Friday, February 11, 2011

Spence woke up with a tummy ache and a headache. It never got better - so we decided it was a sick day.

Crackers and gingerale all day - he's rested, but still not we'll keep resting until he's better.

We figure a whole week of tonnes of activities plus a bit of a cold = sick boy.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

BD Party (cont...)

New PS3 controller

Shaving kit to last ..... :)

BD Party

BD Candles @ Boston Pizza

Spencer's BD Pressy :)

New Apple TV so he can watch his iTunes shows in his lounge :)

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

I got Spence up today at 8am, so he could have breakfast and watch his shows before we headed off to COP to meet up with some buddies.

The guys stayed out until about 12:30 and then after they ate, we headed over to Jonathan's place for a while. When they were done, we headed back to our place, where they will spend the night online with other friends.

We had pizza for supper and I'm trying for my 3rd BD cake - I am having a hard time this week with making the darned thing. The first one turned out like a brick, the 2nd one was marginally better - but I think the 3rd turned out ok - it's cooling and so we'll see. I have time to make a 4th if I have to.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Cool stat I found today - there were 15,000 home schooled students registered in Alberta in 2005 (those were the latest stats available on the Alberta Education website). As Alberta is one of the few provinces that mandates registration of all Home Educated children, it has good stats. There were a total of 590,000 kids in all schools of which 15,000 were home schooled (2.5%) - that included all traditional (you create your own program) to aligned (they do distance education). That's a pretty big number of kids in school, let alone being home schooled. It'll be interesting to see the new stats once they come out.

Now about today....

Spence wanted to get up early so he could watch his show (Bleach) and so I got him up just before 8am and we were doing school by 8:30 or so. This week will be a pretty easy week as he has his BD and we're taking most of Wed to ski and play and then Thursday we're taking the day to have his party and we're taking it easy for the rest of the week (no major projects due).

We started with the Ranger and Hitchhiker's Guide and then he watched a Liam Downey U-Tube video that his instructor told him to watch - he'll be doing that on Friday as well to see the type of stuff he does. Then we did his spelling and started a new area in math - 3D objects. We've done 3D objects before, but this time it was all about the names of them and the various names on them (faces, edges, etc)....we won't hit the math theme again until Friday and then it will be how to calculate areas in 3D objects and then review time for 3D objects....I don't even remember doing that in school - but I probably did and just never used it afterwards.

He did some printing practice and he went back to working on his art project - a video montage of his video game playing. He's taking video footage with the camera (the camcorder is now officially dead) and then editing it on the Mac with iMovie and then adding in voice overs and music (he's now figuring out how much it costs to pay royalty fees for songs) and then he's posting to his U-Tube account.

We headed off to drums later today than usual as the drum teacher asked us to come later - the kid after us has stopped and so we've moved our time to 3:30 now instead of 3pm. Spence had a good practice - even did some drum rolls and Kenny gave Spence homework as well for the next week.

The cake is now made for the party - no nut stuff and no lactose, casein or whey. I'm letting it cool and then it'll be time to frost it (also nut and other stuff free).

Tonight we head out to Salt & Pepper with grama & grampa for Spencer's BD Dinner and then it's home to relax.

Monday, February 07, 2011

Spence got up just before 8am, in order to watch some TV before school. We did the Ranger, Hitchhiker's Guide, then a math review, spelling and silent reading. He did drums while I had a conference call and then we ate an early lunch as we were heading out for his first ski lesson of the season.

We met Jay (his new instructor) and the two of them headed off for an hour and a half lesson, while I went off on my own. I lasted about 45 minutes and then gave up as my toes refused to warm up (even with toe warmers). Spence had a good time and even got homework and is going to ski during the week so that he can practice.

Spence had a quick second lunch at the hill and then we went home and we showered and got ready for grama to come by for their date.

While they were out, I headed to Bed Bath Beyond to do some exchanges. If you want to buy some small appliance - they are the place to do it. Our espresso machine died sort of yesterday (the tank leaks water - a lot) and it was a week away from the 1 yr warranty expiring. It made about 1,500 cups of espresso, but still - it was very expensive and so I was a bit miffed. They took it back, no questions and exchanged it for another machine. They didn't have the same machine, so I took another machine which had really good ratings and it is wonderful :) love having good coffee again.

I also decided what I wanted for my birthday - I haven't been real happy with my Kitchenaid Tilt Head mixer (5Q) - mainly because of the dough hook and the bowl size when doing bread. I decided to get the Kitchenaid Pro 600 - which was rated as a more heavy duty home machine - still not the kind of ratings that are great all the way around, but pretty good for a cheap machine (relatively speaking - the one I really wanted was like $5,000).

I ended up setting both up and having time to check my emails before heading out to go climbing with James at Stronghold. We ended up staying only 10 minutes because it was so busy.

We had hashbrown casserole for supper and are now chillin watching Big Bang reruns :)

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Yesterday was a very relaxing day for Spence and me and James had a great time on the ski hill at Louise with Graeme, Jeff & Teresa.

We ended up scrounging left overs and stuff from the freezer :)

Today was another very relaxing day - we chilled around the house and pretty much did nothing. Tonight we're having a sheppard's type pie - mashed potato topping with cheese and a mushroom and veggie meat base.