Saturday, November 20, 2010

Got up at 5:50 this morning by accident. I thought my clock had gone off, but it was James' - which he set for whatever reason and by the time I figured out what time it was, I had already made my coffee and corn flakes for breakfast.....I decided to take a nap after breakfast, but by then James was awake from all my rattling in the kitchen and said I should just stay up and take a nap this afternoon.

I did and got ready to go at 8:30 for my baking class. I got to SAIT and ended up paying $22 to park - they don't include parking with your class fees (good to know). I wasn't sure what the class was going to be like or if we were going to eat as a group during lunch or what. It turned out we kinda grazed and snacked and I ended up at Sobey's next door to grab a quick lunch of cup a soup, apple and yogurt drink to go with my fresh rye bread and butter.

We ended up making several loafs of bread (like 15 each) and ran out of time to make all 20 or so. At 1pm, we wrapped up as he said we wouldn't have enough time to make the next loaf, let it rise, proof it, bake it and cool by 2:30 I was home. I made sourdough, whole wheat sourdough, rye bread and cheese & olive rounds. We used no commercial yeast and learned a lot about bread - who knew there was so much to learn.

We learned that rye flour has no gluten, so you can't window pane it (it's a gluten forming test we did with the sourdough), we also learned about how gluten is formed, how yeast is captured in the air, how to use the mixer and what mixers to get and how to proof in the home oven that doesn't have a steam setting.

When I got home after eating and baking, I took a nap. The boys in the meantime had a good day being together and decided -25 was too cold to head out.

Tonight we go out for BD dinner for grama and I'm giving them two loaves to eat.

Friday, November 19, 2010

We started with updating Spencer's checking account today and then doing his planning for next week. We continued with Anne & the Ranger then he did his timed math quiz - 88 out of 88 in 6 minutes :) he's pretty happy. We've decided to introduced timed exams to help him get used to time pressures for exams. We're also doing essays with deadlines to help him learn how to focus himself for college classes - figuring we have a few years to get into it, we're starting off with very nice little baby steps.

He did his spelling and silent reading next and then drum practice and writing. We got lunch organized and headed out to Harry Potter. Grama joined us at the theatre at 11am (per plan) but Spence had to go out and the two of them played at not remember who the other person was :)

We watched the movie and then headed home (Spence forgot his toque there, so I had to go back and get it tonight) to walk the dog and make pizza for supper.

I managed to scare the bejezuz out of Spence when I jumped out of my chair during a scary scene - grama had a good chuckle. Now we'll just chill for the rest of the night.

Oh - in other news.....sold the little Beetle to a friend of James' at work. I'm happy as it has found a new home that I think will be good for it, back to being a two car family :)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Today we started with spelling and then read Anne and by the time we finished the second chapter we decided we better head to the dentist a bit early....still got their late :)

Spence got a clean bill of health for his teeth and his last baby tooth came out while they were cleaning. I got a clean bill of health for my teeth too - but told me to change tooth brushes to the smallest one available to fit in my mouth (apparently not getting all my teeth in the back), overall not a bad visit - neither of us had cavities.

When we got home, it was time for lunch and we watched Sci Fi Science - Time Travel today. It was German next and then Spence started on his new writing assignment.

We continued with math, silent reading and finished off with drums. We both took a break then and finally started on the house. The dog was first - brushing time. We finished the rest of the house after the dog and then took him for a walk.

We made rice and some garlic naan with veggie butter chicken - Spence really liked it (to my surprise). Now it's time to chill until James gets home to grilled chicken and rice (he can't do the butter chicken due to the fat, will have to hunt down a low fat recipe).

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Spence slept in a bit and after breakfast, he did his spelling and math quiz. We read Anne & Ranger and then Spence watched Sci-Fi Science - today it was all about building a spaceship and space travel, then we read about the Calgary scientists from U of C who were part of a team that captured anti-matter for the first time in that big experiment they are running in Zurich. Spence was then talking to a buddy about phasers....all this science talk and I might think he actually has an interest in it :)

I got his lunch ready and then headed off to the IIA lunch which was scheduled for today. Lunch was bad as usual and I left after the presentation to head to Superstore to get a few bulk items. Once home, Spence and I walked the dog and then I got the cannelloni ready for supper.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

After breakfast, we read Anne and Ranger and then we watched Weaponology - sniper rifles. Spence did a cumulative review in math and then did his writing and spelling. After lunch, we took a break and then headed off to drum lessons a bit early due to the icy roads.

Once drums were over, we went to the mall to get Spencer's new game (Assassin's Creed Brotherhood - which he pre-ordered) and then headed home to walk the dog. We went out for a good half hour in the snow - the dog bouncing in the snow like a white bunny rabbit (he was covered in snow).

Monday, November 15, 2010

Today, Spence got up and we started with Anne and then Ranger. We continued with math, spelling, writing practice, drums and reading (driver's manual - Spence is getting familiar with the classes of driver's licenses out there).

We had a bite and then checked our fries - day 27 - see our mold results.

By the time we finished with that, Sam & Kelly came over and the kids had a great time beating Kelly and me at Brain Academy before they headed outdoors with the dog to play nerf wars.

By the time Kelly & Sam were ready to leave, we were organizing supper (stir fry tonight) and making sure we were ready for when James got home.

Day 27 - French Fry Experiment (Pictures)

Day 27 - the processed fries finally have some the scary part....

These are just potatoes, fried in oil and lots of salt ..... why aren't they moldy? What is it with our food that it doesn't mold after a month in the fridge (ew - gross!)

Day 27 - French Fry Experiment

It took 27 days for the first fridge fry to mold. It wasn't the home fries either! It was the frozen fries - they molded and now we gotta wait for the others.

Pictures to follow!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day five of our staycation and the last day before going back to our routine.

We all got up early this morning and headed to COP to check out the bunny slope. They have turned the beginner run into a mini-terrain park with a box and a jump and above it you can walk up to the other beginner area and there are more boxes and jumps.

We opted for the single box & jump area and spent a good hour and a half going around in a loop. We left because we were getting hungry and it went from being four of us on the little slope to about 40 and it was getting crowded.

James was doing 180 turns and mini-jumps and Spence was doing boxes & jumps and practicing the 180's - but not quite getting them and I was doing the little jump and skiing backwards - too chicken to do the box. I thought I was ready and then chickened out at the last minute as I was coming up to it.

When we got home, we chilled and did chores and got ready for Graham coming over for steak BBQ tonight. In the meantime, the painters came by and decided to paint our front door and told us we had to keep it open for at least 4 hours.....well that was at 1pm - at 8:30 tonight it was still sticky to the touch, but it was too cold to leave it open and our house is freezing - so we shut it and figured they can come back and paint when it's above 0 degrees outside.