Saturday, December 31, 2011

All still sick (various stages), so pretty do nothing day.  We took Karma out and ran into a friend from James' work and the pups played for a good half hour - wearing out Karma.  I got the guac ready, some bruschetta, made madeleines (they turned out sooo good) and got all the appy stuff out to defrost for tonight (wings, meatballs, calamari, mozza sticks, nachos and desserts - pies, cakes & cookies).

I also finished reorganizing my pantry and realized I didn't leave any room for my cookbooks - so I'll have to find a nook for them later. 

After some naps, we walked the dogs again and started on the appies and mythbuster's marathon. 

Happy New Years Everyone!

Friday, December 30, 2011

This having a cold is getting old and sucks - James managed to give it to both Spence and me and is still recovering himself - so we're all in various stages of sickness.

James and I have been managing to walk with Karma & Hunter each day for at least an hour + we do a bunch of shorter walks / plays.  I got Karma a 30' steel leash that attaches to her 5' steel leash (it's the only thing she hasn't eaten through) and we let her play in the park with other dogs now without getting your arm torn off and without having to join the doggy fray. 

We also have been working on come and fetch with Karma and she's figuring it out - as long as she isn't too distracted.

We watched the last of the old Star Wars tonight after supper.  Supper was quartered potatoes baked in the oven with grilled bison burgers and chicken breast.
Wednesday - we chilled for a bit and then we had Roan & Sophie over for a visit.

Thursday - we chilled and then headed off to Corbin's place for a visit.

Friday - we plan to chill at home and get some appies for New Year's Eve

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Last day off for James - unless he takes more vacation days.  He's still not 100%, so he may stay home at least part of the day tomorrow and Thursday.

We spent the day at home, ran a few errands and made papusa's and taco's for supper.
Saturday, Sunday & Monday .....

The boys pretty much chilled and played video games the whole time.  James has a nasty cold, which he seems to be trying to share with us.

We got up Xmas morning and opened all our pressies - we had some great stuff under the tree. 

Today, while the boys were at home, I went into work and did a full day of photocopying/scanning (not my favorite task) and now I have to save all the files and label them (again, not a fun task) and hopefully I'll be able to head in on Friday for another at least half day and get at least partially caught up in between.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Spence was up early, so we decided to start school early.  We started with Inheritance and then went onto math - the web 10 math and found out that the next section we're doing is poorly written - so we're just commenting on that and skipping it.  We did spelling, drum practice and then he vacuumed while I cleaned the kitchen a bit.

We left to meet James at Harry Rosen for his semi-annual sale shopping and did great with a sport jacket, 2 pants, 4 shirts, a sweater and some ties. We headed to Brooks Bros. for undershirts and I saw they had my fitted button downs in my size that I've been hunting for - so I got three different colours and should be set now for another year or two :)  The girl said I could wait until the sale next week - but they never have my size, so I just bought the shirts full price (ACK! I hate paying full price).

The boys headed off for a quick food court lunch and then home to rest up and I headed over to a client's place to get some work done without interruptions.

The boys had scrounge night, while I dined on cookies and cranberry juice, until I got home and made a sandwich.  We're just hanging out tonight and chilling.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Well, everyone woke up under the weather today.  James was debating if he should go to work or not, I was debating going back for more sleep to fix my stuffy nose & headache and Spence slept until 10:30 and got up still stuffy and feeling off.

James ended up going to work, I ended up staying up and trying to catch up on chores and Spence decided he needed a full sick day - until I said no video games if he takes a sick day.

Spence and I were supposed to head out to COP this morning to meet up with some h/s kids, but the hill was closed until further notice due to a power I let him sleep.

This is Karma's doggy daycare day and even she was tired and out of it.  She lay down on the floor to eat and then went back to sleep when she was done - I had to get her up again and get her going.

Spence decided he'd better do school if he is going to play video games, but we decided to do light school.  We started with math quiz, spelling, printing & light reading....he continued with drums and Ancient Discoveries - Mega Builders and then called it a day.  He is wrapped up in his blanket and robe and chillin watching TV and playing video games now.

While he was out like a light, I decided I'd start working on supper - tomato sauce for our polenta tonight and as a pizza sauce for tomorrow's pizza dinner.  I made some polenta with mushrooms and onions and I pulled out the chicken breast, so that we could have that as the main part of the meal.

I found a cookie that I wanted to try - it's like a mini pie made with a pastry dough....well it didn't turn out like the pictures at all, but they taste ok.  I don't think I'll try this recipe again.  I also made some sour dough french bread for dinner tonight, so we're all set for that and some TV watching.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

After breakfast, we read Inheritance, Spence did his printing, spelling, watched Real Pirates of the Caribbean (a history channel show that was really good).  He practiced his drums, did some reading and did his math.

While he tidied up his room and put away his laundry, Nicole came with her two dogs and her and I went out back to let them play.  I thought that it was all enclosed, but there was an exit by Bev's place - so we each stationed ourselves at an exit and let the dogs run.

The dogs played for about an hour before we were very very cold and the dogs were wore out.  She has an electric collar on her young one and she's the third or fourth owner I've seen with them.  She showed me how it worked and it really allows her pup to roam without a leash but still hear her.  Karma was pretty good - but she completely ignored everything I said while playing....good the other dogs never really left the back area, or she would have followed.  Hunter sat quietly, did his own thing and waited for the kids to finish playing - he had no interest in joining them.

When we got back in the house, we had tea and the dogs rested.  After Nicole left, Spence and I got ready and headed out for groceries.  We had originally planned to go sledding down south this afternoon, but people said they were sick and so were going to skip it.  We thought we'd still go and called up Sam & Kelly to see if they wanted to join us and also Joanne & Jacob.  Sam could come, but Jacob was busy and so we headed over and picked Sam up.

We thought we'd go to the University to sled, but decided to stay closer to home.  We checked out a few hills and none of them ended up having enough snow to sled down on - maybe one did, but we couldn't figure out how to get there and that's probably why there was still snow on it.  Instead, we headed back to our place for the boys to play.  Tonight we're having veggie butter chicken and rice for supper.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

After breakfast this morning we started on the last book in the Eragon series, it starts off by recapping the other three books - which is a good idea at this point as we haven't re-read the other ones.

We continued with Ancient Discoveries (Robots - very cool show) and went on to spelling, working out the cost of driving for Spence (insurance - turns out no premium increase until he turns 16 and get's his class 5 license).  Then we took the dogs for a huge walk as we weren't going skiing per our original plan.

Spence then worked on his math problems, printing, learning how to restring his bow, practiced drums, reading and tidying his lounge.

We had a bit of time before Jacob came over for a visit and then when Jacob left, James came home.  I bailed on swimming tonight, but James went. 

I made fish tacos, but James wanted a veggie chicken wrap and so Spence ended up with all the fish tonight - which he was pretty pleased with.  Now it's time for the guys to play Star Wars and for me to catch up on some work.

Monday, December 19, 2011

After breakfast, we read the Hunger Games, Spence did his reading, we read History of the World - Emperor Suleman.  Turns out he had spies who worked for him to make sure his judges were being fair and just and applying the laws he set down for all, and he went around disguised and watched his judges do their work.

We did spelling, math and printing.  Spence finished off with drum practice and lunch and then I headed off to my client and he chilled.

James and I met at the climbing wall and did some bouldering and then we headed home.  I picked Karma up on the way and she was excited to get home....not as worn out tonight as she has been in the past week, so we'll take her out for a long play tomorrow.

Tonight was an easy night - burgers & fries

Sunday, December 18, 2011

James went off early to ski at Sunshine today with Graeme.  While he was out driving to the mountains, the rest of us slept in.  I got up at 8 and decided that was too early and then we all got up just after 8:30 as Karma decided she'd waited long enough to go pee.

