Friday, December 17, 2010

After breakfast, we did spelling, math quiz, updated Spencer's checking account, took a break to get stuff organized for the rest of the day, silent reading, printing practice, a very quick lunch and then out the door to see Tron.

We were going to meet up with Brett & his mom - but the theatre was full and we couldn't find them. We found them after the show and they enjoyed it as much as we did, they also watched the original Tron yesterday to be up to date on the movie.

I dropped Spence off and then headed to Superstore to get the big run this week - I have a cake we're trying out and I needed some bulk stuff that was on sale.

Spence walked the dog, while I unloaded the groceries. We made grilled cheese and soup for supper and now are watching some TV.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

I let Spence sleep in a bit and then we read Anne, Ranger and silent reading. He did his spelling, writing, we finished our unit on compound interest and then we had lunch.

We headed out to the climbing gym, it was busy where we wanted to climb (a school group), so we headed upstairs to the bouldering wall and did some of that - until we started falling off the flat walls .... that only took 15 - 20 minutes. It was too cold to ski today, so we were pretty happy the wall was open even though it was busy.

We got home, Spence finished with drums and then we turned on the original Tron to get us into the groove for tomorrow's opener.

Spence chilled and I worked on supper - polenta, gnocchi & spicy tomato sauce with grilled chicken. The gnocchi was no where near as good as last night's version - so I think that will take some time to get right.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Got Spence up and we started with Anne & the Ranger and continued with math and spelling and history...serfs got screwed. You own the land, someone invades and takes it away - not nice.

Then he watched Human Weapon - Pandration (sp?) it's an ancient form of Greek martial arts that was practiced by the Greek army and during the original Olympics (which we found out meant instant death to any woman who would want to either participate or watch - talk about mean). It is a nasty martial art - they can crack a wooden shield with their foot.

Then silent reading, German writing, drums and lunch. I headed off to my client's office and Spence had some free time and then we chilled for a bit before getting ready to head to SAIT for our cooking class.

I had decided we'd walk to the train station as we skipped skiing today and needed some form of exercise and I thought we'd be green, by not taking two cars. So 35 minutes later (-1 is cold when it is windy) we reach the station and wait.....and wait.....and wait.....

I had checked the schedule and it is every 5 minutes until after was 6pm when we arrived and it was 6:20 when the train finally came and 6:30 when it finally left the station. We got to SAIT at 6:40 and got lost and finally made it into class at 6:45. Once there though - the class was great.

The recipes were good and the only thing that was missing was a bit more on cooking - but with only 3 hours, there isn't time to do that. We did tomato sauce, gnocchi, grilled veggies, polenta with onions and biscotti for sweets. The group also made soup and fried veal - which we skipped as no one was going to eat those dishes. Overall, it was a great class and the chef was very informative.

We got home after 9pm and are ready to go to bed.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

So, it was another nice day in Calgary - a balmy 4 degrees with sunshine, can't complain about that and I think we could even have gone skateboarding at one of the parks (will have to check that out next time it is warm).

I got Spence up by 8:30 so that we could get everything done - we had math (he worked on using excel today to do compound interest calculations), spelling, we read Anne & Ranger and then it was time for silent reading, he's back into the manga comic books and is enjoying those. Then for creative writing today - he did up the riddle I posted earlier - answer: snow.

His penmanship is still nasty - no matter how much I have him use the books to follow the letters, when he does it on his own, it looks as bad as his fathers - I'm thinking it's a genetic defect at this point :) We'll keep trying though, it's not like you can't read it, it just is all scribbly and it needs to be neater.

We got ready then and headed off to Market Mall. We got Spence new low light / night lenses for his goggles (which we tried out tonight), as James noticed that Spence was pretty much blind skiing in the low light conditions they had at Sunshine. Then we stopped at the Apple store and found out we should order the stuff we wanted online as it was going to be cheaper. We stopped off at Toys R Us and got a cute little gift for Angelina (Gregg & Kelly's little girl - Gregg does the guitar lessons for James each week)....last time Angelina was over, she danced and sang for us - so I bought a microphone that she could use to sing when her dad played music on the guitar.

We then headed to Crowfoot Mall and Burger King to grab a bite before heading to Narnia (the Dawn Treader). We had wanted to see the 3D, but it was playing much too late and so we saw the regular version - which was still excellent. They do a pretty good job sticking to the story that is in the book, not sure though if I like the BBC story telling better or not. Special effects though were much better with the new version.

We also got a gift card for Kenny there (Spencer's drum teacher) for a date night with his wife :) He said he hadn't been out on a date with his wife for a long time and thought that was a grand idea.

Once we finished with the movie, we ran a few errands and headed off to drum practice - our last one for the year and then we came home, got organized and headed off to COP to test out the new lenses. We did 2 runs and they worked great. By the time we were done testing, James was ready to head to Salt & Pepper.

We had decided we'd meet there for supper, with our day being so busy and so we met there and had a great supper. Spence took advantage of the all you can eat taco night and ordered 7 tacos. James had a burrito and I had my sides. Very yummy way to end the day.

Spencer's new riddle

I fly through the wind, I can be as small as a fly and as big as a leaf. I am cold as ice. What am I?

Monday, December 13, 2010

So today, I let Spence sleep in a bit as we had planned to go skiing first thing.....he gets up and says - nope, not gonna do it. Gonna stay home, can't make me go.....but you can go and I can get back to sleeping :)

That was a big fat ... no ... so he got up and after breakfast, he watched a Human Weapon show on Kravmaga - which he enjoyed. Then we did spelling, math, read Anne & Ranger and decided to have some lunch.

He had some left overs and said he was still hungry, so I had him try some of my Ethiopian spicy lentil stew and injari (teff crepes) - it was spicy and full of protein & fibre and he had a bowl of stew and 6 crepes (and with mouth full, denied he liked Ethiopian food). Between his two lunches, he got full and then went to do some reading in his room and finished up with drums today.

Spence took a bit of a break and I did some work and then we both got our chores done and got ready to chill for the rest of the night.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

James got up at 5:45, he got me up at making loud noises. We had breakfast and got Spence up at 6:45 to get ready to head out to Sunshine for a day of boy skiing.

The guys left with Graeme & Jer in tow and I got to stay home :)

I did my chores, made lunch, watched TV, did a bit of work and took a nap - how much better can a day get? Well I couldn't figure out what kind of cookie I wanted to make this week - so that is the only thing I haven't done.

Now just waiting for the guys to get home, after they've had a great day skiing and eating out in Banff.