Saturday, March 12, 2011

James and I both got up around 6 this morning - he needed to go to work and I needed to get some client work done.

By 9:30 Spence was up and after breakfast we chilled for a bit and did some chores. I headed off to the grocery store to get a few things for supper and when I got back, Spence packed his stuff for the trip and we watched some TV together as he wasn't feeling too great.

James invited Graeme over for supper tonight, which gave me an excuse to cook. We had lobster tails with garlic butter, pasta with spicy red pepper sauce, garlic bread, grilled chicken breast and tomato and buffalo cheese salad. I also fried some mushrooms and garlic for my pasta. Turned out pretty good all around.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Spence was up before 8am and we did a math quiz, spelling, we read the Ranger and then Spence did his silent reading and drum practice.

He had enough time to chill before we headed off to the hill to ski/snowboard with Jacob today. They had a great time for almost 3 hours - while I bailed after 45 minutes.

We headed home to get Spencer's stuff for a play with Jacob and toddled over to Jacob's house. I dropped Spence off and headed off to run some errands and finish packing my stuff for the holidays.

I headed over after I was done and had some delicious Maple flavoured tea with Joanne. We had a great chat, while the boys played.

We headed home, walked the dog and finished making supper - wings & pizza for our movie night tonight. Happy Gilmore tonight for our movie - forgot how cute it was and James noticed the female lead is the mom on Modern Family.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Spence was up by 8:30 and we started with a new chapter of math (2 part equations) and then we read the Ranger, did spelling and he took a quick break while I did a call.

He then did his silent reading, moved onto art and then drums. He had his lunch and I got ready to head out to meet with a colleague for lunch - which was great.

Spence cleaned up more of his room and chilled until I got home. Tonight we're doing scrounge.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

We decided to skip school today - it was too nice and we only have a few ski days left - so ski day it was :)

We headed to COP and were there and skiing by 10:15 am and Spence continued until 12:45! I stopped at 11:30 as I figured I'd be climbing later tonight, so I wanted to take it easy.

When the boys finished (it was homeschool ski day at COP), they were tired - but ready to continue their play at Jonathan's house. Spence and Jonathan had lunch at the hill and then they headed off to Jonathan's and I headed home.

I got groceries done and the tank filled and then headed over to Jonathan's for a visit with Donna. It was a nice visit and we left early enough for me to get supper organized before heading out to the climbing gym.

We had grilled chicken with macaroni and potatoes - yummy for a climbing night. James and I went to the climbing gym and did top rope climbing - lots of fun.

COP - March 09

180 degree practice

180 degree practice - 2nd take

Small pipe run

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

I let Spence sleep in as he figured he might need it. When he got up, he did silent reading, then we read the Ranger, we did spelling and then started a new chapter in math - probability. We've done it before, so hopefully we can whiz right through it. He did some printing practice and then we had lunch while watching Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

We got a call from our drum instructor to switch out our time and so we headed out at 1pm to do that, we finished and headed straight to the climbing gym to do some climbing and stayed for a full hour. Spence did a 5.8 wall and some bouldering, while I did just bouldering - was more tired today than last night on the wall.

We got home and Spence did his Italian, while I toddled off to the dry cleaner's and had hoped to head to the bank - but it was closed for repairs from flood damage. We finished watching Diary of a Wimpy Kid and made supper (yes, I made taco's for tonight as it is Tuesday) and now it's chill time until my 2nd climb of the day with James.

Monday, March 07, 2011

Spence wanted to get up early today - so I woke him up. He was at it by 8:30 and we were done by 10:15 today - talk about a good Monday!

He started off with silent reading, we then read Hitchhiker's Guide & the Ranger, then did some spelling practice, math chapter review on statistics and he practiced drums. That was pretty much it today - except for PE.

He had a bit of a break and we ate an early lunch and then headed out for his last ski lesson of the year. It went pretty well as far as I could tell, but Spence said he had done better before.

We got home around 2pm and had a bit of a break - I did a few chores and got supper on the go before heading out again for some errands. Got home, got more chores done....the dog seemed well enough to do a big walk today and was pretty good even on the way home. Now heading off to the climbing wall to get some bouldering in with James.

For supper, I made some potato casserole and left over grilled chicken from last night. Overall a pretty good day.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Yesterday we all pretty much did nothing until supper - when we took grampa out for his BD dinner. Grampa opted for Joey Tomato's which was pretty good - everyone had a good meal and we all had a good time catching up.

Spence and Grampa left together as Spence was planning to sleep over at grampa's place and see a movie with him on Sunday. Spence got grampa a pringles can and grampa got Spence a pringles can for the honey pot .... turns out they each liked the one they brought, so they traded pringles and chilled together for a bit on Saturday night before Spence headed off to chill with his buddies.

James and I were exhausted from doing nothing and ended up getting lots of sleep - first falling asleep on the couch watching TV and then waking up and heading off to bed. James got up this morning at 6am and went off with Graeme to Lake Louise for a ski day, Spence went to the movie with grampa and I went to hunt down pieces for my coffee maker.

I ended up getting a frother from Home Outfitters (it's awesome so far), a bodum espresso stove top machine from the Bay (which makes great coffee) and a big coffee grinder from Bed Bath Beyond (that works great as well so far). I made a cup for myself as soon as I got the stuff home and loved it. Got a text from James to meet Graeme and him for a late lunch/early supper at Sakana...I texted grampa to drop Spence off after the movie at the restaurant and we all had a pretty decent late lunch/early supper.

When we got home, we were all too full to eat again and so we chilled until the boys got hungry. We BBQ'd some chicken and they made sandwiches for supper and I had cheese & crackers as I was still pretty full. The dog sprained his leg again walking tonight and so he's on rest duty in the living room for the next few days and I made James a cup of coffee after we got home from the walk.

We watched some Castle and James headed off to bed by 9pm - he was tired from a big day of skiing, while Spence and I are staying up for a bit to get back into our routine for the week.