Saturday, February 19, 2011

James headed off to work and the new coffee machine spewed water all over the floor for him :(

When I got up, the water was all over and the machine was down for the count. Spence and I both had breakfast and I did some chores and then headed out to the climbing gym and met up with James for a quick workout.

I stopped at Bed Bath Beyond on the way home and exchanged the machine. I am trying to decide if we'll keep it or just return it ---- seems that the are not built as well as I would have thought for the money.

Now it's movie time and chill time.

Friday, February 18, 2011

After breakfast, we read the Ranger and Hitchhiker's Guide. We then did planning for next week, updated his budget and did his ski homework.

Silent reading was next, with spelling and math quiz and then I headed off to do groceries, while Spence did his drums and chilled out.

We got Civ IV & V for him today (on sale) - so he was thrilled. When I got back, it was in time to head out to our last gymnastics class. It was a good class and when we got home, it was time to make supper - noodles & tomato meat sauce.

Now it's time for some Murder She Wrote (we figure she's a very smart serial killer....she just frames everyone else ....), Big Bang, Mentalist, etc...

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Today was a relax day - we started with the Ranger and Hitchhiker's Guide and continued with History (how Saladan got to rule the Muslim nation), then we did Science (the 4 inner planets in our solar system).

We then did spelling, math quiz (which he sucked at today), then it was time for him to figure out what he's going to write about for the next two weeks. He then did his silent reading and drums and we had lunch.

I headed out to a client meeting, went for a quick climb and then got home to do some more calls with clients - end of busy season rush.

Made supper - mashed potatoes, gravy and grilled chicken and now chillin with new shows.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Projectile Science Class

Today was a relaxy day. We started by heading out to Telus Science Centre for the Titanic exhibit. It was pricy ($32 for the two of us - but it was less than what the general public would pay, as it was the homeschooler's day).

As they had already moved most of the science centre to the new location, there really was only the exhibit and some talks and a show for the older kids (there were lots of activities for the 3 - 8 yr old crowd).

The exhibit took about 30 minutes to walk through - no cameras, no cell phones, no nothing - so we have no pictures of our visit. There were a few interesting things - the ship is being eaten up by rust microbes and should be gone within the next 40 - 90 years. It sits in 12,500 feet of water and the capsule that goes down to get the artifacts takes 12 - 15 hrs round trip (just the going up/down) + the time on the sea bed.

The ship continued to travel at 21 knots (it's fastest speed) even though they were warned numerous times that there were icebergs. The life boats (although there were only 20 - max capacity of 65 per boat) were only partially full and the majority of people did not drown but died of cold (in 28 degree water). There were over 2,200 people on board and only 700 survived. The last survivor died in 2009 - she was born a few months before her family set sail to America.

They had set up some staterooms and quarters on display - you couldn't afford to go on that ship today ($90k for the voyage for a 1st class stateroom) and you'd never meet anyone outside your class - they had walled off areas to separate the folks, different decks and different stairwells. The ship builders knew that 'steerage' was the money maker and so they outfitted the rooms better than most ships - it wasn't an open space or anything. Reasonable rooms (pretty much what you get today in a standard ship board room). It was because the boat sank that most of the safety regulations were enacted for ships and it was creepy walking by a dead man's pants and hat that were recovered (ew!). The china was cool - nicely laid out in the sand. The listed out all those who died and lived and you got a boarding card when you arrived at the exhibit with a person's name and bio and at the end you could check out if they lived or died. Both Spencer and I had guys that died - but Spencer's guy was married to an 18 yr old (he was 46!) and she was pregnant and did survive.

They recovered furniture and jewellery and razors, bathroom sinks and faucets. There was some pretty cool stuff.

I wish that they had more for the teen crowd though.

We went home when we were done and I took some client calls and Spence did some work on his current art project (he's doing video clips of the video games they play and posting them to the uTube account the kids set up).

Now we're off to a science class @ St. Mary's College - it's a physics class. How to make projectiles (read potato guns and the like). It should be a fun class as he has some friends along - hopefully they won't annoy the teacher too much :)

Amy and I will head off for coffee while they do their class and then we'll head home.

Tonight I made perogies for James and Spence and I had left overs so that we could head out quickly.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

So it was another busy day - but obviously Spence needs more recovery time from a full day at skiing.

We started with the Ranger and Hitchhiker's Guide and continued with silent reading, history, science, spelling, math (statistics) and writing. We had lunch and then headed off to our climbing lesson.

We were off our game - did some great climbs (5.10 & 5.11 overhangs and steep walls) but never made it more than 1/3 way up. We did a bunch of easy starter climbs - but you get tired going up and down a wall a few times.

We got home, I did my errands and Spence chilled. We headed off to drum lessons and then we chilled. We had chili for dinner and Spence decided he wanted to wear only if we could get him to wear deodorant :)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Busy day!

We started with the Ranger & Hitchhiker's Guide and then worked on spelling, a review in math about area calculations, printing practice, silent reading and drum practice. As Spence got up around 8am, we were done by 11am and ready to have lunch and head out for lessons.

We got to COP and Spence headed off straight away with Jay to do his lesson. I headed off to ski as well - I was doing about 3 - 4 minutes a run today (which means no one was on the hill). The temp was great (a balmy 7 degrees and the snow was still decent) and as the hill was empty, I roamed around for the better part of 2 hours. Spence finished his lesson and hooked up with his buddies.

I took a client call and in the meantime Spence had a nasty spill and took a break and food. After food, we decided we'd do another run or two and Spence took another spill and so we decided we'd call it a day. We'd been there from 11:45 to about 3:30 - so it was a pretty long day. By the time he got home, his kneecap was a lovely shade of blue/purple and so we put ice on it and I told him to chill and relax.

Tonight we're having potatoes, gravy and whatever you want on the side for supper - Spence is having chili crusted chicken, I'm having some veggie burger and not sure what James will have on his side.

Busy but very nice day.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

James headed off to work on Saturday and Spence and I chilled at home. Spence was feeling much better yesterday, but we decided he should have a second resty type day.

I met James and Marty at West for lunch and then we headed to Harry Rosen to grab James some work jeans and some more shirts. We lucked out and got some great shirts on sale - the jeans however, were not on sale.

We all pretty much scrounged for supper, I made Spence his Sockeye salmon with rice for supper, I had veggies, cheese and rye bread and James had fries and some other stuff he found around the house.

Today is another resty day and then a big week comes up quickly - ski lessons, climbing lessons, Telus Science Centre (Titanic Exhibit), Projectile Science Class, Gymnastics and then it'll be the weekend again!

For dinner tonight I had planned on cooking for most of the afternoon. I made a veggie tagine, quinoa, Ethiopian lentil stew, Ethiopian cabbage & potatoes, Injari and James BBQ'd the Ahi I bought on Friday. It all turned out great - I made the tagine just mildly spicy and so we all added how much spice we wanted. It's nice when a few hours worth of cooking turns out so nice. Spence and I have leftover lentils and quinoa - but pretty much everything else is done.