Friday, December 03, 2010

Got Spence up before 8:30 because we had our annual optometrist appointment today - we both came out with flying colours. We got home and Spence did his drums, we read the Ranger and Anne and then Spence watched the show Weaponology - Bombers. We looked at his checking account, did his planning for next week and had lunch - then headed off to the climbing wall to do our bouldering for the day.

We got home, did spelling and math and then chilled for a bit before cleaning the house and making supper.

Tonight we are having rice, gumbo, chicken, some fresh bread and cookies.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

After breakfast, we read Anne, Ranger, did our spelling and printing and then got ready to head out to COP.

We got there a bit earlier today - just before 10am and the hill was running full steam ahead and so next time we'll go a bit earlier yet.

We got lots of skiing in today - from 10 to almost 1pm with a good 45 minute break in between for food and other stuff (gloves for Spence - his were really not keeping his hands warm and his hands had gotten big enough to not fit the gloves properly and while we were there, we got him a pair of socks (in his size) as I was running out of ski socks with him borrowing them and never giving them back). We got home and got organized for the rest of our school day.

After showers, Spence did his drums, silent reading, German and finished off the day with math. We're finally done our simple interest calculations and we'll be moving onto compounded interest next week.

I got organized and went to get a few things at Walmart, while Spencer vacuumed the lounge and made a massive fort in it.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

We opted to start reading during breakfast. We read Anne & Ranger and after breakfast did spelling and worked on the simple interest formula. Spence then did some silent reading - his driver's manual, printing and got ready for skiing.

We arrived just before opening and discovered the hill full of kids! We found out they open the hill at 9:30 for classes and 10 for the public. We still got in a run every 5 minutes - so not bad.

We left at 11am so that I could get ready to go to my client and Spence could finish up school. He did his drums, decided he could do without the science DVD and tidied up his lounge (ok - still not clean, but it is tidier). We both had lunch and then I headed off and Spence played.

Got home, made perogies and plan to chill for the rest of the night.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

After breakfast, we read Anne and Ranger then Spence watched Fight Science and had an early lunch. We did math - simple interest calculations and then spelling, printing practice and reading. We chilled and then left a bit early for drum lessons.

We got home, walked the dog and finished making supper - taco's tonight.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Today, James took a flex day from work and we decided to take a flex day from school too.... instead we relaxed and then headed to the mall for our teen event.

The kids all did another day at Battlefield Live and there were over 20 kids who showed up. The kids however said the fellow running the game today was grumpy and was not respectful and so I will be giving them that feedback.

We also managed to finish up most of our xmas shopping (the boys) and stocking stuffer shopping. We finished off the mall experience with a late lunch at the burger place and then headed home.

Tonight was panini's with the home made buns from class and that pretty much was it for the day.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Saturday, we got up pretty early and got ready to go. James and Spence met up with Graeme for some skiing at COP and I went off to my last baking class.

My baking class was awesome, and the boys had a great time. We decided we'd go out for sushi after we put up the tree and then we chilled.

Today, James got up early (I mean like 6am early) and got ready to head out with Graeme for some skiing at Sunshine. They had a blast and went to Eddie's Burger Bar when they were done. Spence chilled all day and did laundry and I did some errands and got stuff organized for an appie supper.

We made some pita bread, bruschetta, hummus, roasted garlic potatoes, we grabbed a baguette out of the freezer from my baking class yesterday and we made brownies and banana bread muffins for after dinner snacks.

Time to chill and relax.