The boys had gone to bed at 1am, but stayed up an extra hour talking, so they were pretty zonked.  I got crepes ready with soup for Spence and while I did that, Karma went for a quick walk.  After we ate, I took both dogs out for a walk and let the boys have some more play time.

Around lunch, we got organized for Jonathan to head home and took the dogs for one more big walk before leaving - we ran into Brandy, Bear and Misha who were all young and about Karma's size (ok - bear is a bear - he's a massive husky - built like a bear) and so they all played for a half hour with one of us attached to Karma the whole time as it was out in the open field.  When she was played out, we all headed back and had lunch and then left for Jonathan's house.

We arrived there and stayed for coffee / play (because the boys didn't have enough time together) :)  Coffee was great and the boys had a terrific time.  We had taken both Karma & Hunter with us and they chilled in the truck for the whole time and we left them just roaming the back of the truck, which seems to have suited them both just fine.  Seems like Hunter doesn't want to be left behind when we take Karma out, even though he hyperventilates the entire time in the car.

We got home, did some chores and then took them for another walk.  We put Karma in the kennel and headed off to Kinjo's for supper.  Spence and I shared some tofu, spinach salad and we each had an 8 pc roll and one more small roll for Spence. 

James had texted that they were at Eddie's Burger Bar having dinner and he arrived home just before we did after supper.  We all chilled for the rest of the night and James and Spence both went to bed early from a very exhausting weekend. 
Showing Jonathan how to shoot

getting setup and showing them how its done

a little more instruction is needed

Getting back into the groove

Done after an hour of shooting - time for a slurpee

Saturday December 17

James went off to work at 8, and I went back to bed....this was after we had been up for an hour.  James managed both a swim before work and a quick ski after work - much more active than either Spence or myself.

When we got up (me for a second time and Spence for the first time), we had breakfast and then walked the dogs.  Hunter went back with Spence after a few pee's and I took Karma for a jog/trot.  While doing our jog/trot - we ran into a few dogs, a little one that she played very gently with and then we found Lucky - she's a shepher/collie cross and about the same size as Karma - they rough housed for a good half hour - gentle bites, rolls, etc.  Karma got distracted by another two shelties for a bit, but did remember that I had treats for her after a bit.  She was so tired when we were done.

We chilled until Jonathan came over just after lunch and then after a bit we went to the Calgary Archery Centre for some archery time.  The boys had a great time and Karma even got to come in (we decided to take her with us, as we didn't  know how long we'd be). 

We got home, started on supper (wings & pizza) and the boys went upstairs to watch TV & play video games and James and I caught up on some PVR'd shows.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Bowling with the teen h/s group at Chinook

During breakfast we continued with the Hunger Games.  Then it was math quiz, spelling quiz, checking account updates, planning for next week's school and then he finished his paper on Canadian inventions (posted earlier today). 

He watched Ancients Behaving Badly (Cleopatra) today and then did his Italian.  It was time for lunch and then time to head to the teen bowling event.

We decided to take Karma with us and see how she did in the car in her kennel as it was 5 degrees outside.  Spence had a great time and Karma was happy (until she saw us, then wanted out to play).  We headed to Safeway to grab some coffee & yogurt.  Spence took Karma for a quick walk while I got the stuff and then we all headed home.

I started working on supper - rice, stir fry & veggie ginger chicken and we both did our chores.

Spencer's paper on Canadian inventions

Thursday, December 15, 2011

I let Spence sleep in today.  James and I had gone for a swim at the pool first thing this morning and when I got home, I took Karma to daycare.  She was so excited when she saw where we were - and couldn't wait to get into the dog pile.

I got home, got organized for skiing and then got breakfast organized for Spence.  Spence got up and we read the Hunger Games, went skiing, went to Burger King, the pet store & once we were home again, we did spelling, drums, reading, math self test (21/24) and printing.

He took a quick break and then he started cooking supper - he made a tomato roasted pepper sauce with pasta and I made some fresh bread to go with it.  I also tried out a new recipe - date & pecan squares, which turned out yummy. 

I went off to get Karma, who was ready to sleep by the time I came and after supper, we're now all chillin.

Wednesday December 14, 2011

It was an early day for Spence - he got up at 6:15 to take Karma out for a pee and then I got him up at 7 to do school before I left for a client meeting.

We ended up finishing the Hunger Games, drums, spelling and math before I left and then he finished reading, editing his essay and printing while I was out.

The dogs both chilled with him today and once I was home after errands & groceries, we went for another walk before supper.

Tonight was soup and salad - but Spence wanted left over tacos and James ended up with left over taco rice with steak.

James and I had planned on swimming tonight at VRRI - but once we got there and paid, we found out it was family swim night - not lane swim night as we were told numerous times (over the phone, before we paid, while we stood there watching them remove the lane markers) need more up to date schedules I think.  They said they would refund us our money (tomorrow as they didin't know how to do it) and we'll try tomorrow morning instead.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tuesday December 13, 2011

So, Star Wars the game came out today at 6am.  Spence was up at 7am and already getting organized for a day of playing.  He warned me yesterday that if he got in early - he wanted to do a Friday school day and to play the game.

So we got going for school at 8am - we read the Hunger Games, did a spelling quiz a math quiz and he did his drum practice.  He got dressed and got ready for the orthodontist and he walked Karma for a good half hour.

Once back from the orthodontist, he settled in to play for the rest of the day and I got some chores and work done - so not bad.

Tonight is Taco Tuesday - so tacos for supper and then Star Wars for the boys and TV/work for me.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Karma was up around 6:30, which worked out fine as I planned to take her to doggy daycare today.  I took her while James was getting ready for work - I wasn't sure how she would do, but when I picked her up at 5, she was tuckered and really well behaved around the dogs.

I got Spence up just after 8, so we could be done school early.  We read the Hunger Games, while he ate breakfast.  We then did math - more lines & space & points, spelling, printing practice, reading, drums, and Ancients Behaving Badly - Nero (who wasn't crazy, just power hungry and goal driven...although anyone who tells wife #1, either commit suicide or I'll have my guards off you and then beats wife #2 to death - can't claim that he's all there). 

Tonight we're having perogies and left over pizza for Spence.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

We all slept in this morning.  When we finally got up, the boys went out for a ski at COP and I took Karma for an hour long walk/jog.  When I got home, I got a few chores done and waited for the boys to arrive back home.

Spence had been smacking his toes in his boots the entire time and so it was decided once they got home, he'd be getting new ski boots.  We put Karma in her kennel after another quick walk and headed to Pulcinella for lunch and then walked over to the ski store afterwards. 

It took a while, but we got Spencer new boots and they got fitted.  James got replacement skis for his old ones that are all warped and bubbled for COP type skiing and I tried on a few new ski jackets as the boys were telling me how old my current shell looks.  I didn't find anything though, so we left with boots for Spence and new skis for James.  James will pop in tomorrow and drop off Spencer's old skis so they can get fitted to the new boots and for them to swap out James' bindings from the old skis to the new ones.

We then headed home and found Karma relaxed in her kennel and Hunter chilling with her.  We then relaxed for a bit and then started on supper.  Tonight it was mashed potatoes with roasted garlic and gravy, steak with a Bobby Flay bbq sauce that turned out quite good and some tomato and buffalo cheese salad.  We ended supper with ice cream and popcorn while watching TV shows.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Karma found her living room nap spot

At least one of them is napping :)

The boys got up before I did, they let me sleep in.  Once I was up, we had coffee and pancakes for breakfast (Spence had soup as usual).  Once we were done and walked the dogs, James and I headed down to 17th for a walk & shop for xmas stocking stuffers.

