Friday, January 14, 2011

After breakfast, we read the Ranger and the Lost Hero and then Spence did his silent reading. We planned for next week, updated his checking account, he finished his essay and I posted it to the blog and we did spelling.

We did a math timed test today and he got 92/92 in 6 minutes - his best score to date. He did his drums, we ate lunch and then he took a break before vacuuming the house and dusting (he is saving for a new video game).

Once we finished, he had some more time before we left for gymnastics. We left at 2pm - the gym is about 15 minutes from home - but didn't arrive until 2:45. We were late, the class had started (bad, bad - I organized it!) and so Spence popped in and I went upstairs. There were lots of crashes on the way down and on the way back home. We left at 3:30 and didn't get home till 4:30 - next week we'll give it a full hour.

Spence had a great time, he was the only one who did the ropes - you swing on the rope like Tarzan and grab for the next one while swinging and then the next one after was great. His trampolining though - still needs work. Jacob however, did fantastic on the trampoline - flips, 360 turns. It was great to watch the kids having so much fun.

We got home, finished up the lasagna and watched some movies.

Moldy Fries!

So - we finally got mold again :)

Oct 20 - Jan 14 to get mold on the home made fries in the fridge. Almost 3 months to get mold on potatoes cut, fried and salted. So either the fridge is really good at keeping stuff from rotting or .. there are so many chemicals even in potatoes that we should all be glowing :)

The McDonald's fries are still good to go in the fridge (if you are wondering).

Spencer's Essay on Bombers

Thursday, January 13, 2011

So after breakfast, we read the Ranger & Lost Hero. We did math next - angles again - the next chapter is all about angles. Then he watched some History stuff - a show about the Templars and the Scrolls and we ate lunch while we did that.

Then we headed to the climbing gym - we did 3 laps up / down the wall. Spencer did his in 3 minutes flat and I did mine in about 4 minutes and 45 seconds...I kept getting slower. We rested for a minute and got water and then hiked upstairs to boulder. We tried to do laps around the wall there, but were too tired after the laps on the wall and ended up doing the same wall a few times (the really easy one) before we started falling off that one too :) We decided to call it a day by that point and we'd been there almost a half hour.

We got home and Spence did spelling, writing (he had hand written his essay and was going to edit it and decided it would be easier to edit it in type written went from a page to half a page...I think his printing is larger than the 9 font he was using in Word), Italian and he finished off with drum practice.

While he did Italian and drums - I headed off to the grocery store to do a big run at Superstore. I managed to get most of the stuff on my list and was pretty happy because so much was on sale and I ended up spending a lot less than I had expected to.

When I got home, I started up on the sauce for the soba noodle salad we were having tonight. It is yummy! peanut butter, Thai red curry and chili pastes, soy sauce, sesame oil, water and honey - cook to blend and pour over cooked noodles and chill. I added lettuce, onions, green peppers, mushrooms and croutons to the mix - very yummy.

Tonight I'm off to meet with the bylaw committee (it was the only thing I stayed active on at our complex) to finish going through the changes we drafted. We updated our outdated bylaws and hopefully they will be good to go after tonight and we can vote on them.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I got Spence up early as I was heading off to Canmore this morning to meet with my mother's health care workers, friends and the lodge. Spence got free video game time while I was out. I had hoped to get back by 11, but didn't get home until 2pm.

We had some food (he ordered McDonald's fries from Canmore) and then read our books, did a math quiz (I was too tired to do the text book today), he did his spelling, read through his essay and he figured out what generally needs to change for tomorrow (he's re-writing it with proper punctuation tomorrow. He printed this one, rather than typed it). He then did his drum practice and we both walked the dog before the sun set and it got even colder.

We were out about 15 minutes and we both had a bit of frostbite on our faces by the time we got home. Red, burning for a good 20 minutes after we got home - it was -20 and with wind it was -32....way to cold to be out tromping with a dog for any length of time.

I made pasta and sauce for supper as I was wiped from driving to and from Canmore and dealing with my mother all morning. On the way there and back - lots of cars in the ditch and emergency vehicles slowing traffic down to 40km/hr, we did about 80 on average when the emergency vehicles weren't slowing us down.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Well it's cold (still) and COP opened - but then closed early and won't re-open tomorrow thru Saturday except for a few hours after you know it's really cold.

We made a new chocolate cake first thing and then got working on the taco stuff while Spence ate his breakfast. We read the Ranger & Lost Hero today and then Spence watched a history show about the Ark of the Covenant and after that we did some math and spelling and by then we were both hungry and decided it was lunch.

We've been without a microwave since Sunday (it did it's last task and just turned itself off) and so we decided we'd see if we can live without one until we're ready to renovate the kitchen. So far it hasn't been too hard to live without it - we planned our lunch in advance so we could defrost the stuff we needed and it didn't take too long to cook in the oven.

When we were done lunch, Spence finished his essay (draft) and for the next three days he'll edit it. Spence decided he wanted a break before skateboarding......he skateboarded for about 15 minutes and kept falling - so we decided to call it quits and do a bit of a mall walk later.

We headed out for drum lessons, picked up the dry cleaning and went to the mall to get James' new glasses and do some laps. We got our laps done and headed home to walk the dog and get supper on.

Monday, January 10, 2011

You know it's cold when COP closes down for the day! -27 with wind and it's supposed to get even colder the rest of the week. I think we'll be doing indoor activities!

We started off with breakfast, Anne, the Ranger & Lost Hero and then went on to a fun math project (ok - fun for me)....Spence did some hieroglyphic math (Egyptian), which was at the end of his current chapter. Then we read some more about the Norman invasion of England and how the peasants revolted (finally, we both said!) and how they got defeated :(.

Then he did his spelling and we had lunch (left over butter chicken w rice) and I headed off to get my haircut and he continued with reading and drums.

Today was a PE rest day - so no PE required and by the time I got home, he was well settled into playing games with his buddies.

The dog seems to be feeling better - not limping as much and he can do stairs. I took him for a bit longer walk today and he still seems to be fine. The vet said to keep him to short walks and only a few stairs a day for the next week and he should be better - she thought it was a soft muscle injury.

Tonight we are having stuffed potatoes with some veggies and possibly salad (I may be feeling too cold for salad) and Gregg is coming over for guitar lessons for James.

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Relaxing was in order today. James and I decided around 11am to head to the mall to get new glasses for him and do a lap, before heading home for lunch.

We pretty much chilled and I made some Indian for dinner. Low fat butter chicken with rice and baked curried veggies and naan bread. We were going to top it off with chocolate cake - but the cake turned out gross (new recipe - not a keeper), so we opted for a piece of chocolate each instead.

The dog is even feeling better - not limping as much today.