Saturday, February 05, 2011

After breakfast yesterday, Spence took a bit of a break to watch some Bleach. We read the Ranger and Hitchhiker's Guide, then we did our planning for next week and updated the checking account, he did his spelling, math quiz, silent reading, drums and finished up his writing assignment.

We had lunch and took a bit of a break before cleaning the house and getting ready for the gymnastics. I've been getting to gymnastics about 5 minutes late and so decided I'd set the reminder early and then we ended up getting there a half hour before we needed to be there. Ah - just can't win. We chilled and I took pictures and video while Spence did his thing and then afterwards we headed home and got stuck in traffic. It was a good 40 minutes before we made it from the zoo to Edmonton Trail - which is only a few blocks. I decided to hit Edmonton Trail and headed north as there were no reported accidents on 16th and it took us another 40 almost 45 minutes to get home from there. This is normally about a 15 - 20 minute drive - so by the time we got home, I didn't feel like going grocery shopping (which was what I had originally planned).

James, Graeme, Teresa and Jeff all arrived about the same time and we ordered Chinese and watched some movies and by 10pm, everyone was getting ready to head to bed for their early morning and Spence and I watched some cartoons.

This morning Teresa, Jeff and James all packed up early to head to Lake Louise for skiing and Spence and I are chilling with cartoons and rest. Spence is pretty wiped out from this past week and I have some work to do as well as some chores.

Friday, February 04, 2011

Spence doing a flip onto the mat using the bouncer at gymnastics

Running up the wall

Using the rings at the class

Climbing the rope

World War II Essay

Thursday, February 03, 2011

After breakfast, we read the Ranger & the Hitchhiker's guide and then Spence watched the Blue Planet. He did his spelling, drum practice, math (more circle stuff) and he continued to work on his essay.

We finished that and I had made sushi for him for lunch, so he quickly munched that and got ready to head over to Sam's place for a play. We stayed until just about 5pm and then went home to walk the dog and head to the climbing wall.

We all decided to do dinner instead and met at Salt & Pepper and had a pretty good meal before heading home for the rest of the night.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

I had to get Spence up super early (for him anyways) so that we could get school done before skiing today.

We started as usual - the Ranger & Hitchhiker's Guide and continued with spelling, a math review on formulas for area, perimeters, circumferences and triangles, he did his reading and drums and we ran out of time.

We went to the hill and grama beat us there and kiddo headed out with his buddies and I headed off to do a few hour and a half later, I packed it in and got organized for Spence to head in as well. We left around 12:30 and had time for lunch and getting ready for grama day.

We ended up skipping his essay work and getting his nap room ready for Jeff & Teresa. He left with grama and I started working on some client stuff.

I made mashed potatoes, gravy and veggie patties for supper (for James and me) and we chilled. Spence came home and headed upstairs straight away, James and I decided to watch more Columbo.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

I got Spence up and we started with the Ranger and Hitchhiker's Guide as early as possible as I had a lunch downtown today and Spence wanted 'free' time when I left.

We continued with sphere's and circle calc reviews. This chapter seems to be all about area calc, circumference, diameter and radius we spent a bit of time going over the formulas and doing a few together. He'll do some on his own tomorrow and Thursday. Although he's done this stuff for the past few years in his math books, he can't remember the formula's when he sees them - so I guess it's good they keep bringing the topics back. If the formula is written down, he knows what to do with it at least :)

We moved onto spelling, he watched 'The Planets' from the BBC while I got ready for my lunch and he finished off with reading and writing.

We had planned to do German today, but the software wasn't cooperating and so we'll try again on Thursday.

When it was time for drums, we headed over to his teacher's place and after practice we found out the student that does his practice after Spence is stopping after 2 years (he just turned 7 and he's a pretty good drummer) so that he has time to do his other interests - currently hockey, basketball and soccer. He's been fun to sit with as he shows up about 15 minutes early each time and asks what Spencer did in homeschool today and what he did for recess and he always had lots to tell me about his school day.

I finished making supper when I got home (taco Tuesday night) and then headed out for dinner with the girls. Tonight it was Roxanne & Cathy at The Coup ( which is on 17th Ave SW. I got there in plenty of time, but had a bit of a time finding parking. Once I did though, I joined the others in the lounge and waited for a table. We got in fairly quickly and had our order in almost immediately as we had the menus while we waited.

The food was all pretty good, the waitress was great and I'd go back, but it's not my favorite restaurant in the city. We realized it was nearly 10pm, when the waitress asked us to go to the lounge if we wanted to continue talking :) Got home in time to snuggle with kiddo under the blanket on the couch while we watched some cartoons together before he went off to bed and before I do a bit of work.

Tomorrow we hope to go skiing for a bit, the weather should cooperate.

Monday, January 31, 2011

I debated if I should take the day off or not....I usually try and take the day off on my BD....but we are planning to take almost a day and a half off next week for Spencer's BD and so I decided we'd do an easy day instead.

After breakfast, we went outside to try the snow making experiment. It was -27 and so it was ripe for the experiment - boiled water, poured it into a measuring cup and threw it - sure enough it turned to snow as Spence was throwing it - very cool.

We then read the ranger and hitchhiker's guide and then moved onto history (crusades) and science (solar system) and then spelling, math (area calculations) and reading. He worked on his essay - changed his topic a third time (now we're doing tanks) and finally finished with drums.

We had lunch and then after a small break we went to the climbing gym. Spence started out with the small cave and I joined him - neither of us made it too far, but it was fun to try. He stayed an extra 15 minutes without complaining even.

When I reminded him it was his old mom's bd - he said, he already wished me a bd greeting during dinner on Saturday :) He gave me a big hug and then proceeded to walk away....I guess he's made the teen years and is done giving me handprints and drawings.

For BD dinner - grilled cheese and soup (which is great for this weather) and marble cake for bd cake :)

Cave Climbing

Spence working the cave at Stronghold.

Turning hot water to snow - it is currently -27 according to the Weather Network and prime weather for this experiment.