tank of gas).

We arrived and sure enough - they didn't have our reservation ready or organized, but did find it and then couldn't find us a room. Finally got that sorted with very little hassle and took our bags up and unpacked and then headed out for supper.

We had a hankerin for Japanese and I had eaten at the Weston Mall japanese restaurant before, so we went there. Japan Inn, is a chain type place - not great food, but good enough. Spence loved his tofu, didn't eat most of the Spicy Salmon roll as it was not 'right' and with raw fish - you don't eat it if it's not right. He had enough to keep him going until after groceries and so we hustled across to the Publix for our two weeks of groceries (well all the major stuff).

We got all our big things and headed home for the night, unpacked the groceries and each had a mint skinny cow as a treat.

We had planned to hit two skate parks today - one outdoors and Ramp 48 here in town - but didn't end up making either of them. Tomorrow is park day, so we're pretty excited to see everyone again.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spence and I had planned to leave at 10 am for the airport, but the limo we ordered didn't ever show up. It was 10:30 and I was trying to get a hold of the girl we normally answer. By that time, we were running late and James suggested we take the truck and leave it in the airport parking.

We raced to the airport and in the meantime, the lady called to tell us the fellow she had organized for us was T-Boned by a driver on his way to our place and she didn't get a second guy organized fast enough and he got she said we could get a free ride home on the 29th. On the one hand, feel sorry for the fellow, on the other as our flight was leaving in an hour and a half, so I wasn't too sympathetic because no one called to let me know and we couldn't get a hold of anyone.

As we were racing to the airport, I was hoping I wouldn't get a ticket as I was really rollin. We got there, had a bit of a time finding parking and then rushed to the counter. We got there about an hour before the flight was to leave and waited in line at customs. The customs guy grilled Spence and me individually, reviewed my parental permission form and pretty much gave us a hard time - but did eventually let us through - poor Spence said he was never so nervous in his life.

We then went through security - huge line up, but moved quickly. We got to the gate and waited and ended up leaving a half hour late after all of that :)

As we were sitting, I said to Spence - he had a few hairs on his face - I mean long ones - he looked like Shaggy from Scooby Doo....I told him he should have taken his shaving kit.

We got on the flight and it was really full of little ones. There were a few that cried the entire 4.5 hours and poor Spence got kicked all the way there.

We got to Orlando and got a cab to the hotel (which is across the street from Downtown Disney) and we walked over to have supper.

We had supper at Portabello - shared a gnocchi and some garlic bread - it was good, but not as good as Teatro for sure. We walked around afterwards and then got back to our hotel to chill for the rest of the night.

Monday, March 14, 2011

On Sunday, James got up and went for a bike ride and breakfast with Graeme, while Spence and I slept in.

We all got together for a climb, shopping at Fresh and lunch at Pulcinella. Spence did some harder routes on the wall and James managed to finish a route he'd been working on and I tried a new route and made it half way through - so all good. Lunch was good and Fresh had stuff on sale, so James got himself a new backpack (which Spence immediately took as his own) and new gloves for driving and winter bike riding.

We pretty much chilled after that.

Today, Spence and I finished getting the house organized for James to be at home with the dog and we finished packing everything but our inflight bags - that's tomorrow morning.

Spence wanted to try snowboarding and so we did - I spent from 10am to 12:15 with him on the small part of the hill and by the time we were done, he could do all the basics without any trouble. We went back tonight and he continued to practice from about 6pm to 7:15 and we pretty darned good by the time we left - but also pretty wiped out. James didn't do so well.... he did great once he was standing, but getting him to a standing position was not easy - it is the hardest part of snowboarding I think - to learn how to stand up and stay standing. He took some spills and is pretty achy tonight. Made me want to snowboard again - but James reminded me of not being able to walk up the stairs for months and not being able to turn a door knob for months - let alone do any other although I really, really, really want to go again, I know I really shouldn't.

We had scrounge for the dinner and pretty much chilled out.