Friday, March 04, 2011

I let Spence sleep in until 9am and then after breakfast, we read the Ranger, we did our planning for next week and updated his checking account. We then read the Hitchhiker's Guide, history (the Spanish wars with the Moors) and science (is the money we spend on the space program too much?). We did a math quiz, spelling, Spence watched a science/history program on hand grenades and army personnel carriers - very interesting shows.

He did a bit of laundry and we had lunch. Spence went onto silent reading and drum practice and finished editing his essay in the sniper rifle.

It was time to try and head off to the ski hill ..... so it was still -16 and both Spence and I had one of our worst days skiing. Spence saw his instructor on the hill and told him about his lousy skiing today. Today Spence lost his pole, then couldn't get his skis back on and then had rough landings, etc....I just kept over balancing and my edges kept sliding and overall I was having a rough run and we both decided we'd better call it a day - rather than keep going and possibly break something. We only made it one run - but that's why we have passes.

We got home and I dropped off Spence while I headed out - I got the recycling done, mail out, Costco to get a few things, gas for the car, Bed Bath Beyond for a new coffee maker (gotta figure out how to use it now), Safeway for groceries and finally home to make hot dogs & fries for Spence and me (James is out with a buddy tonight at the hockey game).

Sniper Rifle Essay

Thursday, March 03, 2011

We talked about skiing today, but decided that we'd go tomorrow afternoon as today we had play plans.

We decided to get school done and then tidy up a bit before Sam and Kelly came over for the afternoon. We started with the Ranger and Hitchhiker's Guide and then did a math, spelling, silent reading, editing the essay he was working on and finally drum practice.

We were done around lunch and warmed up some food while we finished up the last of school - making brownies :) and doing laundry.

After lunch we cleaned up a bit and by then Sam had come over and while the boys played, Kelly and I had tea and chilled.

I had planned on having my 3pm coffee and to my dismay my 2 week old coffee maker died! This is the 2nd Saeco in a month that has died. I called Saeco and they said it was a quick and easy fix -but their shop was in Vancouver and it would take 6 - 8 weeks to get it repaired. Guess what's going back to the store tomorrow.

Now I have to hunt down a new coffee maker.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Our plan was that if it was nice enough outside (warmer than -15 for example) we'd head to COP for a ski.....not even close! -28 when I got up and it is a whopping -18 right now and with wind -29! so no skiing.

So we quickly changed gears and decided today would be a rest day and we'd chill - we started with watching some Naruto together (we've started the series over again), then read Hitchhiker's Guide and the Ranger, then Spence practiced drums and did silent reading and then we took a break, had lunch and watched more Naruto (although I snuck out and did some laundry and cleaned the kitchen - much to the dismay of Spence - but the dishes didn't seem to be cleaning themselves). Then we did spelling and math and he said he'd rather do double essay writing tomorrow and watch more Naruto.

We watched more Naruto, then I started on supper and got the fish tank cleaned out and then Spence headed upstairs to chat with his friends while I finished making supper and doing laundry (again, no magic gnome seems to occur and do all this stuff for me).

Overall a pretty decent day.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

I let Spence sleep in a bit and once he got up he did his math, then spelling and then we read the Hitchhiker's Guide. Spence then watched some more video game history and then we read the Ranger. He did his silent reading and then worked on his essay.

We ate our lunch and then we headed to the climbing wall. The homeschooler group was there learning to climb today and we kinda did our own thing for a good hour and a half. We left just before 3pm and headed home.

I did a bunch of errands, had Spence get the water going for pasta, while I walked the dog. I got the pasta finished and the sauce done before we left for Spencer's drum lesson.

The drum lesson was moved to a little later today - so it worked out great for us. Spence got a great complement today - he wears headphones to drown out the noise and protect his ears - his teacher said that wearing them has allowed Spence to drum loudly for the rock stuff - which is the thing he says is the biggest issue with students - they tend to be very timid drummers.

We got home and I fed the dog and headed back out to meet James at the climbing wall for a half hour climb with him. Got home and felt like I could eat the entire house, but settled for pasta while James complained that it was Taco Tuesday and he wanted a taco not pasta - oh well :)

Now it's chill time with some Castle and video game time for James.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday Feb 28

I forgot to post this :)

Spence got up and we did as much school as we could before heading out for ski lessons. He started off with math today - circle graphs (which he said he'd been using on his uTube stats and trying to figure out what kind of videos to produce), then we did spelling, read Hitchhiker's Guide and then it was time to have an early lunch and get read for the hill. When we got back Spence finished off with working on his essay and drum practice.

So I check the weather report, check the hill closure and even though it is -25 (and with windchill -36) the hill is open and so we head out - he has a pre-paid lesson after all. We get there and the hill is deserted - I mean I counted a total of 6 patron on the hill, no attendants at the lifts (they were inside their little booths) and no kids in the lodge. I didn't even make it down one run before stopping - my skis wouldn't go, I walked down half the hill and by then I had a bit of frostbite. By the time I got to the lodge, the boys (Spence and Jay his instructor) were in because of frostbite.

Jay went off to find out if they could use the indoor equipment as the hill wasn't officially closed yet and we paid for a lesson we couldn't use. He got permission and off they went to practice on the trampoline. In the meantime, I packed up all of Spencer's gear and put it in the truck and brought back his sneakers and jacket. While waiting, they pretty much shut down the hill - all their lessons got cancelled (either the schools called in or the hill called them - not sure), everyone came in - even the attendants from the chairs and they pretty much sat around waiting to go home. The staff manager was going around telling people to head home and trying to figure out why they weren't shut down.

So after the indoor lesson (which Spence really enjoyed), we went home and finished school and then pretty much chilled until I left to go climbing with James at Stronghold.

I managed to get supper organized ahead - thai noodle salad for James and me and Udon for Spence.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Saturday and today were both relax & cleaning days for Spence and me and work days for James.

I got time to clean the house and make some bread, Spence was wore out yesterday and rested and today he tidied up a bit and chilled out.

We made chili nachos last night for supper and today for lunch Spence and I rolled some sushi and had some tofu and spinach salad. For supper I made Butter Chicken, Lentil Stew, Naan and rice - James opted for Sakana as he wasn't in the mood for Indian.