We realized we could have brought Karma along as there were lots of dogs out on the sidewalk and hanging out along 17th.  We parked near Tubby Dog and walked down to 4th, thinking we'd get the last part of my xmas pressy at Gravity Pope (a new pair of warm winter boots).  Turns out my feet are abnormally small - the smallest they have is a 6 and with my feet being a good size or so smaller, that was a no go.  We went next door and I found the winter coat I'd been looking for - for a few years... decided that would be a great last part of my xmas pressy.

We started heading back and hit a few stores without any further luck and headed over to Kensington to hit Fresh for some more stuffers - no luck finding parking, so we continued to Best Buy to exchange the camera that broke.

We got to Northland and stopped at Jugo Juice for a snack and then off to Best Buy.  The girl was good - gave us the paperwork (once she found the old camera in the back) and said go find a new one bring it to customer service and we'll exchange the camera.  Our 2nd Sony died - this one lasted about 18 months before it died and so since I had a warranty, I took it back and they said they would exchange it (after trying to fix it).  This time I got a Panasonic Digital camera that is good underwater (40ft), shock proof (7') and is does both video and picture - James will take it to COP tomorrow to test out.

We got some chocolate on the way out of the mall and then stopped at Safeway to grab a few things I forgot when I went grocery shopping the other day.

We came home, James tuned the skis and I worked on supper - jerk rubbed chicken with mango serano chili sauce, rice and sour dough bread.  I also made some banana bread and made the sauce for the steaks tomorrow night.

Greg came over for supper around 5 and we watched some ski movies.  Now we're watching the video game awards and chilling.

Friday, December 09, 2011

I let Spence sleep in a bit and then we got started with the Hunger Games and we finished book 2 and discovered I hadn't downloaded the 3rd book onto the ipad.  While I downloaded the 3rd book, Spence did some reading and we played Monopoly for math - he was the banker, the real estate agent and the fines keeper - a great easy math day.  We updated his budget, figured out next week for school and then watched Museum Secrets (Museum of Natural History) on History Channel and it was a really interesting show.

He did his spelling, printing practice and we reviewed his paper and decided he could work on it a bit more.  Then he practiced drums, vacuumed, dusted and cleaned his bedroom enough that if Karma escapes while in the kennel, she won't be able to do too much damage (we hope).

He took breaks, all throughout the day (as it was an all day school day) and we watched some TV in between while taking breaks.

I took Karma to the vet and she got her stitches out and cone off - but has to wear the cone if she's in the kennel for the next 24 to 48 hours as the area is a little tender still and she may want to scratch at it.  She's looking great though.  She even had an hour in the kennel today after a big walk with me. 

She wants to play with Hunter, but he's having none of it, so we found a doggie daycare close by that has a large dog play area and we're going to take her there to play a bit and get some of the puppy energy worked out.

James went to get his eyes checked at 3pm and then is heading home.  Grama/Grampa & Auntie are coming over for a drink before taking Spence with them for Kinjo's and James and I are going to a Christmas party for one of my clients tonight at the Marriott.  Then it'll be home and bed :)
Yesterday we had a pretty good day - we read the Hunger Games, did some more metric to imperial conversions, spelling, drums, painting, silent reading, we went through our old h/s stuff and have a bunch to give away now and we tried watching Ancient Aliens and decided the show was just bad - not based in fact at all and so we cancelled the series recording on the PVR and we stopped the show.

Spence had a bit more cleaning to do after lunch and then he had time to play.  I headed off to a client meeting and was done early enough to grab groceries on the way home.  James beat me home and headed off to the gym and then after unloading the groceries we got ready to head out to the BBLP xmas party.

Spence had pizza at home and we had buffet at the party.  

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

During breakfast we continued reading the Hunger Games.  Spence read more about training Husky & German Shepperds to see if he needed to do stuff he wasn't doing.  Then we watched Ancients Behaving Badly - Caesar (who was a nasty fellow and sounds like he was a bit on the nutty side).  He went to clean his bathroom enough to have guests be able to use it.

I had been working on lunch (Ethiopian stew & crepes) and after cleaning, we did math - metric to imperial conversions again and then spelling practice.

Sam & Kelly arrived just as lunch was rolling around and so we all sat down to some warm food - home made beef barley soup for Kelly & Sam and we all had some Ethiopian.

Kelly and I had some tea, while the boys played and then after Kelly left, the dishwasher guy came to fix the dispenser.  The D/W is just over a year old and the dispenser stopped working on it - glad I had the warranty.

The boys took Karma out for a quick walk and then went out to play in the snow, while I did some chores.  The boys came back in and they played a free trial of Dance City and then Fruit Ninja using the 360 Kinect.

Tonight it's Mac & Potatoes for supper and left over Ethiopian for Spence.

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

I had to go to a client site this morning, so I let Spence sleep for a bit.  While I was out, he watched his history show (All your history belongs to us), he did his silent reading, worked on his writing, did his printing practice, and played as Napoleon on his game - and was having difficulty in winning against the Russians.

When I got home, we had lunch and then read the Hunger Games, did spelling and then math.  We did some chores around the house and then relaxed for a bit.  We had planned on starting up drum lessons again, but Spencer's teacher called to say he had heart surgery while we were on holidays and we needed to skip it until he got better in we'll practice at home for the next few weeks.

Tonight we have chili for supper and we plan on watching some TV.

Monday, December 05, 2011

Well it was a busy day today - after Spence got up, we read the Hunger Games & History of the World (Turkish Empire today) and then he did his drums, started working on a paper about rollerblading, did his printing and reading and then went to play a historical war game while I went to the dietician to speak to her about my food.

Just before I got home, I texted Spence to be ready to hop out so we could grab his glasses.  We were a total of a half hour there and back and Karma was still pretty good in the kennel.  We let her out and then she pretty much chilled while we finished math and spelling and had a quick lunch before grama came.

We are having to relearn where we leave stuff as it turns out Karma has no problem stepping up to the table and taking away stray meatballs.  I caught her with one in her mouth and decided Spence probably wouldn't want the last two in his bowl, now that they had Karma slobber all over them - I divvied them up between the two pups and cleaned off the table and counters in the kitchen.

Spence left shortly after lunch and then I put Karma back in the kennel for a few minutes, while I ate and took a call.  I took her out and the three of us chilled for the rest of the afternoon in the livingroom - them sleeping and me doing a bit of work.  The house was super cold, so had the fireplace on for a good portion of the afternoon.

James came home and we had left over appies for supper and then chilled for the rest of the night.

Sunday, December 04, 2011

We had a nice chillaxing day today.  Went out for appie supplies around lunch and then started to cook - made roasted garlic soup, hummus, bruschetta, roasted peppers, we bought goat cheese, some spicy jams, truffle & mushroom spread, meatballs, tomato sauce for dipping, roasted garlic spread, flat bread, baguette (sliced / toasted) and chicken wings. 

I finished cooking just before supper.  We walked the dogs and then ate some supper, put the tree and decorations up and watched Elf.

Good Sunday

Saturday, December 03, 2011

I went to be really early last night as I was not feeling great.  James got up early to head to the gym, I slept in until 8:30 and Spence was up shortly after that.

We had breakfast (crepes and soup for Spence) and then we all chilled for most of the rest of the day.  I made some home made gnocchi (took me ages, but got the texture right), modified some left over canned sauce, made some Nutella cookie sandwiches and tried the apple cinnamon loaf again (turned out good).

Took the dogs for a walk before it got dark and now plan on trying to get better - we were supposed to go out to a christmas party tonight, but both James and I are just sniffling away and have both the chills and fever - so we thought we'd spare the folks at the party from our sickness.

Friday, December 02, 2011

Today was a fun day :)

So I started by getting Spence up just after 8, so that he could have breakfast and walk the dog before we had to go to the optometrist at 9am.

