Saturday, January 29, 2011

James went to work and Spence and I slept in. We all chilled in the afternoon when James got home and around 5pm grama & grampa came over to head to Marathon, an Ethiopian restaurant for my BD dinner.

BD dinner was pretty good and gotta thank Auntie for the great gift card pressie to MEC and grama / grampa for the gift money to spend in FL for my BD :)

Overall a great BD dinner :) Thanks again guys for coming out with me.

Some stuff from gymnastics

1st attempt - wasn't pretty at all. Lots of 'ow' from the peanut gallery upstairs

Much better - 2nd attempt went better

Flipping on the reverse bungee

Gymnastics Class

Friday, January 28, 2011

Spence hustled so he could have some game time before we left for our play and gymnastics. We read the Ranger, Hitchhiker's Guide, did spelling and reviewed this weeks math, he did his writing and practiced his drums and then it was time for lunch.

We had a half hour to spare before we headed over to Jacob's place for a play before gymnastics and then we carpooled to the gym. While the boys did their thing, Joanne and I went to grab some after gymnastics chocolates from a chocolate shop that makes their chocolate from the bean! The store is in Inglewood and is called Choklat (

We ordered a hot chocolate each (plain) because it was really cold outside and some truffles for the boys and us. The drink was sub-par and we both felt like we wasted our money on that, but the truffles were great. Yummy treats - ok, I didn't exercise enough to earn a treat - but hey - life is short.

We got back and had time to catch Spence and Jacob vaulting and I even managed to take some film (I'll post tomorrow). We headed home afterwards and the boys wanted to continue to play and so we headed back to their place for a good half hour of playtime.

We got home in time for the snow to really be coming down and after my walk with the dog, I made some sushi for supper (veggie roles, inside out roles, tofu rolls) and some foamy hot chocolate for watching our shows with.

James is out tonight with Graeme at the Guitar Hero concert and seems to be enjoying it from what I can see on his facebook posts.

Thursday, January 27, 2011


I went out to the garage to get James' Fibre1 bars today and scared a poor mouse having his breakfast in the package. I jumped about 2 feet and screamed - the mouse jumped and scurried away. They ate into a box and wrappers - ewww. I threw that out right away. So off to Wally Mart I go today to get more clear containers to keep things like Fibre1 bars free of mice. Ick!

In other more pleasant news.....Spence got up and after breakfast we started with planning our next week and updating his checking account and then moved onto reading - Ranger & the Hitchhiker's Guide. We continued with spelling and silent reading, history (Samurai today) and math. We started on area calculations today (we did that last year and the year before, so it'll be a refresher more than anything).

Spence and I both did our Italian today and then he did his drum practice and Spartan research. While he did that, I made us an early lunch - because apparently my tummy was making so much noise, he couldn't hear his documentary over it :). Today was left over sushi and a experimental batch of Gomae (Japanese spinach salad)....the salad was pretty good, we both decided though, I needed to make way more dressing. It was pretty easy to make and tasted like the stuff you get at restaurants.

After lunch, I headed off to the stores to get groceries, Spencer's BD gift and garage pantry supplies to ward off the mice! while out, I managed to drop my phone and it broke the case - thank goodness I have the heavy duty case for the phone. I managed to find another case (exactly like the first one) and so now I'm good to go again. Got it all and reorganized the garage pantry when I got home. Now anything that isn't in a metal can or a glass/plastic jar is in a big plastic bin (clear - so you can see what is in it). That should take care of the mouse buffet.

When I finished that, Spence went out and practiced skateboarding, trying to get onto the rail, trying to do a 180 in the air (he did a 90 degree turn in the air - pretty cool - even though he only got about an inch off the ground) and when he ran out of steam, I pulled the truck back into the garage and closed it all up.

Tonight is hot dogs and fries for everyone and possibly a movie off Netflix.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Spence got up without me rousing him. Math quiz today (a summary of all the stuff we've been working on), spelling, then we read the Ranger, the Hitchhiker's Guide and then Spence started on his research for his essay on the Spartans.

He then went on to do his reading and drums. He then took a break, while I finished making lunch. Today we were doing buffet - Cucumber Sushi and African lentil stew with Teff crepes - it was yummy!

It was time then to get ready to head out - Spence with Grama and me off to a client.

Spence had fun with grama - said the movie was pretty good and had a good time at grama's afterwards. I had a very good afternoon at the client site and met up with James afterwards at Globefish for supper - instead of going grocery shopping :) The food was pretty good as always and it was nice to have a date with hubby.

Spence and I had decided earlier today that if it is still warm tomorrow, he plans to skateboard - so with it supposed to be +5 or +7 overnight, we figured it will probably be too warm. We'll sweep the driveway tomorrow so that he can be outside skateboarding.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Terrific day today - we went skiing at COP. It was a gorgeous day, but of course that means that it's probably a bit too warm for snow :) The snow was really crunchy and icy and it was really difficult to ski and so we called it a day early.

We headed home to do school - it was time for the Ranger and we started on the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy....James and I watched the movie again on the weekend and Spence came down at the end and decided it was something he wanted to watch again and read. I couldn't find a copy for the iBook library (except for in England and they wouldn't let me purchase that), so I got the sample download from Amazon to start the book.

We did spelling and math (line segments today), reading (science magazine) - which Spence explained to me had lots of interesting articles on teenagers and I should really comply with the results of the studies (ie. let teens sleep as long as they want - they need the sleep as their bodies are growing).....that got a chuckle out of me as he sleeps longer than any other teen going to a regular school :)

He was going to start on his essay and decided he didn't have a very good topic - although he loves his dog, he's not sure he can write an entire page about him. He changed his topic to Spartans and so he'll be starting on that tomorrow.

He did his laundry and tidied up and then suggested we play Little Big Planet II together. I figured it was one of the few games I don't get motion sick watching and so I said sure. I laughed so hard I cried. I have a little girl character and it was a hoot.

We quit when it was time to go for drum lessons - Spence was doing great with the lesson and when he finished we headed out to complete errands.

We grabbed the dry cleaning, washed the car and grabbed some Nori (sushi seaweed) so that we can make some more snack sushi tomorrow.

Tonight we have chili for supper, which should be pretty good.

Monday, January 24, 2011

So yesterday we pretty much sat around and chilled. Grampa brought Spence home just after lunch and we continued to chill.

Today after breakfast, Spence got right into it and hurried along as fast as possible in order to have time to prep for his friends arrival and time to chat online with his buddies.

Ranger and reading and math. For math, we were doing more power exercises and being the mean teacher I am, I was making him figure out the simple ones in his head. He's getting pretty good at the power calculations, although he does get tripped up sometimes and times the two numbers together rather than does the power calculation. We did spelling and drums next and then we talked about what he wanted to do for his essay - he's going to write about his dog.

We then got the house tidied up and vacuumed the main floor as we didn't want the dog hair all over the place when we had company coming. I put in a batch of cookies - but I cooked them a bit too much (read black around the edges), so not too edible. While the boys played - nerf, running around, Little Big Planet 2, more nerf, more running, more game time....Amy and I sat with our tea and had a great time catching up.

When they left, I got supper organized and walked the dog and grabbed a bite. James and I plan on heading to the climbing wall and then home to chill tonight. Spence plans to hang out with his friends and not go climbing - oh well, I'll have to drag him out next time.