Saturday, January 08, 2011

James headed off to work this morning and was gone before either Spence or I got up. Spence and I had a leisurely morning and unfortunately when I went to walk the dog, he somehow sprained his leg. So halfway across the field, I picked him up and carried him home .... he's not a light dog!

Got him home, he was limping and so I called the vet, who said he probably strained or sprained a muscle. She told me to keep him in a single area where he would not be walking around and don't take him for walks until she can see him on Monday. She said there is little she can do other than give him some anti-inflammatory, so it won't do him any harm to wait and if it is just a strain, he'll be all better by Monday and we won't have to see her. She had suggested his kennel if he refused to keep still and sure enough - he wanted to follow me around the house, so out came the kennel until I was done chores and could sit in the living room for a bit.

We weren't planning much for tonight, so it should be a pretty chilled evening.

Friday, January 07, 2011

Very cool thing - I had checked on the internet to see if there was a way to do popcorn in the microwave without using the commercial stuff. Popping in the pan has oil, I don't have an air popper and don't want to go buy one and I don't want the commercial microwave stuff .... so I found that you can put your corn kernels in a paper bag and pop for 2 minutes and you have air popped - popcorn.

You can use pam and salt to flavour - but you can do just plain popcorn as well.

We tried it and it worked great. Awesome treat and easy to make.
Today after breakfast, it was Anne, Ranger & Lost Hero time. Spence did his silent reading and planned next week, updated his checking account - and promptly wanted to get Dragon Age as he had saved up enough :)

He put off Dragon Age until after school & chores....he hurried through his math quiz, spelling quiz, German and lunch.

He continued with working on his essay, drums, skateboarding (he's working on getting his skateboard onto the rail without falling off). We thought it would be good to skateboard outside on the driveway - but after I shoveled it still was wet and lots of rocks. I left to go to the bottle depot and the bank and thought the driveway would dry a never did, so he ended up skateboarding in the garage.

He also vacuumed and dusted while I was out. We did the fish tank when I got back and he did his laundry and I finished with the kitchen and the bathrooms. We got our dinner organized as well - tonight it's pizza. Pizza shells thawed, sauce thawed, cheese shredded - all ready to go.

Thursday, January 06, 2011

After breakfast, we read our stories - Anne, Ranger & Lost Hero. We did math & spelling and then Spence decided he'd rather read for the rest of the day then do anything else (including playing video games). We opted to do that and continued to read until 5pm and we watched a few anime in between.

I took the dog in the middle of the day for his annual exam - which he did well on. The only thing we're still waiting on are his blood results - but we don't expect any issues as his meds have been working well.

Tonight is mushroom ravioli and tomato sauce, which turned out pretty good.

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

After breakfast, we read Anne, the Ranger & the Lost Hero and continued onto Chapter 5 review in math (% to decimals and calc of %), which went well. We'll do some more review and then the test before moving onto Chapter 6.

We did spelling and Spence started to work on his WWII project by jotting down some ideas about topics. He did 20 minutes of drums, continued working on his laundry and waited until I got home from groceries before he did some skateboarding in the garage. He was working on his olies and was having trouble today, so after he fell wrong (landed on his ankle), we both decided it was time to stop for the day.

Now he's chilling, I've put the groceries away and decided we're having burgers & fries for supper with the home made ciabiatta buns and I'm planning on meeting James at the climbing wall at 6pm for a quick turn on the boulders before we call it a night.

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Spence got up on time and decided to watch some TV and we would slowly get back into the groove.

We read first - Anne, the Ranger and the new Percy Jackson book. We did spelling, math quiz to get us rolling, decided on the new essay topic - WWII Machines, silent reading and deciding on his birthday idea.

We had lunch, then he went out to the garage and did a good half hour of skateboarding - trying to get the grinding right on the new rail.

He did some laundry, took a break and then then we headed off to do recycling, drum practice, dry cleaning and make supper (taco night tonight!).

Monday, January 03, 2011

So, our original plan - get up at 7am, go to the gym and get back into the groove. James had a horrible night sleep due to his ribs hurting him and so when I got up at 7am, he was asleep on the floor in the livingroom on top of his Sumo - so I went back to sleep. We both got up around 9am and had breakfast.

We got organized shortly after breakfast and got ready to head out to the downtown mall to look for a wallet and glasses for James and Bestbuy for Spence. We got the wallet, decided to do the glasses next week and headed to Bestbuy for Spence, who found a game he wanted on sale for $10.

We got home early enough for me to finish my baking weekend. Today was challah & rye bread. I ended up with 4 loaves of challah and a bun and one big rye loaf. The challah is so tasty - but so bad for you. It has 8 eggs and a pound of butter - which is of course, why it tastes so good.

I also made goulash and some bean soup - the goulash for supper, the bean soup for lunches in the next few weeks for me. Once it cools, I'll be putting single serving portions in the freezer.

We'll be chilling for the rest of the night and go to bed early as tomorrow we all go back to our routines - school & work.

Sunday, January 02, 2011

We all got up late today and decided we needed another day off. James' ribs still hurt, I am in the middle of a baking frenzy (today is Ciabiatta, Whole Wheat bread and my pre rye starter for tomorrow) and Spence is enjoying his last few days before school starts up again.

We cleaned out the garage and got the new heater set up in it - Spence can now skateboard to his hearts content in there.