We got Karma all organized, got her toys in the kennel and left just before our appt.  Now, I like the clinic - it has all sorts of machines to make sure they know our eyes are healthy - but I hate their service.  They were a half hour late taking us in, and after 6 years of going there - they still didn't have our information right.  They called to remind me I had an appt, but emailed me twice to remind me to make an appt - all in the same week....we make our appts a year in advance.  Not sure we'll be keeping the clinic as our place. 

Spence walked out of the clinic with a prescription for glasses - minor one, but the doc thought it would be better to get it filled and have him wear it for stuff he had to make sure he could read clearly (-0.50 prescription).  We stopped next door and found glasses quite quickly and had them fitted within a half hour.  They were going to be ready in an hour, but we thought we should start heading home.

We stopped in Walmart on the way home to get a fridge light, a heater for Spencer's room as we use the old heater in the basement for when he plays drums and we got a light for the dining room as I was reminded it is really hard to eat and do printing practice in the dark.

There were no line ups and we were out of Walmart in a jiffy.  We got home 2 hrs after we left and found Karma waiting for us at the door with, since she was supposed to be in the kennel - this was a surprise and she nearly escaped out the garage door when Spence opened it up, not expecting her there.

We came upstairs and found the kennel door broken, my mephisto slippers eaten (one, the other was in the basement put on top of the presents) and Karma trying to decide if my jammies were next on the menu - the sleeves were wet, but it didn't look like she had time to do too much damage.  She also ate through some of her any plans we had to leave her alone in the kennel were revised. 

She had been visiting the kennel on her own - but I guess it's different when the door is shut.  I called the pet store and they said they would replace the kennel. 

We finished up a bit of school - math, spelling, reading, Hunger Games, planning for next week and had a quick bite before Sam & Kelly came over.

The boys played, Karma chilled with them and Hunter with the moms.  It was a great visit.  The boys took Karma out for a big walk and some training in the park.

When they left, I went to the pet store and got some more bones, a leader harness (the gentle leader doesn't work well with the cone) and two crates - one metal one for inside the house and one like the original one for car travel (the metal ones are not for use as travel crates).

Got home, made pizza for Spence and me - he had pepperoni & pastrami pizza and I had a flat bread with garlic butter and mushrooms.

James was out tonight with a work function and we plan to chill for the rest of the night.

Thursday, December 01, 2011

We had our facilitator meeting today and Joe brought his daughter along - this was a good visit and so nice to meet his daughter.

We went through Spencer's education plan for the 2011/2012 school year and also went through what he's already accomplished since May when we started our year. 

I took Karma back to the vet after our meeting - she had some red marks around her incision and Hunter never did.  Turns out it was bruising from the multiple surgeries, so we just have to keep an eye on her.

We read the Hunger Games, watched Through the Wormhole (Aliens), Spelling, Math, Printing & Reading.

We finished just after lunch and then I headed to the grocery store and Spence chilled with Karma & Hunter.

When I got home, I made an apple cinnamon loaf (which I had to throw out - it was nasty!) - I'll try again tomorrow.  I broiled some eggplant in miso (it was ok) and I made a tomato, avacado and cilantro salad to go with it.  I also tried a new veggie chicken finger from gardein which I really liked. 

Karma is downstairs with Hunter and me for a bit and we're all chillin watching some TV together.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

So - I don't think it's jetlag anymore, I think it's a cold.  I seem to be fighting a bug and am really tired - but otherwise good.

Spence got a good sleep with Karma last night - she didn't wake him until 8:30 or so.  After breakfast we started reading the 2nd book in the Hunger Games, Spence trained Karma - they were playing the follow me game and she figured out quick - he has treats, therefore I need to follow him. 

He was also working on stay - which doesn't work for too long, but she's getting the idea.  We did spelling & math quiz (I hadn't found our math text yet - still had one suitcase to unpack). 

We watched Ancients Behaving Badly (Alexander the Great) and then some reading, printing, and dog walking.

We picked Spencer's next swim class - we can't register yet though, but at least we know which one he wants.

Spence went to play some video games and I headed to Walmart & Best Buy.  I got a new dog mat for the kennel for Karma, two more leashes (she eats them like candy), some more bones to throw around the house for her.

I headed off to Best Buy and stopped off at Laura Secord on the way for some non-dairy chocolate (they had cashew covered and some mint ones) and then I hit Best Buy to see about fixing our camera.  The little Sony won't turn on any longer and it's under warranty ..... so .... the girl told me the camera should be black (it's blue) and then she also said that the warranty wasn't attached to the camera.  The manager got involved and she wrote a long explanation to the repair department, added in the receipts and said if they give it back, she'll call head office to see what they can do as it was their fault for not doing the purchase right in the first place. 

I got home and we tidied up, I finished unpacking (and found the math text) and then walked the dogs again.

Supper tonight was panini's made with home made baguettes, fries and a side of either salad or corn chowder.  It was yummy. 

Now it's time to chill and see if there is any TV to watch.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Karma went in for surgery today - her stitches weren't doing too well and so we opted to have the doc look at her and fix up any issues she found and to have her shots, as the old owner couldn't find the papers for the vaccinations. 

While she was in, I let Spence sleep in a bit - he's been getting up between 7:45 and 8am with Karma to walk her and feed her.  We started with finishing the first Hunger Games book, spelling, math, printing and reading more of the dog training book.

I got ready to meet with a client and Spence got some alone / Hunter time.  Karma came home around 4pm and she's been chillin ever since. 

I had made taco stuff before I left for work, but the boys decided to have scrounge - while I was getting my car out of jail.  I parked on a side street and didn't notice the sign that now says no parking after 3.. and my car got impounded :(  The lady said they changed the signs a little while ago so all the streets are now no parking after 3...ick.

Monday, November 28, 2011

It was an interesting day.  Spence and the dogs were up by 8am and we did our math quiz and spelling quiz and after the dog walk and breakfast we headed to the dentist for our checkups.  We were both told we needed to come back - Spence, because he can't get into the back of where the braces are to clean his teeth right and they need to do some maintenance so he doesn't get cavities while wearing braces and I got told I had a small cavity and so I need to go back to get that done.

We stopped at the pet store to get food, a crate and some more bone type chew things for Karma.  I forgot a bed thing for the crate, but otherwise we did well (the crate fits her, even with her cone on). 

We got home and Spencer found that Karma had eaten his headset.  I started on lunch, Spence did some dog training and then we took a break to eat.

Spence did some more training and then it was time to head out with grama for a movie.  I  took Karma into the vet for a checkup and her stitches are not doing well and so tomorrow she goes in for a repair job and then another 7 - 10 days of cone time :(

I took Karma for another little walk with Hunter and then we headed back home so I could make supper (pasta & sauce tonight).  James and I watched TV and chilled for the rest of the night.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

The clock is slowly resetting itself - stayed up just past 10 :) and woke up around 8:30am.

The new puppy slept all night and was ready for a walk when Spence got up.  I made some more crepes for breakfast and after giving some to the dogs (getting in trouble for feeding the puppy by Spencer) and then walking Hunter, we chilled for a bit.

We went to Best Buy to get James a new mouse for work and then headed back home for more chill time.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Today, we were up early (but not as early as the past few days).  Spence and I took the dogs out immediately, so that Karma could go pee.  She had a good sleep, but punted Spence from his bean bag :) 

Shaw showed up around 10am to see if they could do something about the speed of our internet - they couldn't.  Once the guy left, I headed to the grocery store to get groceries for the next week.

When I got home, we all chilled some more and then got ready to head out for supper with grama & grampa at Kinjo's.

We left the dogs in the lounge and came home to an intact room (except for a leash Karma found to gnaw on).  Dinner was good as usual and we left over full :) 

Now it's time to start clearing out the PVR and hopefully making it up past 10pm
Yesterday, James went back to work and both Spence and I got up early because we were still on Florida time.

It was a day off for Spence and I was working a bit and unpacking / getting organized around the house. 

