Saturday, October 30, 2010

Today we relaxed most of the day and now we're watching movies for the night.

Friday, October 29, 2010

After breakfast, Spence did his planning, checking update, we read the Hobbit, the Ranger, math, spelling and lunch. Spence finished up with reading and drums.

We cleaned the house and then headed out for Spencer's last swim class of the season. Spence did really well and passed Level 7. I also left a msg at the pool to let them know that this time our experience was really great.

We got home walked the dog and made pizza for supper. The rest of the night is movie night.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

YAY - mold

The white mold is on the top right corner of the picture (where the fry is) hard to spot.

The home fries are just yucky and juicy (not a good attribute for a fry)
The counter fries seem to be doing just fine - no mold, but lots of dust (and I am not planning on dusting them)
Very cool - the McDonald's fries got a huge clump of black mold on one of the fries. Took only 9 days - yesterday nothing - today big and ugly mold appears (of course the spores were there before, but not really visible).

We do not plan on unsealing these jars :)
I got Spence up early as I had to head out to do my mom's CPP/OAS amendment. While I did that, Spence finished breakfast, watched Medieval Times (Monks) and by the time that was over, I was home and we read the Hobbit, the Ranger. We then read about the NASA space program, King Alfred in England fighting off the Vikings and Spence did his silent reading. He did his spelling, math, writing and finished off with drums.

After we had lunch, I went to the bottle depot and then we did an hour walk in and around the springs. We chilled after that.

Day 9 - French Fry Experiment

Yipee - we have MOLD and disintegrating fries :)

So - I'll post pictures later tonight - but.....the fries in the sealed jars were the first to mold! The counter top, dehydrated and fridge fries are all still cooking as it were.

The jar fry results:
All of the fries in the jars started to deteriorate at the same time. Yesterday they were still doing ok - nothing major, but today was a big turning point.

The home fries are just disgusting and wet - they are stewing in their own juices and simply disintegrating. They are skipping the mold process altogether.

The processed fries have a white mold and are starting to disintegrate, but it was hard to tell it had mold as it was white and fuzzy.

The McDonald's fries - ok, so I don't know what the guy in the you tube video was doing or what kind of camera tricks they played - but - ours have the biggest, ugliest black mold on them - totally gross! But they are not disintegrating like the others, so that's something different about them.

Interesting experiment so far.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

After breakfast, Spence watched Medieval Times (Philosophers - otherwise known as Alchemists). Then he did silent reading, we read the Hobbit, the Ranger, did his math, spelling, printing, drums and finally German.

I took off to see about my dress and after I got back we chilled until James got home. The boys made supper tonight for themselves and I headed off to my girls night out at Julio's Bario in Kensington. The food was decent, the company was great.

Now time to watch some shows and then off to bed.
So, finally make it down to Blu's today just after lunch. The sales girl is there, the two tailors are there, the manager is there.....

the first comment......don't hike up the dress so much (it's strapless and was falling off of me), so I let it slip a bit but keep enough up to not show all my boobs. The dress - still not touching the ground (ie. it's a good 1/4" - 1/2" off the ground in bare feet).

The next comment .... it's fashionable to have the dress an inch or so off the ground (this is with heels on).

The next comment ... we can put on a sash at the bottom, it'll look great.

I'm like, no - this dress is wrecked. I want the money I paid for the dress and the cost of the alterations. I will take a store credit or you can pay me cash/cheque.

Finally, the sales girl says - it's my fault. I assumed she wanted it shorter. The manager says, she should have worn the shoes she was planning to wear - and I come back with - when it's a half inch too short in bare feet, I don't think it matters which shoes you wear. I don't think that endeared me to her heart.

So all in all - no dress. Very disappointing service by management at the store - the sales girl was very nice though. Very disappointing experience and I have to start over on the dress hunt.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I woke Spence up and after breakfast he did his reading, we did math, printing, spelling and we read the ranger.

We took a break and then got ready and headed to the tofu truck and climbing. Spence was doubled over in pain after a few climbs and we think it was eating a sandwich on the run and then doing some vigorous climbing. We headed home early and he went to bed, curled up and achy.

He's been chillin ever since, feeling better now. We canceled drum lessons and made soup for dinner instead of tacos.

No mold yet on our experiment...where is our mold?

Monday, October 25, 2010

Day 6 - French Fry Experiment

Not even the potato only fries have mold yet - maybe we're not humid enough or warm enough? Why is there no mold?
We woke up to snow - enough to stick on the ground anyways. After breakfast, we read the Hobbit, Ranger, did spelling, math, silent reading, writing, drums and got ready to go.

While Spence got ready, I made lunch for the two of us and after that we ran out the door to get to Battlefield Live for our meetup. We arrived and met up with Amy and the boys and soon there were others....a total of 15 kids played. They had a good time and are already looking forward to next month.

We got home, worked on supper (perogies tonight) and chilled.

Battlefield Live - Teen Day

Today was our meetup for the Calgary homeschool teens (12+ for our group). We had 15 kids show up for today. Lots of fun had by all, glad everyone could make it.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Day 5 - French Fry Experiment

Still no mold on anything

Day 4 - French Fry Experiment

No mold yet

Pre-Halloween Party @ Jacob's on Saturday Night

Yesterday, James headed out for a bike ride with Graham, while Spence and I slept in. Spence and I got woken up by the moving truck across the street from us, and then we chilled until James got home. We had a quick lunch and then Spence and I went off to Sam's house for his birthday party and when that party was over, we headed over to Jacob's place for a pre-halloween party.

James in the meantime, headed out to look for a winter jacket and have dinner with Graham. They found a great jacket and put it on hold until today.

The pre-halloween party was great. It started around 5:30 and went way into the night. We left at 10:30 as I wanted Spence to stay in his routine as we have another big day on Monday and we had plans for today. At the party, they played jumping for donuts (a version of bobbing for apples) - the kids jumped on the trampoline, hands behind their backs trying to eat a donut strung up by a finish line - man was that funny to watch. The kids also played capture the glow stick and did a scary story walk through the woods in front of Jacob's house. Everyone brought a dish and we ate all night - so much food and all very good. We all had a great time.

Today, we got up early (all of us) and after a long breakfast, we headed out to Fresh to get James' jacket and Spencer's skis. The snow if falling in the mountains and the ski hills open in less than two weeks. Spence needs another two sets of skis this year - terrain and hill skis - we got him the terrain ones and we're using his old mountain skis for the hill until he decides if he'll come out with us on a regular basis. We got Spence a pair of Afterbang skis, which are terrain park specific skis and we got him these awesome Nordica boots. We also got James new goggles and Spence got a second set of poles courtesy from the shop - which was awesome. James just has to tune our skis and we'll be all set to go.

James also had me pull out his athletic bag from under the stairs and we found his second pair of ski pants and gloves - makes me so happy to see I didn't throw those out with his jacket. I missed them because I thought they were extra grocery bags or something - they were black in a black bag.

Tonight we had roast beef and baked potatoes for supper and watched the latest Chuck, now it's chill time and then early bed as tomorrow is Laser Tag day.