Saturday, November 06, 2010

Friday, November 05, 2010

Spence got up and then went promptly back to sleep. Spence started with Medieval Times - Minstral, then we moved to Anne, the Ranger, we planned out next week, updated his checking account, did his spelling, math and silent reading. Spence finished off with drums and lunch and then we scurried out the door to Lake Day - yes Lake Day!

Judy was nice enough to put on a lake day (it was near 18/64 degrees today!) for the homeschoolers and the kids rowed out to the island in the middle of the lake and played in the sand.

We barely made it home - 5 minutes before our 3:30 meeting time with grampa. He beat us there though and Spence headed off to a movie and dinner with grampa in shorts and swim shirt. They didn't end up seeing the movie they had wanted to, but Spence seemed to like the one they did see. They went to Edo Japan at Crowfoot for supper, which Spence said he really enjoyed as well.

In the meantime, I walked the dog and went to the library. James got home and we headed out to the climbing wall for a quick climb. We got done about a half hour later and headed to Sakana for dinner as I needed groceries to make the supper we wanted.

We all got home and chilled for the rest of the night.

Lake Day - November 05th

Our new truck - it's the same as the old truck, only silver :) Now we both have a truck to drive in the winter

My new replacement necklace of Spencer's handprint

Thursday, November 04, 2010

So our new SUV was ready at 2 (sort of) - I got a ride to the dealership and finished all the paperwork and waited to get the keys.

The heated seats we ordered for the back, were delayed and now I have to go back on Monday :( Otherwise, the pickup went well. The new vehicle was ready and they gave me a full tank and they put the first 30km on it to make sure it was working as it should.

I drove it home and filled it up with all our junk - now it feels like our SUV :)
So, I had to get Spence up at 7:30 this morning so we would be on time for his annual doctor's visit. I of course, ended up missing the doctor's office turn off altogether and was heading to the climbing wall out of habit (they are both along the same street). We turned around and ended up waiting at every red light on the way back.

We arrived a bit late, but the doc was ready to see us as soon as we got there. Spence got a clean bill of health and so we're set for another year. Spence and I then headed to the car wash to get the bug clean for the garage where it will sit until we either sell it or Spence learns to drive :)

Once we cleaned the car, we were off to the library - too early as it turns out and so we took advantage of the empty lot to learn a bit about stick shifts. He's keen on starting on his driver's ed book and figures a year is about how long it'll take him to get comfy with the book, the test (which we downloaded onto the iphone for him) and the actual handling of the stick shift. He sat in the car and worked through the gears and the clutch, brake and gas pedal and then when he thought he was comfy - we turned the car on. It was great - the first time he let the clutch up and it sputtered and died and the second time he was in neutral and had gunned the gas pedal (good thing he was in neutral). He said it was scary but fun and so we'll continue working through the shifting over the next year when we remember.

We got home and read Anne, the Ranger, did his math quiz, spelling, read the history book and the science book (today it was landing on the moon). He then moved onto drums and Italian. While he finished Italian, I got our lunches ready and then he finished off with silent reading and printing practice.

Now it's break time for a bit and then we'll get to our chores - he has laundry to do, cleaning up his room and lounge and we have to tidy up the basement area.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

After breakfast, we read the Ranger series and started on book 3 of Anne of Green Gables. Spence decided he wanted to take all day for school and so we took plenty of breaks in between subjects for him to snuggle, watch TV and read - pretty much took it easy all day.

He watched Medieval Times - Kings today and then did his spelling, drums, silent reading, math, writing, skateboarding and finally he cleaned his room and took out the trash from his rooms.

Very relaxing day.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Today was our first facilitator meeting for the year. We had sent our education plan off in advance, so we didn't have to worry about that and we had a very nice visit.

Once Joe and I were finished, it was just about lunch and so we decided we'd eat before starting our school day. We started off with the Hobbit & the Ranger once lunch was done, did spelling, silent reading, a math quiz to start off the week and some penmanship practice.

We had about a half hour before we had to leave for drum lessons by then and decided to relax and watch some TV. We got to drum lessons and Spence started on two new songs and once we were done there, we went to the dry cleaners and Safeway for some buns (Spence is having chili dogs for supper).

We hadn't done our PE for the afternoon yet, we were trying to decide between bouldering or skateboarding and Spence opted to practice his olies (rolling & standing) and his manuals and I am planning on a long walk.

Tonight we're doing chili with sweet corn jalapeno bread and planning to chill.

Monday, November 01, 2010

Spence had his sleepover last night and was up very very late. He got home early this morning as we had a play scheduled for this afternoon with Noah.

I sent him straight to bed at 9:30am and let him sleep till 11:30, just before Noah arrived. Spence had a quick meal and then Noah arrived and they played until 4pm. They had a pretty good time and once Noah had left, we worked on supper - hashbrown casserole, gravy & veggie patties and watched some TV.

It's an early bed time tonight as we have a big day tomorrow.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

We pretty much chilled today. Spence got ready for his sleepover at Jonathan's - they are heading out for some trick-or-treating in Jonathan's neighbourhood. I don't expect him to be very social in the am.

We went for a big walk both this morning and in the afternoon with the dog and James and I headed to Bow Cycle to pick up his bike from getting the brakes redone, then we had grilled cheese sandwiches and perogies for supper.

We waited for the kids - warm night (compared to what it has been in the past), expecting quite a few. No one has come to our door tonight. This is the 2nd year we're pretty much not giving candy out. This year though, I only bought one box of candy, so I'm thinking we can polish that off if no one shows up before we call it a night. You would think - 74 townhomes, easy pickings. Oh well.