I checked the times for pet adoption on Saturday and Spence had a few puppies picked out, when I saw a husky/sheppard cross on Kijiji.  Spence fell in love with the picture and we called the owner who happened to have the day off.

Karma had just been spayed a week ago and he was asking to get the spaying costs back - so he brought her over after her vet check and Spence and her hit it off right away and she stayed.  The poor guy didn't think he'd be leaving her here, so he has to come back with her harness and other stuff.  In the meantime, we dropped off the pet forms at our management company to let them know we have a new dog, popped by the vet to get Karma introduced to her new doc and to see what they needed in order to add her as a patient.  We got all that worked out, got her micro-chipped and headed out for a quick walk.

We had Graeme over for supper - grilled chicken ceasar salad with garlic bread and watched some TV before we all toddled off to bed early - still catching up on the time change.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Both Spence and James said that it smells so fresh back home - I think it's the cold :)

It was much better than I had thought it would be - pretty warm for the end of November (-4 right now).  We arrived without incident and the ride home from the airport was pretty fast.

We decided to order Chinese on the way home and it was ready for pick up by the time we arrived home.  Hunter was waiting at the door - Bev our neighbour was great and had dropped him off after supper.  She was wonderful with Hunter.

We all got up this morning and after a quick breakfast headed to the pool.  It was COLD (ok, that is relative to Ft. Lauderdale) took a while to warm up enough to take off my robe.

The boys spent their time between the 250ft waterslide at the hotel and the hot tub.  I spent my time between the hot tub and sitting in the sun warming up.

We left after about 1.5 hrs as the wind was really coming up and the clouds had come out to provide enough shade, to make it cold again.

We packed up and while the boys took the bags to the car (and for the first time - no extra bags needed to be purchased!) and I checked us out of the hotel.  We then walked over to Margeritaville for lunch (which was pretty good) and then walked around Universal City Walk for a bit. 

When we were done, we walked back to the hotel and got the car and headed to the airport early.  We arrived - thinking we'd drop our bags off, but Westjet wasn't open, so we parked ourselves and are taking turns wandering the airport.

Our flight leaves at 5:30pm and so we've got some time to kill at the airport before we leave :)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

We packed last night and so this morning we loaded up the truck and headed south to Miami (Oleta State Park) for our Paddle Board lesson & tour.  The tour guide was good and the paddle boarding was interesting, but we all decided it was probably our least favorite thing we did this trip (ok - other than blowing chunks on the boat).

We went down the same inlet initially and then turned right into another one with our boards - we saw some birds (who were a bit miffed that we disturbed their lunch of fish), a huge school of small fish and that was pretty much it today - the neat fish were all hiding today.  The boards were probably smaller than what we would get back home - a bit on the wobbly side, but ok.  Panic of course sets in when the board wobbles everytime you paddle, so after a bit, the feet & legs get numb and trembly - so then you have to figure out how to kneel or sit down on the board to continue paddling without tipping...tricky. 

We finished our tour and headed for Olive Garden and then to Starbuck's for a drink for the road.  We got all that and then headed north on the Turnpike to Orlando.  We arrived at the Hard Rock Hotel (which is operated by Loew's Hotels) just before supper and after unloading the truck, we left Spence with his in room meal and James and I went off to hunt down some supper.

James and I ended up at Margeritaville (which is where we plan to have lunch tomorrow) and walked around a bit.  I got my a cup from Starbuck's that says Florida on it - so I managed a few souvenirs for myself even though I didn't manage to really get any new spiffy clothing.

After supper, James and I headed to the hot tub for a bit and then back upstairs to repack - needed to actually fit everything back in the suitcases we have.

Tomorrow we plan to head down to the pool, have lunch at Margeritaville and then head out to the airport and then home.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Saturday we stayed home for the morning and then headed down to South Beach in the afternoon to do Lincoln Avenue and the beach walk before heading off to Nobu for dinner.  Gotta say, when we heard it was the best Japanese food outside of Japan, we thought everyone was just saying that - but they are right, it was amazing.  The delivery & presentation were similar to Rush in Calgary.  The waiter told us what to eat and we were thrilled with virtually every dish (Spence and James said their lobster miso soup wasn't at the same level as the rest of the meal).  Overall a super meal and experience.

Sunday we got up early and even though it was pouring, we headed south to Miami to Oleta State Park to go kayaking (figuring that like everything - the rain would be localized).  We arrived and it was overcast, but warm.  Haven't seen as many expensive mountain bikes as we saw there - they have a 20 mile trek for the bikes around the park.  We headed out to a sandbar - only visible during low tide.  We then headed across the bay to an island which was made by dredging the canal and took a break there.  We headed back across in very choppy water and Spence motored so fast, that we had trouble keeping up with him.  He has some good upper body strength.  We got back to the sheltered area and went through the mangroves with the guide.  Until that point, it had been overcast or sunny - but then it poured and poured and by then my not water proof camera had died from being so wet and wouldn't revive itself.  James took his video camera along, so we still managed to get some decent footage.  While touring we found out that Florida has a grape tree, various types of mangroves and other trees - they introduced australian pine a while back and now it's an invasive species that they are in the process of removing.  I saw a spotted ray, we all saw a variety of fish - including the checker box fish, some alligator type fish, a bunch of crabs, a banana type spider and a variety of birds.  It was a great day out on the bay and in the trails and we decided we'd eat in.  Ethan came by after fencing and the boys had their first sleepover.

Monday we got up and headed off to Homestead for some bread at Knausse Farms.  Originally we had planned to head to Key West for the day, but decided it was too long of a trip for lunch.  The bread and other goodies we bought we awesome and we were snacking before we left for lunch.  The lunch place was closed, so we found a fast food place to go to and after that we headed home for a rest.  We got a bit of rest, ate, went off to Ramp 48 and met up with Uli - they have done such a great job with the reno's at the skatepark!  It was great to see him again, after we headed over for some fencing at Ethan's club.  The club owner is so nice, he let Spence drop in twice - Spence was really enjoying the fencing.  James and I headed home for some TV time - I was going to work, but decided I wanted to read instead.

Today (Tuesday) we got up early and picked Spence up on the way to surfing.  We headed up to Deerfield Beach and Island Water Sports for a lesson with Mr. Mike - the surfing was great.  We thought we would go diving again, but the waves were perfect for surfing and so we did that instead.  Spence was a natural and was able to paddle into the waves and stand up on his board.  James got up on his knees (which is better than he's ever done) and I managed to stand up a few times myself.  The water was great (we had our wetsuits on, so we could stay in the water for the full lesson), we forgot to bring snacks and water and were soooo tired by the end of the lesson and hungry enough to eat whatever passed by us.  We headed back to the shop to rinse off and then after we stopped in the store to see what was there (we got a t-shirt and hoodie), we went to Subway for lunch.  We grabbed the food to go and headed straight to Boomer's for an afternoon of H/S fun.  The boys (Ethan, Dalan, Brendan, Spence - I hope I spelled everyone's name correctly) got cards, that gave them access to the whole place - go carts, video games, mini-golf, etc.  We think we'll be here a while, so probably hit a fast food place on the way home.

Tomorrow we head back to Orlando before our flight home on Thursday, but plan to go for a paddle board lesson first at Oleta State Park. 

Friday, November 18, 2011

So quick update....

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday I worked for a few hours each day.  We pretty much chilled, hung out with Todd, Michelle & Ethan and had park day, mall day and hang out day.

Today, I did a bit more work and we did some shopping.  Tonight we're off to Skyline Chili again and then tomorrow we're off to South Beach.

Spence had a bit of a cold over the past few days and is finally getting better, James also got some of the cold - but not as bad.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Monday - We pretty much hung out.  We went to Sawgrass to check out the mall for deals and Spence walked away with a bunch of great stuff.  I did some work and the boys watched TV - we were all still recovering from the boat.

