Saturday, February 26, 2011

Friday February 25

Pretty uneventful day today - Spence got up early again and we decided to skip the Ranger & Hitchhiker's Guide today as I had upcoming conference calls with clients for most of the morning and the pest control guy was coming back for the 2 week inspection.

Spence did his planning for next week, updated his checking account, did his math, spelling, drum practice, continued his research on sniper rifles and finished his research on the History of Twin Tip skis (found out his ski company was the first to invent twin tip skis - Line ski's (now owned by K2)).

He was telling me that the skis were made by a guy in his garage and they were about 24" long and about 6" wide and he made them for him and his friends to do tricks. They were eventually expanded to be the long skis we see today and they took off when a pro skier used them.

By the time that was all done, I finished my calls and Jonathan had come over and we had lunch and then headed off to Battlefield Live for some laser tag. There were about 12 kids there today - which was a pretty good number.

While the boys played, Joanne and I headed off to check out some sales I got emails for and we both ended up with some pants, tops and sweaters - total price $25! you can't beat that type of sale. We got back and the boys wanted to go to the video arcade and so we headed over to that for a good half hour and then headed home so the boys could play before Jonathan had to go home.

I made sushi when I got home so that Spence would have his supper and then I headed out to Rouge to meet up with James and two of his work friends. The food was great, the company was great and the meal was less than what we normally pay at Muse - so happy, happy.

James will be working all weekend and suggested that next year we go to Florida in February when he's real busy .... might do that .... it's darned cold right now!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

We started early again so that Spence could watch some more bleach. The ATCO guy came at 7:30 - they gave me a 2 hr window, so I really wasn't expecting him until later, but it was nice to get that over with (new meter installation - apparently every 40 years they change them out).

We then read the Ranger and Hitchhiker's Guide and moved onto stats - today we used UTube (the kids account) to see how statistics are used in the real world and how the group could use the statistics to make more popular videos.

Then it was time for silent reading, spelling, sniper rifle research for the upcoming essay and then Spence finished off with drums.

We took a break, had lunch and then headed to the climbing gym for a quick climb. When we got home, we chilled a bit and then Jacob came over for a play.

We walked the dog, made fries and hot dogs for supper and will chill and relax for the rest of the night.
We got Spence the latest version of iMovie so he could do more video stuff and this was his first project this afternoon

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Spence wanted to get up at 8am so he could watch some Bleach before school. We got started early as I had to leave for a bunch of client meetings today.

We read Hitchhiker's Guide, the Ranger, we did spelling, reviewed types of statistics you can do and how a population is determined. He then went back to watching the history of video games - he started last night with the Halo franchise and continued today with the Call of Duty franchise - it was really pretty interesting to watch. I headed off to my client meeting while he finished watching and then he continued with writing, silent reading, drum practice and a review of the History of Twin Tip skis (which was part of his homework from his ski instructor).

When I got home, Spence and I did some stuff that Sheena had assigned us for cold at home days - crunches, shoulder lifts, lunges, running the stairs for several minutes and we finished off with hanging shrugs and a hang for 10 seconds. It wasn't a huge amount, but we were both glad we did something. Tomorrow we're either skiing or climbing - depending on how cold it is.

For supper, Spence wanted soup and I made rice & stir fry for James and my supper.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Spence got up on his own just before 8am and after a quick breakfast we started with our new Ranger book, Hitchhiker's Guide, spelling, silent reading, then onto math (we're working on stats) and writing.

We headed off to the hill and skied for 45 minutes and by that time we were both frozen. Spence spent the time teaching me some new stuff (sliding & turning from front to back and back again when backwards skiing).

We then headed to Best Buy to get our pre-ordered games and EB for a used game Spence wanted and we went to Bed Bath Beyond to exchange our new a new one....we decided to try it at the store and it didn't work we opted for a different model.

