Saturday, January 01, 2011

Friday we got up and after breakfast headed to Cross Iron's for some shopping and exchanges. I tried to exchange the shirts grama got me for xmas as the sleeves were too tight - but they wouldn't even talk to me about exchanging (for a bigger size - not even a different top) without the original receipt. The line from the manager really impressed me "how do I know you didn't steal these" ... I'm thinking - really, does a 40+ year old woman look like someone who steals? James thought that is just their standard policy, but laughed at me anyways.

Spence scored a pair of new runners - his old ones have only a tiny bit of room in them, so we got him new ones on sale. I got a new top at Tommy Bahama for $9 - how can you beat that. They had jeans for $9 as well - but I couldn't find any I liked enough to spend $9 (how sad is that).

We got home and decided it was make your own food night - Spence and James both had pizza (I had made pizza shells a few weeks before and froze them for use later on) and I made a quesadilla. We all watched TV to bring in the New Year - Spence and James also played video games and I worked a bit.

We were going to go skiing today - but James ribs still really hurt and Spence told me to go away when I tried to wake him. So onto plan 'b' - sit around the house. I've got bread to bake anyways - it's a 2 day process, so I'll get started today and we'll have fresh bread tomorrow. I'm trying Ciabiatta buns, harvest bread and maybe a brown bread. We still have a french loaf in the freezer, so I don't have to worry about any white breads and my white sour dough starter is still not cooperating - so that's still not a go.

Happy New Year to everyone, hopefully it'll be a good one.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

It was still cold today - well below what I like it to be. We decided to still do our pre-planned day, which was climbing and going to Fresh to exchange Spencer's ski pants for ones he liked.

We also got him a goggle case as he liked the one we got James. We headed to the climbing wall after Fresh and Spence made two routes that he'd been working on, James and I still working on ours.

We headed home after 20 minutes at the wall and had lunch and chilled. I decided to tackle my file drawer (I'm trying to go from 2 down to 1 drawer - I've managed to get rid of half a drawer in 2010 and now I'm trying for the other half in 2011). I managed to get through 4 files - lots to go through and try and decide what we keep v toss v scan.

Managed a nap before heading out for our second walk with Hunter....I guess he thought it was cold too as he kept taking his feet up off the snow.

We're doing spaghetti for supper tonight, Spencer of course is having spaghetti tacos.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Well, we woke up to lots and lots of snow and very, very cold weather! Good thing we decided to take today off and chill.

We made crepes for breakfast, relaxed a bit, cleaned up the Christmas stuff and went to get groceries and we set up Spencer's new rail in the garage (which now needs to be swept so he can ride his skateboard).

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

We had decided today we wouldn't really do much until the climbing wall opened at noon. We did a few chores before we headed off to the climbing wall. We only lasted about 20 minutes - but we were all done and decided it was enough.

We stopped at Wicked Gravity on the way home to return my harness for a store credit and then to Chapters to return a book I bought for Spence that he already had. We got him another book in exchange and so he's all happy.

We made chili for supper and decided we needed time off from everything - so we'll be doing nothing for the rest of the night and for most of tomorrow.

Monday, December 27, 2010

James and I got up at 6 and had a leisurely breakfast. We got Spence up at 6:45 for his breakfast and by that time, Graeme had arrived and we started to load up the truck.

James walked the dog, I got stuff organized from a coffee perspective and Spence got dressed and we were out the door by 7am.

We arrived at the lot just after 8:15 or so and were already about 10 rows back - this we figured would be a busy ski day.

James and I headed to the lodge and I got my card punched for my free day and then we all got organized and headed to the gondola. The card I got was wrecked and so they let me on without scanning me and they told me to go get another one (I will the next time I go, but the line up was big at that point and we just wanted to get up the hill and start skiing).

We got to the lodge and stored our stuff and headed off to one of the chairs. The guys skied with me on the first run and then left me to my own devices (I had three runs to play with) and they took off for the more challenging runs. We met up at 10:30 at which point I found out that James had really taken a nasty tumble (several of them) and was pretty much done the challenging stuff for the day. So James and I did another set of easy runs and after a while decided we were close enough to 12pm (our next meeting time) that we could stop.

It was not nice at Sunshine - flat light, really windy (-15 + windchill) and snowing .... so we were easily convinced that we should stop for hot drinks. We got a table at the Starbucks and waited for Graeme and Spence to arrive - they did a short time after we had gotten our hot drinks.

At that point, all three of us decided we were done for the day and we let Graeme go out for another two hours to ski on his own. Spence had taken a tumble, when his ski hit a rock (the conditions were iffy - lots of rocks, ice and powder all mixed together) and so he figured he was toast.

The three of us headed down to the bottom of the hill by gondola (no one was in for a 20 minute ski out) and headed to the restaurant after we dropped off our ski stuff at the truck. We had appies while waiting for Graeme and then all headed to the Grizzly Paw for real food.

We got our food and then headed to the store to grab pop and off to Valhalla to check out their climbing harness selection (which turned out to be pretty good). I ended up with a Black Diamond brand harness and will be returning the one James got me this week as it is too small. Love my new harness - fits great.

By the time we got home, James ribs hurt when he breathed or moved (we figure he bruised them something awful when the pole went into them) and so he went off to the tub with a salt bath. Spence is catching up with his buddies and I'm going to get the chili going for tomorrow and toddle off to bed early!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Yesterday we thought Spence would get up early - but he ended up sleeping in. In the meantime, James and I got up to get breakfast rolling.....ham breakfast thingy, waffles, whipped cream, fruit and coffee.

While we waited, James and I got to our stockings and Spence finished with his stocking - we got great stuff. Spence got a rail for the garage to practice on with this skateboard, a 2nd pair of ski pants, some books - which he promptly read, a nerf gun and a few other goodies. James and I each got tonnes of goodies as well - I got kitchen goodies and chocolates and James got clothing goodies and gift cards.

When grama & grampa arrived we started opening gifts in earnest :) We had breakfast and opened gifts - Leora and I both got Roomba's (the little robot vacuum cleaners) and I had to take mine apart immediately. I then charged it and it tried to eat our xmas tried several times and so I think we'll have to wait until the tree is down and then we'll try it again. It goes under the chairs though - which is cool - there is stuff under there!

I also got climbing stuff from the boys and a new tea set from them, I got some nice clothing from grama & grampa. James got ski stuff and clothing - so we're all pretty happy.

Everyone parted ways after the present opening and James and I napped for a bit and then we all scrounged what was left in the fridge.

Today, we got up earlier again and got organized to head to COP for the morning. We met up with Graeme and his mom Kathy. The light was really flat and so it was hard to see - I decided it was bad enough that I was only going to ski on the part of the hill I knew off by heart. Spence had no such problem and practiced his jumps and half pipe.

We left around 10:30 after a full 1.5 hrs on the hill and we were starved. We got home and ate, then ate again, then ate again and then napped :) still hungry - we snacked until it was time to head to grama & grampa's for boxing day dinner. The eating before supper didn't seem to hinder our appetites and the food was great.

We did family pics after supper and couldn't stop laughing - especially with our photographer telling us 'just shut up and smile' and after several takes 'that's good enough' - James just couldn't get us to stop laughing :)

When we got home, we got everything ready for tomorrow (we go to Sunshine to ski there tomorrow) and we'll head to bed early to be well rested for the skiing.