Today (Tuesday) - I worked all morning, the boys went swimming and then we all went to Bass Pro to check out the store and then over to Todd, Michelle's & Ethan's for a few hours before heading home.  Tonight we're doing taco Tuesday :)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

We all got up early enough and headed to the boat - the instructor tells us 'it's a bit choppy' (he meant 4 - 6 ft waves....guess we need to define 'choppy' next time).

We get on the boat, get organized and off we go.  Before we get out too far, I'm fixated on the horizon and the boys are starting to look as bad as I feel.

We ended up at a different wreck than we planned - we ended up on the Ancient Mariner ( which was a boat, turned restaurant turned Hep A breakout and then sunk as an artificial reef.  It was in 50' - 70' of water and it was Spencer's last open water dive.  He only had one or two skills to do and then he got to dive the wreck - including going into the wreck and checking it out.  James and I did the same and once down under 15' it was calm and beautiful. 

We had a good 30 - 40' visibility and the number and variety of fish were amazing.  We went up after almost a half hour under the water and met up with Spence and Dave his instructor at the stop line.  Once the dive computer said we could head up - we went back to the boat.  It was the easiest boat re-entry I've ever had and all thanks to the great guys on board.

We waited and while waiting - got more sick.  We headed to the next dive site and Spence started spewing all over me - wet water - cold, then warm chunks .... I didn't want to turn to see who was spewing, so I patiently waited and then got rinsed off as much as possible from the spew.  Then it was the guy at the back of the boat and it went around - James had his turns and the front of the boat was cheering and spewing too.  I managed to keep it down - but only because I refused to take my eyes off the horizon.  James and I both skipped the reef dive - even though we knew that it would be better in the water.

We finished diving and came back in and they called the 2nd dive of the day due to the weather.  We dropped off our gear and Spence got his papers signed off and he's now a certified diver and has some extra college credits :)

By the time we got home, we were all feeling better and after some hot showers we felt normal again and were able to laugh about the whole boat trip.

The instructors Spence had in both Calgary (Aquasport) and here (Gold Coast Scuba) were terrific teachers and we would recommend both shops - the owners at both places were great in getting us what we needed for our dives.

We had a bit of a rest and then headed off to Todd, Michelle & Ethan's for a bit of computer time and then out to celebrate the dive certification at Skyline with them :)

Overall a pretty good day!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Dives 1 - 3 Tiger Tail Lake (Broward County)

Yes, can't you tell I'm excited?

Getting my gear together - had to kick mom way out of the way, so she wouldn't 'help'

1st dive - open water

James and I got up at the unglodly hour of 5:30 am to get ready for the diving class for Spence.  We were at the beach by 6:45 and we parked at one beach parking and the instructor at another down the block.  He finally figured we must have parked somewhere else and found us and by 7:15 we had all decided the beach was too nasty to dive at.

We ended up by Bass Pro shop, where the local college has a training lake and Spence did 3 out of his 4 practice dives today. 

He was tired but very happy and even had a fish swim up to him during the dive.  James was going to take some video, but discovered after the fact that you need to press the power button on the camera in order for it to actually tape.

While Spence was diving, James and I stopped off at Divers Direct and got me a 5mm wetsuit as the one I brought from Calgary was a 3mm not a 5mm - so I'll have to return that to the store for a credit.  James also got Spence some food for after the dive as we ran out of food part way through the dive day.

We got home, had a snack and headed over to Todd & Michelle's.  Todd, Ethan, James & Spence settled in to play video games and Michelle & I headed off to T-Mobile to check out their data plans.  I got a 3GB plan for the ipad and am just waiting for it to turn itself on.  In the meantime, we're all just chillin until it's time for supper - we're planning on popping by the grocery store for some frozen pizza and then some chillin at the hot tub, some TV and then early bedtime because we're diving a wreck tomorrow for Spencer's 4th dive.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Thursday we drove from Orlando to Ft. Lauderdale and stopped off at Taco City in Cocoa Beach - one of our favorite spots.  Great lunch and we arrived in Weston, FL just before supper time.

We got into our hotel room at the time share and settled in.  We tried to get internet, but the hotel internet is so bad, we could only get a few bars if we were in one corner of the kitchen - so we got a refund.  The phones don't have a data plan - so we are borrowing Todd & Michelle's when we come on by to their place.

Today was another relax day and we got our stuff from the local dive shop (Gold Coast Scuba) in preparation for diving tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Various birds

Shingle Creek / River

Baby Gator

Jethro - 11' long and hiding from the camera today

Pissed off he has to dry his wings

Another great day today - good start to a vacation :)

James and I got up and headed out for a walk around the grounds and when we got back, got Spence up and headed downstairs for breakfast.

We then packed up and headed to the pool - the water was 81 degrees, but it was warmer outside, so I decided the water was too cold for me.  The boys did a few laps on the lazy river and James practiced with the underwater video camera case we bought for the trip.  We got some hot tub time in and near 11 am, we went back upstairs.

The boys took a break and had lunch while I went off to kayak for 2 hours with a tour guide on the local eco tour of Shingle Creek/River - which is on 550 acres of everglade.  The resort has about 150 acres for resort facilities and the rest is everglades which they take care of, but don't build on.

It was a great 2 hours and when I got back, we all headed back down for another swim.  The boys did another few laps and I chilled by the hot tub.  We watched two gecko's gang up on a cockroach - it was as exciting as watching the bug wars on TV (ok, I might have been cheering out loud for the geckos).

The bug, was on its back and couldn't get back up because the 1st gecko was stalking it and kept it off balance.  As the 1st one is circling the bug (which is almost the same size as this gecko) and 2nd gecko comes along to check out the entertainment and bang - when the other gecko was stalking and waiting, the 2nd one comes up to the bug and grabs it by it's legs or wing or something and scurries off with it, leaving gecko #1 without supper.  They both left the dead cricket next to the cockroach alone - so I figured they like their supper living when they tear into it.

We went back upstairs and ordered Spence supper and James and I headed back out for a walk and supper.  We stopped at the bar and had an appie & drinks - the appie was sub-par and so we decided to eat supper at another restaurant.  We did our walk and ended up back at Primo (the same restaurant as last night).  James had the dish they recommended last night after he had supper - which he said was great and I had a grain and grilled veggie dish that was really good.  I overstuffed on bread - love their homemade artisan bread.  James finished off with canaloni which he said was the best he's ever had.  We also took a chocolate cake back for Spence.

We then went for another walk - to allow me to digest some of the bread and be able to breath comfortably again :)  The walk was great and now it's time to nap :)

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

James and I got up just before 5pm and Spence up at 5:30.  We were ready to go by 6:30 when Jo'Anne arrived to take us to the airport.

We got to the airport without incident and then had no wait times at all going through check in and customs. 

We waited for our plane at the gate, managed to snag coffee and breakfast while we waited and were in the air on time.

We had a really smooth flight - probably the smoothest I can remember and after almost 5 hours, arrived in Orlando.  We got all our luggage and got upsold to a Cadi SUV for an extra $4 for the 2 weeks.  I had managed to get the rate down from $1,300 to $600 for the two weeks and then they added another $200 to have a 2nd driver - but at least it was still less than the original rate.

We drove to our hotel and decided to have dinner as soon as we checked in.  We went to the Italian restaurant (Primo) which was about as good as Muse in Calgary.  Everything is made in house from scratch and from local producers - really good food.  The prices were about what we pay in  Calgary, but no complaints - both service and food was great.

We all headed upstairs to our room and left Spence playing on the computer while James and I walked around the resort.  It was a good walk and we found the various pools, lake, river, hot tub, kids play area and of course Starbucks :)

I also found a great little apron - I've been looking for a 2nd one for years, so I can start retiring my old one that is now almost as old as I am and starting to really show its age. 

