Saturday, January 22, 2011

Today, James headed off to the CA intro's and introduced Graeme from work. While he did that Spence and I slept in until 8:45 and then both got up for breakfast.

We chilled until lunch and then headed down to Pulcinnella to meet up with James. We got home and Spence went off with Grampa for the night and James and I both took naps.

James and I got ready to go and I got on my cashmere sweater I bought for the occasion and the cute little coach purse I got a few years ago for xmas - they matched perfectly! We got to the ball in plenty of time and had a good time with the folks at our table.

We left shortly after the band started up as I forgot my earplugs and we couldn't talk anymore - headed home to watch Angels & Demons again.

Friday, January 21, 2011

We got going today and finished everything quite fast. Spence did his spelling, math, planning for next week, updated his budget, we read the Ranger and then he read his anime book from cover to cover and finally he did his writing. He asked to take drums off today - so we did.

We made some lunch - sushi, miso soup and rice and after lunch Spence vacuumed the house and I did the kitchen clean up.

While he took a break, I made hummus, pita bread, pizza dough for tonight and started on some more sushi roles (Spence ate 29 of the 36 I made this morning). I found out I need more seaweed, so we'll have to make a pit-stop on the way home to get that.

We had our gymnastics - Extreme Kids program this afternoon was about using the reverse bungee cord and trampoline. He worked on the reverse bungee and found that he got nauseous - so although excited about doing the activity he has decided it's not really for him. He did much better on the trampoline and the floor work they were doing today.

We headed home and stopped at the Safeway to get some sushi seaweed - but they were out, so we continued home and chilled.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

It is finally chinooking - which of course means massive headache - but at least it's warming up!

Spence got up and we did the Ranger, spelling, math review, German, writing, reading and drums - we rolled through everything without breaks and as quickly as possible as Spence didn't want to have any school left after lunch.

He did badly in math and German - was off his game, did great in spelling and drums though. Go figure.

I had made some sushi for snack time today (cucumber, onion and avocado) and he had that along with a burger for lunch and we decided to make some more sushi tomorrow. It was easy to put together and I pre-cut the stuff for tomorrow - so it should be even faster to put together.

I headed out to see a client while he finished lunch and when I got back, he was still in his room playing with his buddies.

Tonight we are doing perogies for James and me and left overs for Spence.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Spence jumping video


Spence jumping today

I got Spence up in time to do the basic school stuff before we headed to the local ski hill. We got the Ranger read, we reviewed our math and spelling. We got ready and headed off and saw our friends - but couldn't get organized quickly enough.

Spence and I headed off for an hour of skiing together (me taking video and Spence doing jumps) and then headed in for a snack. We found our friends and the boys went off together and after I finished I headed off for a run - managed to fall on a landing....not bad, just kinda tipped over. I went in and decided to take a break.

I took out two of our girls to give them some one on one snowboard instruction and then went off for another run. I managed to roll this one - jumped and landed rolling...definitely time to call it a day for me. I did some more one on one instruction and by then Spence was done and we did one final run out to the car and Spence landed rough. Time to head home for sure.

We got home, took our showers and I headed to the grocery store and Spence got some game time with his friends. After groceries it was time to make supper - gnocchi that I made on Sunday ..... so that didn't turn out so well (kinda fell apart in the water - think I needed more flour) and sauce....which turned out pretty good, but still needs tweaking. Both these recipes were from our Italian Cooking Class at SAIT. It always turns out better in the class with the chef there by you ... ah well ... guess this just means I'll have to try again.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I ended up getting Spence up today so we could be done school before our climbing lesson. While he ate his breakfast, I read the Ranger, our history book (all about how Chivalry was invented), our science book (all the stuff that has been invented because of space travel that is used today by all of us - cordless tools, polymer for braces, micro controllers for things like artificial limbs, etc) and once we finished that we did spelling, reviewed congruent angles in math, he did some printing practice and read his science magazine and went off to get organized for the rest of the day.

We had a climbing lesson at noon - so we toddled off to that and when we got there, Sheena our coach says 'it's cardio day' the climbing gym that means - 3 laps up / down the wall then you run up / down the stairs for 3 minutes and then you boulder across the incline vertical wall for 3 minutes and then you do the stairs again and the wall again and the stairs again and the wall again and then you fall down. We worked hard. Spence did a total of 2,100 stairs! I did only 1,400 and that seems wimpy compared to his effort.

She also showed us two walls where we could do some fun stuff and she showed me a short cut in getting across some very wide hand hold areas - so very good work out today.

We headed off to EB Games after that to get James his Little Big Planet 2 and Spence his Green Day Rock Band and then home to shower before drum lessons.

After drum lessons, we headed to Safeway to grab a few things for tonight's dinner and then the dry cleaner and finally home.

I had made most of the dinner this morning (spanish rice, taco meat, fixings), I just had to stuff the chili peppers with taco meat to turn them into chili releno.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Today, despite going to bed at 10:30, Spence slept in - I ended up having to wake him up so that we could get school done before we did our play with Sam.

We started with the Ranger and Lost Hero (which we finished today) while Spence had breakfast. Then we did spelling and math, printing practice and drums.

Sam came over after lunch and the boys ran around and played inside as it never warmed up to the predicted high for today. Kelly and I lounged having tea and coffee with the fireplace on.

When Sam & Kelly left, I got the tofu in the oven (it had been marinating all day) and started baking that (it's turn and marinade every 15 minutes), got the noodles cooked and the veggies chopped and the rice out from the fridge. Got everything cooked and ready for supper.

Now it's time to watch some movies while I wait for James to head home from the 'salt mines' :)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

It's still really cold - but it is supposed to warm up this week. We tried to spend most of it inside, keeping warm.

Spence and I headed to a birthday party for a buddy - we really both enjoyed our time there. We ended up ordering chinese when we got home and tonight was scrounge.