When we got home, I left Spence to make himself lunch while I toddled off to get our dry cleaning and the library. I got home for my conf call, in time to find out we needed to switch the day and time - so instead I caught up on laundry and dishes and made supper (taco night).

I finished just about the time we needed to head to drum lessons. We did the drum lessons and then headed home with a pit stop at the recycling bins. Walked the dog, warmed up supper and ate.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Oh, forgot to say - on the cool side of stuff....besides my new pink PS3 controller :)

I managed to get a great hotel rate at a Disney Resort for Orlando and I got the Weston Vacation Village to match the online discount rate of and extend our stay on either side of our reservation for the same room at the discounted rate :)

I even got the car organized for late pickup at the hotel - the rental guy couldn't believe the rate I got for 2 weeks ($200 for 2 weeks for the convertible).

Happy Happy
So James got up and went to work and I did a client call and then got ready with Spence to head to COP for his lesson.

When I booked it, I forgot today was family day (oops) as we normally stay home when the kids are out of school during the school year. We arrived - no parking....circled a few times and found one spot. Got organized, Spence made it with plenty of time to spare and was off before I got organized. I was in line by 11:40 and I waited....and waited....I knew it was going to be a long day when I first realized it was a day off for both parents and kids.

So I normally do between 12 - 16 runs in an hour if I just do the main give you an idea, today I did 4 runs in an hour and 5 in 1.5 hrs. Spent lots of time chatting it up with the families in line with me, because what else did I have to do while waiting in endless lines :)

I decided the goal for today - be patient in line and when going down the hill try not to get hit by a mini-skier and try not to hit mini-skiers (those little 2 - 3 yr olds who zoom down the hill without looking). Goal was achieved.

The ski rescue guys were busy taking folks off the hill with broken limbs - I saw one parent going into the big terrain park and she was doing the snow plow and I'm thinking - man that is an accident waiting to happen! ski's left all over the hill from where the owners fell, poles all over the place - you really had to be careful where you were skiing.

So on my last run, the family in the line next to me (there were several gates going) is a family of 4. Mom (no equipment), Dad (some equipment) and 2 kids. No one is scanning anyone - so they get all the way to the chair before she gets hauled off, I think that was only because both dad and one kid fell off the chair while trying to get on the chair! Yes, they stopped everything and took 10 min to get them all on and then booted mom off.

They get off at the top by falling off the lift (they didn't have their bar down), at least they fell off near the end and so they stopped the lifts again and hauled dad and the two kids off to the side. They start heading towards the expert terrain park area! I'm getting off so having nothing better to do, I say 'hey, you probably don't want to go there, if you are just learning to ski' the dad says - where is the ski school?

So I tell him, at the bottom of the chairlift off to the left of the lodge. He was shocked, he asks how do I get down? I said ski? he says, we don't know how to ski, we were going for our first ever lesson. I headed off to get a patrol guy for them to see if they could ride down and in the meantime another emergency happens with a kid on the hill and so they are now stranded at the top of the hill, their lesson has started and they can't get down.

I left as I had to meet up with Spence as his lesson was over. I have no idea how they ever got that lost and how someone who works there didn't ask - hey, you can't seem to even sit on the lift - do you know how to ski? I know they were busy, but what a horrible first experience and all the other riders are now even more pissed off because you fell of the lift twice and halted operations while they hauled your behind to safety.

Well that was my excitement. Now Spence and I are waiting for James to come home, so we can head off to Best Buy to get some new video games with our xmas money and coupons and to see if we can rent Alice in Wonderland for tonight (iTunes, PS3 and XBox have it for sale, but not for rent) and to get cheese for the pizza we are making for tonight.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Art Project

It is weird - I will tell you that in advance, but the boys have been working hard to get this video together. Very cool to see the end result!
Today was gummy bear day - James did his best to imitate a gummy bear on the sumo chair. Spence did his best to avoid us all day - playing with his buddies. I did a bit of work, chores and napped - always a good Sunday activity.