Now it's time to chill and relax until lazy river time tomorrow morning.

Monday, November 07, 2011

We all got up pretty early today as we had our NEXUS appointment at the airport.  All went well and was faster than I thought it would be.

We headed off in separate directions - James off to work and Spence and I off to the hospital to drop off a box of chocolates for the staff that had helped James out before and after the surgery.  Spence and I then headed home to do school and get the house organized.

We did math quiz, spelling quiz, drums, reading and called it a day - Spence vacuumed and I finished getting the bedrooms organized.  Spence then had me helping him look for a disc and his lounge was still a mess, I cleaned that up while he left to go for a movie & dinner with grama.

While they were out, I finished with the fish tank, laundry, kitchen and managed to pull stuff out for supper.  Fries & hot dogs for James and I'm having baked beans with veggie dogs.  I'm getting better because I was starved today - but still cold, so on top of eating everything I could find in the house I drank loads of tea. 

Saturday, November 05, 2011

James was up way before either Spence or me.  I made crepes for breakfast, James had hashbrowns and once we were done we headed off for our chores.

We got our dry cleaning, a few grocery items to make it through to Tuesday, off to the liquor store to get Graeme his BD pressy and then home.

Graeme came over this afternoon and spent some time with James and then we all ordered Chinese for BD dinner.

We started packing and our dive bag is 33 lbs, Spencer/my bag is 40 lbs and we only have a few other things left to pack - almost done.

Got the bathrooms 3/4 cleaned up (need to still get the mats done) and Spence is going to vacuum and dust the house tomorrow.

Friday, November 04, 2011

Today, was back to normal (other than we're starting to run out of food).  James ended up having hashbrowns for breakfast, Spence had his regular soup and for lunch I pulled out some butter chicken sauce from the freezer and made the last of the rice.

For school we read Percy, Spence read another YES magazine - great facts today from it.  Didn't know being in the middle of a penguin pack could keep you toasty warm (it's 40 degrees Celsius inside the pack of penguins).

We watched Through the Wormhole (what is the difference between Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Physics...really interesting show).  We did a math quiz, spelling, drums and he played more Rome Total War.

He also did some more laundry and washed his tub (man did that tub look nasty) and we had Kelly & Sam over.  I had planned to pack while they were here - but ended up having tea and chatting instead - much nicer way to spend the afternoon.

James got home shortly after Kelly & Sam left and Spence went off to take a shower and I got ready to head off to Muse for two BD dinners.  Grama & James' birthday dinners - dinner was great.  The boys started off with Duck, grampa had a tuna appie, grama had a beet salad and I had roasted brussel sprouts...we continued with lobster lasagna, lamb shoulder and a garlic tofu and mashed potato donuts dish for me.  Dessert was a sampler plate and their chocolate mousse dish.  Then grampa and James had a small tug of war to see who would pay the bill - grampa won, so we'll have to win the next bill.

Now we're watching some shows (James is watching last nights shows with me - even though he's watched them before) before we're off to bed.
Yesterday, I had a big client day and so Spence was up just before 7:30 so that we could do our school together before I left. 

We did math, spelling, read Percy Jackson and printing.  While I was out he finished up with reading, drums, a history show, set up his mac for the trip, and played some Rome Total War - then he relaxed until James got home and they went out to Kinjo's for supper.

I got home around 11 and headed straight to bed - the boys were already in their beds all snuggled in.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Today was dog grooming day :)  So after I dropped Hunter off to get all pretty, we read Percy Jackson, did spelling and math and headed out quickly to the orthodontist for Spencer's 6 week checkup.  All was well with the teeth and now he has the spring removed (the one that kept popping off) and he's moved onto the elastics which he has to put in after supper every night and take off in the morning.  Spencer's tooth aches where they removed the spring and put in the wire, and he can feel the roof of his mouth again as they took out the spacer today.

We headed for Rogers & GNC when we were done and then home to finish school.  When we got home Spence was hungry, so we had lunch.  Spence finished off school - printing, reading, history (Ivan the Terrible today), drums, some more dog research and he worked on his story a bit. 

I went off to pick the dog up and he sync'd his ipad for the upcoming trip and chilled out for a bit.  After I got home, he did some accounting work for me (he's doing my month end transactions for my company) and then he decided he was done for the day and took the dog with him to his lounge to play. 

I finished making supper - Thai noodle salad for tonight and now am answering a few emails while I wait for James to come home for the night.

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

I let Spence sleep in, even though he didn't stay up late last night - it was tiring and he's still fighting off a bit of his cold.  We started with Percy Jackson, math - how to define a definition in geometry, printing practice, spelling quiz and drums. 

While he was doing school the fireplace guy came by to fix the fireplace again - they knew it was vibrating when the fan was on, so today it was working on how to stabilize the insert.  They think they have it now, tested on high and no massive grating noises - yay!  We also replaced the remote we purchased for the fireplace with one that turns the fireplace on/off based on the temperature in the room.  The new remote is pretty can also be turned on/off and set to work on a timer.

Spence did some reading and I left to go to the doc's for my test results, which were not very helpful and the allergist won't be able to see me for almost 12 months.  By the time I got home and was still feeling icky (got up this morning with James' cold) and decided food was not in order, so made some tea and wrapped up in a blanket.  James is still recovering too - hoping we all get better before our upcoming trip. 

Monday, October 31, 2011

This year's costume - some sort of military guy

Spence asked to get up early today, so that he could do his workout and get a shower in.  He got up at 8:15 and after breakfast, did his workout and shower and then we read the new Percy Jackson book, did spelling, did a math self test on unit 1 of the math program we're working on and after almost 2 weeks away from the text books, he got 16 out of 20 - which is pretty good retention.

He did drum practice next, then printing practice, did some silent reading and worked on his story a bit.  He took a break and then did some laundry and got ready for grama to come by and take him out for lunch and a movie.

Spence got home, did some more laundry and got ready to go out tonight.  We popped off to get pizza for the boys (Jake & Spence) and I dropped Spence off at Jacob's place and left them to head out for the night.

1st walk across scaffold at parkour


Pictures - various trying to catch up

Parkour class

Hurricane Simulator....I'm thinking wait 2 weeks and we'll be in FL where you can have the real deal :)
Battlefield Live - instruction time, before play time

Devo .... parents came dressed up too at Joanne, Jacob & Richie's Annual Halloween Party

Note to self - bring real camera next year.  Spence is at the end on the right

Sunday, October 30, 2011

We all relaxed today and napped - pretty much did nothing else.

We had mashed potatoes, gravy and veggie chicken/eggplant burgers for supper.  I also made a french boule, for our garlic bread.  I think I'll have less flour on it next time - it was really floury on top but otherwise a very nice rustic bread.

Tomorrow back to the regular work / school week.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

We chilled today - James and I headed to Chinook to do some laps and for me to check out some sales (nothing worth buying, but a good walk) and Spence did some chores while we were out.

Tonight Spence and I head out to Jacob's annual Halloween Party and James is going to stay home and go to bed early.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Today was a busy day.  I left for an hour meeting first thing this morning and Spence did his silent reading and then chilled.  My meeting extended and he continued to chill.  I got home in time to take him to swim lessons and we did math quiz and spelling quiz in the car and then once home, we did printing practice and we looked at next week.  We both decided we would vacuum on the weekend and the while he unloaded the truck with the groceries I bought, I started on supper - tonight was nachos (at Spencer's request).  I got lots of snacks for the weekend and we both got hungry before James got home from his office party.

We watched some TV and now we're going to chill for the rest of tonight - Spence has an awesome costume for halloween, that he put together for next to nothing.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Well, I knew it was going to be a stay at home day today - but gave Spence the option of heading outside for some bouldering.  He looked at the trees blowing almost sideways and said - nope, I'm good.

We opted instead to take it easy and do school throughout the day.

