Saturday, December 11, 2010

James got up early and Spence and I slept in until 10am (ok - anything earlier than 10am is early on a Saturday).

We all had breakfast and then the boys chilled and I started chores - I decided that I wanted mushroom ravioli the other day for tonight and couldn't find any that James could eat or that I wanted to that meant making them.

I haven't made pasta in a while, so I was pretty excited about making it again. It took about 3 hours, but the pasta is made, stuffed and drying a bit. I took out a baguette from my class and made garlic bread out of it and although Spence isn't too keen on just mushroom ravioli, he said he'd give it a try (he of course wanted meat in his).

James is off tuning our skis in the garage, I'm going to start cleaning the very messy kitchen and do a bit of laundry and then we'll all figure out a movie to watch tonight and enjoy that.

Friday, December 10, 2010

We started with Human Weapon - Ninja this morning. It's a show about how human's have used themselves as deadly weapons in our history - pretty cool show. Then we moved onto planning our next week and updating the checking account and finally moved onto reading. We read Anne & the Ranger and then Spence read his Cursed Sword anime book today. We did spelling and math - more compound interest calculations with various periods....which he says is 'tedious' and I told him it's good to know if the bank or someone else is charging you the right amount of interest or if you loan money - that you're charging the right amount of interest....well he finished the exercise, he's still not proficient in it, although he did get the questions right. I think we'll do a few more next week :)

Then he did his drums and we cleaned the house and then had lunch. I decided to go get our Tron tickets at the theatre and saw that Narnia opened today. We have decided to go to that on Tuesday before our drum lesson - so we are swapping our skiing on Tuesday for Thursday next week (that's the plan anyways).

Now Jacob is coming over to play some video games with Spence - it's -17 outside, so I'm not asking for them to go out and play.

Tonight we plan to chill - watch some TV and have roasted potatoes with grilled chicken for supper.

Thursday, December 09, 2010

I let Spence sleep in a bit as we had no plans for today and he is still a bit on the sick side. We started off with our continuation of the Mythbuster's Pirate episode. We started watching it last night on netflix - but it's 2 hours and so we finished it off today. It was a good episode.

We then read Anne & Ranger, our science text - space station living and the retirement of the Space Shuttle this year by NASA. We continued with spelling, math, silent reading, some Italian and he finished off with drums. We also watched some dolphins make bubbles & air rings they played with in the water - very cool.

I headed off to do some groceries and he started his laundry and played with his friends online.

Tonight we are doing Chinese and James and I will be heading out to James' work xmas party, while Spence gets some 'me' time.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

We started with Extreme Engineering - the biggest military ship on earth and taking off and landing on an air freighter. We read Anne, the Ranger and our History book - the history of the english language.

Spence did his drums, spelling, silent reading, compound interest in math and printing practice. We then had lunch and got ready to head out to pick up Kelly & Sam, who were joining us at the recycling plant.

After getting just a little lost (Kelly was a better GPS than TomTom was), we made it and headed inside to the big classroom (see pics of our fieldtrip in prior post). They had stations for us to work at, a viewing area of the sorting facility, we got some interesting facts about Calgary and the amount of trash we make. We are the biggest trash makers in NA per capita, we are now starting to recycle (since the city brought in recycling) and are in the middle of the pack for that....the city hopes to lose the title of most trash per capita in the next few years. They are working on a variety of projects - composting regular garbage and other silo techniques used by cities with less landfill space. Very informative.

We also learned about making good consumer choices - metal over glass over paper over plastic over foam products and volume of a product container v type of container - and - of course mixed material containers which cannot be recycled even if it is paper based (except tetrapaks).

So much to learn, even Spence who wasn't too thrilled - found it informative. We headed home and when we arrived at Kelly & Sam's place, we opted to stay for a play. Once we got home, we walked the dog before making supper - taco's tonight and chillin.

Recycling Fieldtrip

Our group of 25 at the recycling centre - we have 3 groups who are visiting - the City did a great job of putting on the class and various centres.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

James was still sick today, but both Spence and I were feeling much better. We had decided that today would be a PD day and so Spence enjoyed the day off, playing with his buddies online, James slept and I went off to a client for half the day.

Monday, December 06, 2010

Saturday, James and I went climbing.....Spence chilled. Sunday we all relaxed and today we all got up feeling nasty. I sent Spence back to bed and he slept till just about 11:30! He still has a headache and is feeling nasty. James went to work, but is nasty. I'm still feeling icky - headachy and queezy.

We've decided to take a sick day (Spence and I) and watch movies and read.