Friday, December 24, 2010

The finished chocolate mousse cake

Christmas Eve

Thought I'd document Spencer's Santa haul - before he gets to it in the morning :)

Notice how comfy the brother & sister are on the Sumo chairs we got
Auntie decided she needed a scone to finish up her supper ..... not sure if she left us any to share for breakfast :(
Today we got up and headed out to COP, Leora chilled and when we got back we got ready to head out for lunch. We hit several restaurants before we found one that was open - we ended up at Kensington Pub, which turned out to be pretty good food.

I dropped everyone off and headed to the grocery store to grab a few last minute items - got back and made ginger beef and decorated the cake and relaxed a bit before grama and grampa arrived.

We ordered Chinese, had that and cake and Spence opened one Santa gift and then he headed upstairs to play with his friends and we had a good visit.

When grama & grampa left, we watched some TV and got the Santa gifts all organized. James got to use his, auntie used one of Spencer's and I got to see my Santa gift from James & Spence (a new climbing mat!).

I got breakfast stuff organized for tomorrow and am ready for bed now.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Today, we got up a bit later and had a very relaxing morning. Spence and I headed to the hairdresser at 10:30 and as we were heading home, James went off to the airport to meet Leora and Lola.

Everyone came home, had lunch and chilled before heading to the climbing wall and Globe Fish for supper.

While chillin - I worked on the cake for tomorrow - got the ribbon made and it turned out great and now I'm getting the ginger beef sauce done up for tomorrow and the sandwich bread made for Saturday morning's breakfast.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

So today I went downtown all day to various client sites and James worked from home a bit and Spence pretty much enjoyed the day at home with his dad.

Monday, December 20, 2010

It was darned cold! -20 this morning with the windchill pushing it to -25. We decided to go skiing anyways (brave souls that we are).

We picked up Erik and his mom Nicole and headed to the hill just before 10am - hoping it was going to warm did to a whopping -15 (still -23 with the wind).

We got on the chairlift at 10:15 and boy was it cold. Spence and I switched gloves - he took my mitts as his fingers were frozen and my toes just wouldn't warm up, even with the heated boots I had.

I gave up skiing after 45 minutes and the boys continued until 11:30 when they took a break before heading back out for another few runs. We were done by 12:30 or so and headed back to our place. The boys are going to play for a bit and then I'll take Erik home on my way to run some errands.

Tonight we're trying to make mini-pizza pockets, hopefully they will turn out well.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

So yesterday, James worked from home for the morning - while Spence and I slept in. We pretty much did nothing all afternoon and decided we'd try and do something today.

Today though, we decided another day of doing nothing was in the cards. The boys played video games, I did some chores and worked a bit, took a nap and then made supper.

We watched movies last night and probably will tonight - tomorrow is Spencer's first day of xmas vacation, we're going skiing with some buddies at COP and otherwise, we plan to chill.