We started with a new book - Troubletwisters (by Garth Nix) and moved onto spelling, printing, silent reading and dive tables for math.  He finally has the steps memorized and now we'll leave it for a week and then just review before his open water dive in Florida - so that he's comfortable figuring out the dive plans.

We had lunch and I started working on supper.  Tonight we're trying shredded brussel sprouts (for me), scalloped potatoes (in individual molds), which is topped with gravy and veggie chicken.  The gravy is a home made mushroom gravy.   I also made Spence some cream cheese cookies stuffed with Nutella - one of his favorite cookies.

Now, if only I could shake the cold that keeps coming back.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

After breakfast, we read Fire Throne and decided on a math quiz today and tomorrow we're back to dive tables.  Spelling, reading, printing and worked through the dog breed Spence decided on - miniature husky.  We found out there is an 18 month wait list on average, cost of between $1600 - $2500 US per not in our future we think. 

Jonathan came over and the boys played while I got lunch ready and then we went off to Cross Iron Mills for Battlefield Live.  The kids had a great time and we left just before 3pm and were home and walking the dog by 4.  It started to snow lightly on my walk with the dog (not happy) and it was cold and really windy - hoping it will stay snow free until we leave for our vacation.

Spence and I had a wild rice and soy bean salad while at scuba class and so I made it today from a recipe I found on the net - it was good, but the recipe needs tweeking.

James and I were supposed to head out for supper, but James wasn't feeling great so we skipped the supper out and scrounged, while Spence ended up with pizza from the pizza place next door :)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Got Spence up at 8:30 again and after breakfast we read Fire Throne, watched Bill Nye - Pet Recycling (no, not about recycling your pet - but about recycling pet waste), spelling quiz, reading, dive tables (he caught the big one I did for him today - a dive he had to replan because it was too long and too deep) and finally printing.

We had lunch and Spence went off to play with his buddies online.  I went off to semi-clean the house, make some frenchified popcorn & key lime cookies, along with taco stuff for supper.

I tried some of the popcorn and boy was it good, the cookies hit the spot too - but as I didn't have key limes, I used limes - a bit different, but not enough to make me run out to the store to get a bag of key limes (if I could even find them this time of year). 

I left to get the old truck from the shop - we put winter tires on this year and then I got a few groceries and James' dry cleaning and then headed off to the climbing wall to meet James.  We only climbed for about 15 - 20 minutes, but we both were pretty worn out after that. 

We got home, got supper out of the oven (I had the taco stuff in the oven, staying warm) and we watched some TV while we ate.  I made the mistake of eating a cup or so of the popcorn and immediately regretted it - forgot I put butter in there :(  Must head to the spice store and get some truffle salt - which I can use instead of the butter for the popcorn in the future.

Monday, October 24, 2011

I got Spence up at 8:30 and we got back into our routine (not that he wanted to, but we needed to get back into it).

After breakfast, we read the Fire Throne, then he did his math - today it was practicing the dive tables for multiple dives.  He missed one step and got them wrong, so tomorrow we'll work on all the steps together and then let him do some on his own again for practice.

Then he did his spelling quiz, silent reading and printing practice and then some play time.  Sam came over and they had a good time playing video games for a while.

Tonight James is off to a concert and Spence and I are home watching shows. 

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Another lazy day - Spence slept the whole night again, so on the mend :)

Made some hot dog buns for the hot dogs we made for supper and we're watching Sahara on Netflix :)

Friday, October 21, 2011

Spence had a bad night - up every hour or so, so we were tired again.  Spence was up and around by 9:30 and we did our quizzes and reading and then it was chore time. 

Spence vacuumed and dusted, while I started on supper.  I popped out to grab some perogies for James (Spence wanted African - and I knew that James wouldn't be too keen on that), deposit some client money and grab a box of chocolates for the staff at the hospital - for taking such good care of James.  I also ended up going to the UPS store to pick up my food processor as they couldn't give me a delivery date - go figure, a courier company who can't actually make a delivery.

After I worked on supper (lentil and quinoa stew), I decided it was time for a warm cinnamon roll, so I popped that in the oven for dessert tonight.  All was ready by the time James and I came back from our dog walk.

Now the boys will play some video games, I'll chill and hopefully we'll all have a good nights rest.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Spence had his best sleep so far this week - he only got up twice :)  The meds are kicking in.

I of course woke up achy, sniffly, stuffed up and headachy - so I stayed in bed until 8:30 or so and then slowly got out of bed.

We did a bit of school today - silent reading, math quiz, spelling quiz and I read some of our Throne of Fire book.  Spence headed up to play video games and I went to nap - waiting for the cold meds to kick in. 

They kicked in and I had more tea - just about 2 litres, I'm waterlogged.  James is better, Spence is definitely better and hopefully I'll only have the cold and not the ear infection.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Another night of no sleep.  The pain was getting worse and so we called Spencer's doc - the doc suggested we got to a clinic, as he didn't have any time until December.  We headed to one clinic and it didn't have any docs available until 1pm.  We headed to another clinic and were in within a half hour and out again - quick really. 

Spence had a very inflamed right middle ear and a mildly inflamed left ear.  He also has a mild fever - not due to the diving at least - just what he got from his dad's cold.  Not sure how James has gotten through this if he has the same thing - the doc said it looked pretty bad.  Doc said 7 to 10 days rest in bed and recoup.

We got to the store and while they filled the prescription, I did most of my grocery shopping.  I hadn't planned on grocery shopping just then - but really had no choice.  I managed to remember most of my list though, so all good. 

We got home, Spence took his pill and settled in.  He still has almost no appetite, but he said his ear is a bit better.  Hopefully, the medication is starting to kick in and he'll start feeling better.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Spence was up every two hours last night trying to fight off his ear ache.  After almost no sleep, we both got up late.  His ears finally felt well enough to sleep on around 5am, so I let him sleep until almost 10:30 and I got up at 8:30.

I cancelled drums, grama day and school and he snuggled on the bean bag chair watching TV and having me read to him all day.  By supper time, he was actually hungry (yay!) and ate 3 tacos - which of course is about 1/3 his usual taco dinner amount. 

James is feeling better too and so hopefully Spence will be better in the next few days and we can get back into our routine.

Monday, October 17, 2011

James was still feeling unwell this morning, but went off to work.  I got up at 6 to get his stuff organized and then decided after 45 minutes, that I was exhausted and needed more sleep.  I had told Spence he could sleep until he was ready to get up and he slept for just over 12 hours and was still pretty grumpy once he got up - he had an earache and was generally feeling icky.

He had soup and then some noodles and pretty much watched TV and read with me all day.  We did some quizzes, but otherwise, I let him chill.

I decided while he was chilling, I would start on cleaning the house from the mess we'd made on the weekend.  Managed to get the rooms cleaned up, some laundry done and the kitchen partially cleaned - still have a load of dishes to do.

Tonight we're doing pasta with garlic bread for supper and off to bed early.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

I got up around 9 and Spence got up around 10.  We chilled around the house until we had lunch - which was BBQ'd hot dogs, then Spence and I headed out to our scuba class.  Spence did really well and got 100% on one quiz and 90% on the second quiz of the day.

We then went to the pool and spent 4 and a bit hours in the water - we put together equipment, which was a great refresher for me.  We got into the pool and practiced a bunch of skills.  I finally feel a bit more comfortable getting water in my mask, Spence did really well with all the skills.  The instructor said he needs to slow down as he powers through everything and he breaths really fast.  I on the other hand, finally got the breathing to slow down.

We got done just after 8:30 and I realized my purse and Spencer's jacket were still in our classroom, which was locked.  I waited and the instructor had the keys, so we got in and grabbed our stuff and headed home.  Early night again, as tomorrow is another really long day.

James got some more rest at home in the meantime and is trying to get over an earache that he has.