Saturday, November 13, 2010

Day four of our stay-cation.

We got up at 8:30 and packed up. We headed home before 10am and once home, I went to the grocery store and the boys went to the ski shop to pick up Spencer's boots & ski's.

We had stopped at COP on the way home and got our ski passes and took a boo at the hill - we plan to take advantage of the bunny slope tomorrow :)

Once everyone was home, it was time to work on supper - I had put the ribs in before I left for groceries and so I had to get the mashed potatoes done, the corn, biscuits and chicken. Got all that going and then figured out AMA had given me the wrong Sunshine passes the other day, so I headed back there, while James did our skis.

Got home, finished making supper and appies (bruschetta) just before Greg & Kelly came over with Angelina for supper. We all had a good meal, the boy went upstairs and we enjoyed some ski movies.

Angelina is so cute - she's walking, talking and in love with the dog. She is very gentle with him, so he didn't mind being petted all night.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Day three of staycation.

We all got up late, relaxed while having our bagels for breakfast and then after relaxing some more headed off to Eddie's Burger + Bar in downtown Banff. After lunch, which was delicious, we walked around and checked out a bunch of shops for shoes for James and a clock for my mom - we didn't find either and after an hour or so, we headed to the grocery store.

We got snacks and then headed back for nap time. We walked the dog, we are planning on heading to the cafe downstairs for supper and then off to the pool for an early evening swim.

Tomorrow we head back home.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Today was day two of our staycation :)

James got up early and went for a workout and by the time we all got up and had breakfast it was time to head downtown for lunch. We went to Edo Japan in Banff and then headed home for a swim. The pool was super busy today - all of a sudden - lots of families with small kids.

We only stayed for a half hour and then headed up for a rest. We got ready and went for an early dinner at the Bison in Banff and had a decent meal. Spence had the bison sirloin tip and meat mashed potatoes, James and I split a mushroom appie and a salad. We got home and James and I walked the dog and then went for coffee in the hotel. It got pretty loud after a bit in the lounge and so we left to finish chilling in our room.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Today was day one of our staycation :)

After breakfast, we lounged a bit (James went to the gym) and we slowly got ready to head out to Canmore and Banff.

We did finally leave and I realized I forgot the dog's collar & leash and so when we did arrive in Canmore, our first stop after lunch was at a store that had a collar and leash.

For lunch we went to Grizzly Paw and had some good stuff and got our pop supply and then headed to Baka's for an early BD celebration. Spence and I stopped off and got flowers and a BD card and cake to share and James headed to his favorite bagel shop for a bit of 'me' time.

We all got back together around 3:30 and headed to Banff, where we plan to stay for the next few days. We got in without any problems and even got an upgrade to a nicer room when we asked. We immediately got into our swimsuits and headed to the outdoor pool that is like a hot tub - really warm. It was great - outside it was very cold, but it was great in the pool. No one else was there and so we had the whole place to ourselves.

We finished with our swim and headed out for dinner - Spence decided he wanted some 'me' time and so he had room service and James and I headed to Sukiyaki House for some sushi. The food was pretty decent and fast. Spence got a great deal for his meal - $20 for a huge bowl of spaghetti & meat sauce, bread & fries - can't complain when he's full enough not to finish everything he ordered.

Now we'll chill until morning and then head for the pool. Banff is really quite dead right now (lack of tourists), which suits us fine - the hotel is empty and so we pretty much have that to ourselves as well.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

After breakfast, we read Anne and the Ranger and then Spence watched Flock of Dodo's - a history show about the extinction of the Dodo bird. When he finished that he read the introduction of the basic driving manual - which to his surprise he remembered :) He knew what a Class 7 and 5 driver's license was.

We did his spelling, math, German and writing. We stopped then and he watched the final episode of Full Metal Alchemist and did our chores.

It was time for drum lessons and Kenny said that it was an epic breakthrough week! He was awesome!

We got home and chilled until 5pm. We left then to go to the indoor skatepark that is just starting up. Spence stayed for 45 minutes before he was wore out and we went home.

We had papusa's and burrito's for supper and we're all packed for our trip tomorrow to Canmore and Banff for a very long weekend :)

Monday, November 08, 2010

I headed off to the shop early to drop off the truck for their heated seat installation. When I got back Spence had breakfast and we started off the school day with Anne and the Ranger and then went onto spelling, math, writing (see his gamer's blog), then reading and lunch.

He finished off with drums and practicing his manuals & rolling ollies on his skateboard and then while I hustled off to a client's office, he finished cleaning up his room and the dining room table which had been taken over by warhammer figures and halloween candy.

I went to pick up the truck after my client visit and hit traffic and decided I never want to live south of downtown. 45 minutes from the core to Glenmore on least the truck was ready. It works great - both door seats have heaters now (high & low) to keep bums warm in the winter and the centre one is left in it's original condition (you get a cold bum). Glad we got it done before we got the truck all comfy - I would never have done it afterwards.

We had planned to go climbing - but it was already past 5 when I finally got the truck, so we decided to skip that. James headed off to the gym when he got home and I am warming up supper (sloppy joes w fries tonight) and we'll chill until Greg arrives for James' guitar lesson.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Yesterday we headed downtown to see about getting both James and Spence their winter jackets - James needed a new mid-layer as that was one of the things that went missing due to our spring cleaning fling and one for Spence as the Marmot we bought had pretty much de-feathered and he needs a good warm winter jacket. We got both and James also got some great long underwear by Icebreaker (my favorite brand for long underwear).

We then headed to Harry Rosen for some socks and shaving cream and then chilled for the rest of the day.

We got the boys some Chinese for supper and I headed out to a mom's night out and had a great supper and chat with five other mom's at Joey Tomato's for almost 5 hours. Don't know where the time went, but it flew by - before we knew it, it was 11pm and we were the last ones in the dining room.

Today was a total relax day and other than walking the dog for a good hour, we did nothing. It was great.

Tomorrow the new truck goes back to the dealership so they can finish installing the back heated seats and then we're set for our staycation this week, which we're doing in Banff.